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Nigo Net Worth



Nigo Net Worth

Nigo is one of the great Japanese fashion designers known for various clothing brands and footwear. He rose to fame after founding the BAPE streetwear and Bapesta sneakers that became the epitome of collectible footwear.

What Is Nigo’s Net Worth

Nigo is, however, an all-around person who also tried his ability as a DJ, music producer, singer, and entertainer. His many professions helped him build a fortune estimated to be $35 million.

This article focuses on Nigo’s net worth, earnings, career, and personal life. Read on for detailed information about this successful Japanese fashion designer.

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Nigo’s Net Worth Annually

Nigo tried his hands at many things, making it challenging to track his earnings over the years. He has been a successful fashion designer, DJ, music director, and entrepreneur with many businesses in different industries.

His net worth as of 2023 is estimated at $35 million, which is lower than he used to have in previous years. He remains one of the richest celebrities above the likes of Stevie J and Lil Pump.

Sources state that his wealth declined after quitting BAPE to venture into other businesses. And being an extravagant spender, he spends his money lavishly, leading to the decline.

Nigo met artist KAWS in 1996 and commissioned him with a painting 9 years later. It was in 2005 when KAW painted the KAWS Album, a painting sold in 2009 for $14.8 million. The total sales from the art collection amounted to $28 million.

Nigo also created a clothing brand, BAPE, which he later sold to the Hong Kong Fashion Conglomerate IT Group for about $2.9 million worth of stakes. After that, he ventured into streetwear and other industries.

Nigo’s Net Worth

Nigo with a Bathing APE branded cap

The information about Nigo’s annual income is not available to the public. It is also challenging to track all his income streams. However, the information about his parents and siblings is undisclosed. People only believe they are of Japanese descent, but no one knows the truth.


Tomoaki Nagao, famously known as Nigo, was born on December 23, 1970, in Maebashi, Gunma Prefecture, Japan.

Nigo got interested in fashion through the Japanese men’s magazine called Popeye. Due to his passion, he studied fashion editing at the Bunka Fashion College in Tokyo. His first job was at Popeye, the same magazine he got his inspiration from.

Full Name: Tomoaki Nagao
Nick Name: Nigo
Birth Place: Maebashi, Gunma, Japan
Birthday: December 23, 1970
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Age (How Old): 52
Weight: 61 kg (134 pounds)
Height (How Tall): 5 ft 2 (1.6m)
Marital Status: Married
Wife: Riho Makise
Girlfriend: N/A
Parent’s Name: Father: Unknown

Mother: Unknown

Kids/Children Name: Unknown.
Siblings: Brother (s): Unknown

Sister (s): Unknown

College: Bunka Fashion College
Profession: Fashion Designer, music producer, DJ, and entrepreneur
Social Media Accounts:

How Did He Become Rich?

Nigo is a famous fashion designer in Japan. He created many clothing brands, including the BAPE, Bapesta, and Ice Cream footwear. He accumulated much of his wealth from this venture but has other income sources.

Apart from being a successful fashion designer, Nigo is an outstanding DJ, music producer, and singer. His contribution to the entertainment industry should be comparable to Richard Hilton, Big Sean and Waka Flocka Flame.

His other sources of income include a cafe, art gallery, hair salon, and general commodity. And according to the New York Times, he is Kenzo’s Artistic Director. Nigo’s net worth and lavish lifestyle are justified by these income streams.


Nigo’s Net Worth

Nigo as Kenzo’s Artistic Director

Career And Awards

Nigo had and still has an outstanding career as a fashion designer. After college, he picked a job at Popeye magazine as an editor and stylist. That was when Nigo was introduced to Hiroshi Fujiwara, who turned his life around.

Hiroshi Fujiwara was nicknamed the Godfather of Streetwear, and meeting him was the best thing that happened to Nigo. In fact, he was the one who gave Tomoaki Nagao the now-famous Nigo name. It is a Japanese word that means number two.

Nigo opened his first-ever clothing shop in Tokyo’s Harajuku district in 1993. However, the NOWHERE t-shirt shop, as it was called, recorded slow sales. Making Nigo think outside the box.

