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Is Pat Smear Gay?



Pat Smear

Georg Albert Ruthenberg, best known by his stage name Pat Smear, is an American musician and guitarist. Pat was born on August 5, 1959 in West Los Angeles, California to a Jewish German immigrant father and a mother of African-American and Native American descent.

Pat Smear is best known for being the rhythm guitarist of the famous rock band, Foo Fighters, with whom he has recorded six studio albums and sold millions of records across the globe.

The popular rock band has bagged 15 Grammys, an induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and has some of the best rock hit songs like “Everlong,” “Learn to Fly” and “All My Life,” making them one of the most successful rock bands in history.

Foo Fighters at the Grammy

Foo Fighters at the Grammy

Prior to his joining the Foo Fighters in 1994, Smear had formed a punk rock band, the Germs with Lorna Doom, Darby Crash, and Belinda Carlisle in 1977. They released their debut album in 1979 and it did make way for the punk rock band genre.

Is Pat Smear Gay? No he is not. Pat Smear is straight to the best of our knowledge. As we move on in this article, we will be revealing more facts about the rock star. Stay on the page.

Pat Smear Gay Rumors

Pat Smear

Pat Smear

Unlike many gay rumors, Pat Smear’s is unfounded. The musician hasn’t done or said anything that could be inferred to as being gay. Rather it could be seen as a rumor propagated by haters.

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Regardless, it may not be off to be skeptical about Pat Smear’s sexuality. This is because the guitarist has kept his personal life away from the internet for quite too long. His relationship or marital status is unknown.

Pat Smear

Pat Smear

This has probably made people believe that he is gay and is yet to come out of the closet, hence keeping his relationship private.

Is Pat Smear Gay?

Pat Smear

Pat Smear

No is the most suitable answer at the moment. Pat Smear hasn’t come out gay and until he does, the speculations about him being gay remains rumors.

Although Pat lives a private life, we are aware of his relationship with his longtime girlfriend, Jena Cardwell. The couple had reportedly met at the Germs band’s second show during the 90’s and had been together since then.

Pat and Jena have surpassed two decades of their relationship, managing to keep their love life private. It’s also been reported that Pat was once married and may actually have a child.

This further suggests that the Foo Fighter guitarist is not gay.


Pat Smear is a great guitarist and being a part of Foo Fighters: a popular rock band, has made him famous. But despite being well known, he has kept his life off-stage away from the public.

As good as that appears, it has also raised speculations about his sexual orientation. However, available information shows that Pat has been in a relationship with a lady for a very long time and had been married once.

That proves that Pat Smear’s sexual preference is women and consequently is straight. Rumors about him being gay are unfounded and untrue.

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