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CJ On 32s Age, Net Worth, Wife, Family, And Wikipedia Bio




CJ on 32s, whose real name is Corey Jones, is an American YouTube content creator who makes content around interesting happenings in his life alongside his passion for cars. As of 2023, CJ on 32s has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.

Corey Jones enjoys vlogging his life and interactions with exotic vehicles on YouTube and has 706k subscribers on YouTube with 183,402, 042 views.

He was born in Chicago, Illinois, United States on May 26, 1996, and while there’s no information on his romantic relationships, he shared a picture of his daughter on Instagram in September 2020.

Corey Jones and his daughter

This article will further explore CJ on 32s and reveal his personal life, Net Worth, family, career, and more. Read on!

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CJ On 32s Wiki & Biography

CJ on 32s was born in Chicago, Illinois, United States, and is a YouTube star with over 700k subscribers on YouTube. He uploads videos of his exotic lifestyle alongside his interaction with cars, garnering him more than 180 million hires on the platform.

The Chicago internet star claims that his YouTube journey was inspired by CJ So Cool, who motivated him to start his own automotive channel due to his love for vehicles. CJ So Cool is another internet personality famous for his pranks, reaction, and “Try not to laugh” videos on YouTube.

Nevertheless, CJ on 32s is a prominent figure on YouTube and his fame rubbed off on his other social media channels. Corey Jones currently has 711k followers on Instagram. He as people enjoys his interesting sense of fashion, short clips of cars, and lavish lifestyle.


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It’s also worth mentioning that there’s no official statement on CJ on 32s tertiary education; nevertheless, Corey appears well-educated, speaks articulately, and approaches his career strategically.

Here are some quick facts about CJ on 32s:

Full Name/Real Name: Corey Jones
Nick Name/Stage Name: CJ on 32s
Birth Place: Chicago, Illinois, United States
Birthday: May 26, 1996
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Net Worth $1.5 million
Age(How Old): Unavailable
Weight: Unavailable
Height(How Tall): Unavailable
Currently Live In: Unavailable
Debut: 2017
Nationality: American
Religion: Christianity
Ethnicity: African-American
College: Unknown
Profession: YouTube car content creator
Social Media Accounts:

CJ On 32s Family, Wife & Relationships

CJ On 32s Age, Net Worth, Wife, Family, And Wikipedia Bio

CJ on 32s revealing his girlfriend Brittany on YouTube

CJ on 32s is dedicated to his family as he has a daughter which he uploaded on Instagram in December 2021.

“Ur a Great Dad😇🕴🏾Beautiful. I’m watching this vlog now 💜💜💜 your Lil Princess💃🏽 she’s Blessed 😍🤩”

While the pictures are no longer on the platform, his fatherhood is confirmed on his YouTube channel description which reads “custom car creator, motivational speaker, and family man”.


While CJ on 32s was single for long periods, he’s currently in a relationship with his girlfriend, Brittany. He revealed this information on his youth channel with a video titled “ITS OFFICIAL I FINALLY MADE BRITTANY MY. GIRLFRIEND”.

Further videos reveal that CJ on 32s and Brittany have a baby named Elijah, who’s currently in and out of the hospital due to complications from birth. Nevertheless, Corey is dedicated to his family and keeps his audience updated on their development.

As for his relatives, CJ on 32s hasn’t revealed much about his mother and father, so information is lacking in this department. Furthermore, multiple sources online claim that Corey has a brother known as Jinx who’s also a Webster.

However, Jinx is a popular YouTuber who’s related to CJ so Cool, not CJ on 32s. Jinx is known for reacting to popular videos and parodies of celebrities online.

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Father Name  Unknown
Mother Name  Unknown
Brother Name  Jinx
Sister Name  None
Girlfriend Brittany
Marital Status  In a relationship
Wife Name  None
Children Elijah, unknown (girl)

Physical Appearance

CJ on 32s, also known as Corey Jones, is a famous American YouTuber with content on his luxurious life and interactions with exotic cars. While his height isn’t public information, Corey appears tall compared to the cars and people that appear in his videos.

He has a slim but lengthy body, dark brown skin, and facial hair consisting of a thin mustache and beard. However, CJ on 32s sports long braids only on the top portion of his head, while the sides are shaved down to the scalp.

As for his personality, CJ on 32s has the typical Black-American “Gangsta” mannerisms and communication style. He appears intimidating but is regarded as a “chill dude” by his close friends and associates.


CJ on 32s creates engaging content on YouTube about exotic cars and his luxurious lifestyle for his 700k+ subscribers on the platform. This fame has also extended to his Instagram following, which totals 711k currently.

However, his social media fame didn’t happen overnight as YouTube star, CJ So Cool, convinced him to start a YouTube channel based on his affinity with exotic cars. CJ So Cool is also a car enthusiast and makes YouTube videos consisting of cars, pranks, and reaction videos that have gone viral on multiple occasions.

This factor is evident in CJ on 32s as he also uploads videos on cars, his exotic lifestyle, a few pranks, and more. This method seems to be effective as the Chicago YouTuber has gathered up to 183,402, 042 views since its 2017 opening.

His online fame also wanes his brand endorsements and sponsorships to the point that Crusader Customs made CJ on 32s Vice president of the brand.

Ultimately, Corey James, also known as CJ, has a successful career as a YouTube content creator and may expand his fortune by diving into other income streams in the future.

CJ On 32s Net Worth Summary

Public sources online estimate CJ on 32s to have a net worth of $1.5 million as of 2023 due to his income from YouTube. Essentially, his primary asset is his YouTube channel which he started in 2017 and continues to grow today.

The CJ on 32s YouTube channel currently has 706k subscribers with 183,402, 042 views and counting. Analytics on CJ on 32s channel reveals that he makes around $931 – $21K monthly per video, which translates to an annual income of $11.3K – $255K.

Combining his yearly estimated YouTube earnings alongside his position as vice president of Crusader Customs and the multiple sponsorships he gets per video, his estimated $1.5 million net worth is justified.

Furthermore, rumors of CJ owning some real estate properties and businesses have surfaced; however, Corey hasn’t confirmed or denied any of them. Therefore, our current evaluation of his finances is his YouTube channel earnings and sponsorships.

Once CJ reveals more information about additional streams of income or new ventures, we will update this section and keep readers posted

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