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Bald And Bankrupt Net Worth



Bald And Bankrupt Net Worth

What Is Bald And Bankrupt’s Net Worth

Benjamin Rich, popularly known as Bald and Bankrupt, is a famous YouTuber born in the United Kingdom on July 1, 1974. As of 2023, Benjamin is estimated to be worth $1.3 million, according to information acquired from

The famous content creator joined YouTube in 2018 and entertained his 3.73 million subscribers with content mainly based on traveling to foreign countries. Benjamin documents his experience with these countries’ cultures, people, environments, and more.

Amongst his travels, Bald And Bankrupt have visited countries like Belarus, Russia, Moldova, Burma, and Bolivia. He’s also collaborated with other YouTubers like Harald Baldrwho he met at a Norwegian gym.

Bald And Bankrupt is an entertaining YouTube channel thanks to Benjamin’s personality. Bald And Bankrupt Net Worth, real name, wife, age, height, weight, family and many more details can be checked on this page.

Earnings Overview

The Bald and Bankrupt YouTube channel has approximately 3.8 million subscribers as of 2023 and has accumulated over 500 billion views since 2018. According to statistics, this channel gets an average of 200,000 views daily, giving an average of $1,600 per day via the ads that appear over videos.

The Bald and Bankrupt YouTube channel functions as Benjamin’s primary source of income, producing up to $1.3 million since its creation. This estimation is based on the channel’s monthly earnings, evident on He is on track to achieve the success of superstars such as The Island Boys, Muni Long, Jimmy Humilde and DD Osama.

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It’s also worth mentioning that besides gaining revenue via YouTube’s monetization system, Bald And Bankrupt also earns money via YouTube memberships or YouTube Red. This is where fans pay monthly fees to view premium content and watch videos without ads.

Besides being a content creator on YouTube, Benjamin Rich is a recognized author with a published book readily available on Amazon.

The book “The Burning Edge: Travels Through Irradiated Belarus” is written in Benjamin’s pen name, “Arthur Chichester,” and generates additional income for the author and YouTuber.

Lastly, Benjamin Rich makes money via his Bald and Bankrupt merchandise on his online store hosted on Creator Spring. This website features products like T-shirts and stickers for dedicated fans willing to identify with the brand.

However, no information is available on his earnings at the Bald and Bankrupt merchandise store. Nevertheless, it’s a noteworthy contributor to his overall financial capacity.

Early Life and Career

Bald And Bankrupt, whose real name is Benjamin Rich, is regarded as one of YouTube’s high-earning stars. However, Benjamin began vlogging from India in 2018 after filing for bankruptcy in the UK after a failed business venture.

The failed business, alongside his distinctive shaved head, was the premise for his YouTube channel, “Bald and Bankrupt.” Eventually, Benjamin ventured into Eastern Europe and drew the attention of viewers.

*Note: It’s worth mentioning that little to no information is available about Benjamin’s early life, including his education, parents, childhood, etc.

On April 12, 2018, Benjamin Rich released a new book titled “The Burning: Travelling Through Irradiated Belarus” under the pen name “Arthur Chichester.” The book shares Benjamin’s experience traveling through areas in Belarus affected by the Chornobyl disaster.

Bald and Bankrupt | Quick Facts
Age 47
Relationship Status Married
Full Name Benjamin Rich
Date of Birth July 1, 1974
Net Worth $1.3 million
Gender Male
Height 6 ft 3 in
Country of origin Brighton, England, United Kingdom
Religion Christianity
Profession YouTuber (Travel Vlogs), Social Media Influencer, and Author
Children Daughter (unknown name)
Spouse Alina Adzika

Bald and Bankrupt’s Rise to Fame

Multiple instances in Benjamin’s life contributed to his rise to fame on YouTube, with one most significant point being a shout-out to Benjamin Rich from PewDiePie. Essentially, in 2019, the King of YouTube mentioned Bald and Bankrupt as his favorite YouTube channel, drastically increasing followers and subscribers.

In the same year, in 2019, the Chechen authorities forced Benjamin to apologize on camera for drinking beer with a Chechen woman in the predominantly Muslim area. The video was recorded on a train to Chechnya, which the authorities highlighted.

Benjamin Rich uploaded a video about his trip to Patamanta in Bolivia, describing it as “scarier than entering Chernobyl.” In the video, Benjamin informs a local woman about him being a tourist prompting her to warn him that “people burn people” in the area.

Eventually, two men approached Benjamin, inspected his passport, then gave him 30 minutes to leave the area.

In 2020, Benjamin explored some no-lockdown areas during the pandemic in Serbia; however, the YouTuber went missing for two months. Fortunately, Rich appeared later, revealing he caught Covid-19 and had difficulties breathing and going to the bathroom; nevertheless, he received treatment and returned to normal.

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Bald And Bankrupt’s owner, Benjamin Rich, live a flamboyant and danger-free life and happily marries Bald and Bankrupt’s wife, Alina Adzika. The Belarusian woman has an age difference of 20 years from Benjamin and has been happily married since May 7, 2022.

While Alina Adzika has appeared in many of Benjamin’s YouTube videos, little is known about the Belarusian woman or when the couple initially met. However, from her social media profiles, Alina was born on December 22, 1990, and has two degrees in civil engineering (bachelor’s and master’s) and a Master of Architecture in Monterrey, Mexico.

Benjamin is known to keep his personal life private and away from the public; however, sources reveal that Benjamin was previously married to a Belarusian woman. He also had a daughter with his ex-wife; unfortunately, no information on the ex-wife’s name or anything about the daughter is available.

Ultimately, Alina Adzika is a well-educated, well-spoken Belarussian middle-class who speaks four languages fluently, plays the piano, and loves Benjamin and his daughter.


Bald And Bankrupt, owned by Benjamin Rich, is a successful YouTube channel offering exciting travel videos, engaging commentary, and useful tips. Benjamin has an estimated net worth of $1.3 million, with YouTube being his primary source of income.

However, besides YouTube, Benjamin earns money from his Bald and Bankrupt merchandise sales, endorsements, sponsorship deals, and promotional considerations. He’s consistent on YouTube and on the verge of achieving 4.0 million subscribers.

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