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A Bathing Ape, BAPE, was born in 1993. This new clothing brand founded by Nigo sold t-shirts and camouflage hoodies inspired by Nigo’s love for the Planet of Apes movie, released in 1968.

It quickly became popular among young adults and celebrities and enjoyed success until it was sold to the Hong Kong Fashion Conglomerate IT Group in 2011. In fact, hip-hop superstars, such as Jay Z, Pharell Williams, and Kanye West, are rumored to have worn BAPE apparel.

Nigo founded a sub-brand, Bapesta sneakers, in 2002. People could not help but notice the striking resemblance to Nike’s Air Force 1 sneaker. But instead of Nike’s Swoosh logo, the Bapesta sneakers featured a star and lightning-bolt logo.

Story of BAPE without Nigo

Bapesta Sneaker With A Star And lightning-bolt Logo

In fact, Nike has filed a lawsuit against BAPE over trademark infringements in their sneaker designs.

In 2023, Nigo Partnered with rapper Pharrell Williams and Reebok to create the Billionaire Boys Club streetwear label, one of which is the Ice Cream footwear. He also launched a Human Made clothing line in 2010.

Nigo is the current Kenzo’s Artistic Director and an entrepreneur owning businesses across different industries.

Nigo’s Credit in Entertainment Industry

Nigo was the DJ of the Japanese hip-hop group Teriyaki Boyz and owns the Bape sounds record label. His close association with hip-hop superstars, such as Kanye West and Pharrell Williams, is undeniable.

He also ventured into music production and had the following credits:

  • Ape Sounds, released September 11, 2000
  • I Know Nigo! released March 25, 2022
  • Arya (with ASAP Rocky)
  • Want It Bad (with Kid Cudi)
  • Hear Me Clearly (with Pusha T)
  • More Tonight (with Teriyaki Boyz)
  • Heavy (with Lil Uzi Vert)
  • Lost and Found Freestyle 2019 (with ASAP Rocky and Tyler, the Creator)
  • Come On, Let’s Go (with Tyler, the Creator)

Nigo’s Heavy track

Due to his outstanding career in the fashion and entertainment industries, Nigo received the following awards:

  • 2005 Style Award, MTV Asia Awards
  • 2020 Fashion designer of the Year Award
  • GQ Japan Men of the Year 2020

Personal Life

Nigo is currently married to Riho Makise. She is a Japanese actress known for winning the 1989 Takeda Hi-C contest on her debut. The two tied the knot in 2008 and are still living happily together. It is Nigo’s second marriage after his failed marriage.

He married Yuri Ichii in 1999, but their union didn’t work out. They divorced in 2002, and the reason for their separation was never publicized.

Nigo’s private life is out of the public eye. While people see him living luxuriously, little is known about his children, even their names. He has succeeded in keeping his family out of the spotlight.

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Nigo is a fashion designer and businessman owning different assets across the country. He owns some clothing brands, record labels, and shops. However, he no longer has any stakes in BAPE since he sold it in 2011.

He owns a house where he and his family live together. There is no information about his cars, but he definitely owns one.


Who is Nigo dating?

Nigo is not dating anyone currently. He tied the knot in 2008 to Riho Makise, his current wife.

Does Nigo still own BAPE?

No. Nigo is the founder of the famous clothing brand BAPE but no longer owns it. He sold his stakes to the Hong Kong Fashion Conglomerate IT Group in 2011 and served as a staff for two more years before quitting in 2013.

What is Human Made Nigo?

Human Made is a famous Japanese fashion label founded by the fashion designer, DJ, and music producer Nigo. He started the brand to produce items he couldn’t with the then-existing BAPE brand.

Who is the CEO of Bathing Ape?

After Nigo quit BAPE, Yixiao Sun took over as the director. Nigo is currently Kenzo’s artistic director.

Did Nike sue Bathing Ape?

Yes. The American sportswear giant filed a lawsuit against BAPE over trademark infringement. This is evident in the design similarities between the two brands in their sneakers.

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