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Blippi’s Net Worth [How Much]



Blippi's Net Worth

Stevin John, popularly known as Blippi, is an American child entertainer and YouTube educator known for his signature distinct blue shirt, blue & orange beanie cap, orange bow tie and suspenders – Blippi is one of the highest-paid YouTubers.

He focuses on children’s entertainment and guest stars on online content like Netflix, Amazon and Hulu videos.

What Is Blippi’s Net Worth

He became famous from his Blippi YouTube, which started in 2014, and has since amassed over 17.20 million subscribers with over 13 billion total views. He portrays a curious, lively and childlike persona that every kid wants to watch.

Guess how rich the kids’ entertainer, Blippi is? As of 2023, Blippi is estimated to be worth $17 Million.

By the end of this article, you will also get to know more about this energetic Youtuber. From his early life, career, and earnings to success, personal life, and lifestyle.

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Overview of Blippi’s Earnings and Assets

In 2020, Blippi made the Forbes list of the highest-paid YouTubers of the year. The publication estimated his earnings to be about $17 million.

Then in 2021, Blippi earned over $18 million in income through media rights and royalties.

Aside from YouTube, Stevin John also earns from real estate investment and stocks. He also enjoys brand endorsements and sponsorship deals with major toy and costume companies like Disguise Inc.

He has 6 real estate properties, 5 cars, 2 luxury yachts, and cash reserves of over $18 Million. What’s more, he stays in one of the most expensive houses in California, worth over $22 million.

The other real estate properties he owns are spread across the United States. Through them, he earns millions of dollars in rental income annually.

Blippi’s car collection includes top luxury car brands in the world. He owns a Lamborghini Urus that cost him over $1 Million.

He also has a Ferrari, a Lexus GX, a Jaguar F-PACE, and a Range Rover Sport. John also has an investment portfolio of 10 stocks that are valued at $15 Million.

Despite his fortune, John doesn’t keep every dime he makes to himself. He is philanthropic and shares his earnings with the needy in society through charity.

For instance, fifty percent of his mask for sale goes to the Children’s First Responder Foundation.

Early Life

Born on May 27, 1988, in Ellensburg, Washington, Stevin John grew up in a local environment surrounded by farms, horses, and cows. However, that didn’t stop his big dreams of becoming a fighter pilot and limousine driver.

Net Worth: $17 Million
Full name: Stevin W. John (Born Stephen J. Grossman)
Stage Name: Blippi, Steezy Grossman
Date of Birth: May 27, 1988
Age: 34 years
Place of Birth: Seattle, Washington
Country of origin: United States of America
Gender: Male
Height: 5 ft 9 in (1.78 m)
Weight: 134 lbs (61 kg)
Fiance: Alyssa Ingham
Profession: YouTube content creator; owner of Blippi and Blippi Toys.
Children: Lochlan David John
Social Media: Twitter, Instagram, Youtube

Unfortunately, he graduated high school with grades that disqualified him from joining the pilot program. But the resilient Stevin won’t give up and went for military service training with the Air Force between 2006 and 2008.

He got promoted as a loadmaster for the C-17 Globemaster military transport aircraft and achieved a part of his aviation dreams.

His duties on the 4th airlift Washington’s Squadron included calculations and cargo placements planning to maintain the airplane’s gravitation center in the air.

Everything went well, and Stevin started developing a new interest in the digital industry. He attended the UCLA Extension and later worked as a video editor and marketing personnel for startups in 2009.

However, 2014 was a turning point as Stevin got a newfound inspiration and purpose. He got into YouTube videos for kids and became famous as Blippi.


1. Blippi’s YouTube Career

The inspiration to become a child entertainer and educator set in after Stevin John visited Washington. While there, he watched his then two-year-old nephew, Hunter, watch low-quality children’s content on YouTube.

That opened his eyes to the gap that he could fill in the market.

In his interview with CEOs Wear Sneakers, he said that it all started with the idea of creating videos that would include what his nephew loved at that time. His aim was to provide interactive and educational content that would help children get excited about learning.

His content includes using things like tractors, helicopters, shapes, colors, etc. With these, he would make entertaining and educational videos and teach kids colors, letters, and so much more.

According to Stevin John, he went with the stage name “Blippi” after first thinking up hundreds of made-up words that would be easier for kids to pronounce. He had learned in high school that children pronounce words from the front of the mouth rather than the back of their mouth.

