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Maneet Chauhan Net Worth



Maneet Chauhan Net Worth

Maneet Chauhan is one of the best culinary chefs in the United States with an estimated net worth of about $1-3 million. This Indian American television personality and chef became famous as a judge on the Food Network’s reality show, Chopped.

But even before that, she was already an outstanding chef with experience working as an executive in different high-end restaurants in Chicago, Nashville, and New York. She also started her own restaurant and put her experience as a chef into writing, releasing several cookbooks.

Do you want to know more about Maneet Chauhan? Read on to learn more as we uncover facts about her career, lifestyle, earnings, and biography.

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Maneet Chauhan’s Net Worth Annually

Maneet Chauhan has an estimated net worth of about $1-3 million, almost in the same range as Sammy Hagar and Jack Scott Ramsay. She earned her fortune as a successful culinary chef, an author, and a television personality.

However, her figures from her culinary chef career and television personality are not disclosed to the public. Also, limited information about revenues from her restaurant makes it impossible to know what she earns.

Maneet’s approximate annual salary as one of the top chefs is $99,500. That is according to the average figure paid to chefs in the United States, as reported by ZipRecruiter.

She is also active on the social platform, with over 301K followers on Instagram by the time this post was written. With such a large audience, she earns significant amounts from advertisements. The figure is estimated to be $670 per post.

Maneet also makes decent money from her cookbooks. Her cookbooks, Chaat and Flavors of My World, are available on Amazon at about $30. But the total annual sales are not disclosed.

Maneet Chauhan's Net Worth

Maneet Chauhan with her cookbook “Chaat.”

Her correct annual income or net worth may not be known because the financial statements are kept private. However, we can say that she still has the potential to accumulate more wealth. At just 46 and with an incredible career and entrepreneurial mindset, her fortune will likely grow.


Maneet Chauhan was born on October 27, 1976, in Ludhiana, Punjab, India. There is limited information about her parents regarding their names and what they do. She moved to the United States, where she has made a career.

She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in hotel management from Manipal University’s WelcomeGroup Graduate School of Hotel Administration. That was where she started her culinary career and had an apprenticeship with the Taj, Sheraton, and Oberoi in India.

Maneet went to the United States, where she joined the Culinary Institute of America to expand her knowledge and sharpen her skills as a chef.

Full Name: Maneet Chauhan
Nick Name: Maneet Chauhan
Birth Place: Ludhiana, Punjab, India
Birthday: October 27, 1976
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Age (How Old): 46
Weight: 61 kg (134 pounds)
Height (How Tall): 5 ft 6
Marital Status: Married
Husband: Vivek Deora
Boyfriend: N/A
Parent’s Name:
  • Father: Unknown
  • Mother: Unknown
Kids/Children Name: A daughter (Shagun) and a son
  • Brother (s): Unknown
  • Sister (s): Unknown
College: Culinary Institute of America

Manipal University’s WelcomGroup Graduate School of Hotel Administration

Profession: Chef, author, entrepreneur
Social Media Accounts:

The Dish: Chef Maneet Chauhan

How Did She Become Rich?

Maneet earned her fortune as one of the best culinary chefs in the United States. She has worked as an executive in various restaurants in Nashville, Chicago, and the United States.

She is also an author of cookbooks. Her first book, Flavors of My World: A Culinary Tour Through 25 Countries, was noted as one of the cookbooks of the year. Her other publications include The Journey and Chaat are all available on Amazon. The revenues from the sales add to her income.

Maneet also has another income stream as a restaurateur. She owns a restaurant in Nashville with 150 seat capacity. The reports state that the menu items also do not come cheap. You have to go deeper into your pocket to dine there.

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Career And Awards

Maneet became famous as an outstanding culinary Chef. She was hired in a managerial position at a startup restaurant in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, right after graduation. Her main contribution to the restaurant is expanding the premise from 70 seats to 140 seats in capacity.

In 2003, Maneet became the executive chef of Vermilion in Chicago, Illinois. She earned a 3-star rating from the Chicago Tribune and was nominated as the Best Import to New York by Time Out Magazine.

She served as an executive of many renowned restaurants in Nashville, Chicago, and New York before joining the Food Network as a judge on Chopped. She joined the American reality-based television show series in 2010, making her one of the reality stars like Sadie Robertson.

The Chopped show is hosted by Ted Allen, which gives one of the four participants a chance to win $10K. Maneet received the James Beard Foundation Broadcast Media Award for her role in the show. She additionally won the 2021 Food Network Tournament of Champions.

Maneet Chauhan's Net Worth

Maneet Chauhan became the 2021 Food Network Tournament of Champions

Maneet appeared on The Next Iron Chef, The View on ABC, Iron Chef America, the Today show on NBC, and Worst Cooks in America.

Her other achievements include the following:

  • Invitation to join in diaspora, which held its inaugural Forum in September 2012 and welcomed 100 Indian American delegates.
  • Invitation by President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama to the White House for the Annual Easter Egg Roll Hunt 2014.

Once Maneet gained experience in the industry as a chef, she started her own brand of a cooking guide. She published several books, including the Flavors of My World and The Journey. The latter one was well received and recognized by the International Association of Culinary Professionals.

Maneet also ventured into the business as a restaurateur. She established an eatery, Chauhan Ale and Masala House, in Nashville in 2014. The services offered at the restaurant include private dining and deliveries, covering an extensive menu.


Maneet also stands out as a family woman. She is married to Vivek Deor, a chef and restaurateur who owns 23 restaurants and has worked in different countries. The two met during their college days in Manipal and have maintained their relationships despite the challenges.

Maneet Chauhan's Net Worth

Chef Maneet Chauhan and her husband Vivek Deora

Her past relationships are not disclosed to the public. Maneet has a daughter named Shagun and a son whose name is unknown. Vivek Deor is a popular figure in Tennessee as a co-founder of the Morph Hospitality group.

Maneet remains a committed culinary chef spending most of her time getting the best recipes. She continually improves her skills and crafts by taking challenges that test her ability to create new recipes and her restaurant managerial skills.

The renowned culinary chef mentors young people and aspiring chefs through the National Restaurant Association’s Pro-Start program.

Maneet supports Child Rights and You (CRY) and Partnerships for Action, Voices for Empowerment (PAVE).

Maneet has participated in fundraising to benefit underprivileged children in her home country, India, and offered typhoon relief efforts in the Philippines.

However, she also had struggles with herself. She admitted in an interview that she had always struggled with weight issues, but she is not obese. As a chef exposed to all delicacies in the world, keeping one’s weight in check can be problematic.

In 2018, Maneet lost about 40 pounds by checking her diet. She also started doing physical exercise to lose weight, which involves making 10,000 steps daily. She is also open to adding other workouts to her routine.


Maneet owns Chauhan Ale & Masala House, Indian street food restaurant Chaatable, Chinese restaurant Tansuo, and modern diner The Mockingbird. Her husband is also a restaurateur, owning many restaurants in the US.

Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained


What ethnicity is Maneet Chauhan?

She is an Indian American born on October 27, 1976, in Ludhiana, India. She lives in the US, enjoying her career as a culinary chef and television personality.

Is Maneet Chauhan married?

Yes. Maneet tied the knot in 2007 to her college sweetheart, Vivek Deora. The couple has kept their relationship despite the challenges and has two children: a son and a daughter.

What does Maneet Chauhan own?

She owns Chauhan Ale & Masala House in Nashville, Tennessee. The founding partners are Chef Maneet Chauhan, Chauhan’s husband and Chief Executive Officer Vivek Deora, and Chief Financial Officer Kevin Woods.

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How many restaurants does the Maneet own?

She owns four restaurants: Chauhan Ale & Masala House, Indian street food restaurant Chaatable, Chinese restaurant Tansuo, and modern diner The Mockingbird. These are all available in Nashville, Tennessee.

How many children does Maneet have?

Maneet is married to Vivek Deora and has two children, a daughter (now 9 years old) and a son.

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