As such, “Blippi” seemed like the perfect name for him to adopt.

On January 27th, 2014, John published his first Blippi video. He did the filming, editing, and graphics by himself.

Gradually, Blippi became a household name for families with children. His videos have earned billions of views on YouTube and attracted a huge following.

Stevin John also established the Blippi Franchise with Blippi toys like My buddy Blippi, as well as clothes and shoes that carry the Blippi signature look. My Buddy Blippi is a toy that repeats 15 of Blippi’s phrases and sounds.

After some time, Blippi began offering DVDs and digital downloads. In 2020, Moonbug Entertainment, a global entertainment company, purchased Blippi’s franchise.

This led to an expansion of the program. Blippi’s videos then began showing in different languages like Hebrew, French, Italian, Swedish, etc.

In 2021, The Blippi Treehouse debuted on Amazon kids. Another talented actor, Clayton Grimm, was also introduced to play Blippi in order to expand the brand and help meet the various demands of Blippi’s audience.

Currently, Stevin John has 10 YouTube channels in different languages. All of them are based on the character, ‘Blippi.’

His main Blippi Channel has over 10 billion views.

2. Blippi’s Career Outside YouTube

Apart from making a living on YouTube, Blippi generates additional income from live shows, concerts and events. He recently hosted the Musical North American tour in 2021 at Charleston, United States.

The ticket sales from these shows are part of his annual revenues. Blippi is also a seasoned story writer for children’s playbooks. He niches in short, 5-minute reads that fascinate the interest of young children worldwide.

Examples of some of these books are My Buddy Blippi and Bedtime with Blippi. You can check his stories on the Amazon store.

Another interesting source of income is his online courses for children. He publishes them on verified learning management systems with assignments and certificates of completion.

Business Investments and Deals

Stevin John, a.k.a Blippi, took advantage of his rising popularity and now owns a vast range of merchandise aside from his YouTube channel career.

Blippi partners with leading companies like Amazon and Walmart to sell his related stocks like accessories, toys and clothing.

He also struck partnership deals with top streaming platforms that offered him exclusive licensing contracts to gain revenue on hosted shows. These include Hulu, Amazon Video and Netflix.

The partnership companies charge subscribers monthly to view Blippi’s videos or exclusive charges for complete seasons. When cumulated eventually, they significantly add to his net worth.

Regarding his YouTube career, Blippi currently has over 17.2 million subscribers on his Blppi-Educational Video for Kids channel. His Blippi Toys channel has 10.2 million subscribers with many monthly streams.

However, the big boost is his deal with Moonbug, which added different language versions of his channel. We believe Blippi earns over $10 million every year from YouTube.

Lastly, Blppi’s business deals will not be complete without mentioning his investments in technology. Blippi has an $15 million estimated worth of investment in tech establishments like Microsoft and Tesla.

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3 Key Factors To Success From Stevin John

Stevin John’s success story is inspiring and propels everyone to be the best in their different endeavors.

Here are the top 3 life lessons from Blippi’s career success and amazing life story.

1. It’s okay to dream big

Like Stevin John, your poor background or community should never be a deterrent to how much success you aim for. Learn from Blippi’s success. Despite his rural environment, he had a big dream that pushed him to work hard.

Of course, he didn’t eventually become a pilot as he wished. But his aspirations led him close to his dreams and something even better and more aligned with his personality.

Blippi is now the entertainment face of millions of kids worldwide. He makes children happy and earns a massive living from it.

2. Challenges are a stepover to success

While we might celebrate Blippi’s present achievements, it’s best to remember he didn’t have it easy at the beginning. He had to record, edit and set up his first videos alone.

There are even stories about criticisms he faced from early video attempts. However, that’s all history now. An indication that challenges are only supposed to teach us lessons and improve us. We should never get discouraged or scared to face our fears.

3. Focus on what you’re good at

Stevin John started his YouTube content for kids and was consistent with that. Never did he try to create a different one for parents.

He understood his target audience – mostly kids aged 2 to 8 years and worked on offering valuable video content for them.

Personal Life

Stevin John and girlfriend, Alyssa Ingham

Stevin John and girlfriend, Alyssa Ingham

The sensational entertainer proposed to his longtime girlfriend, Alyssa Ingham, on the 2nd of August, 2021. Ingham is an American communications manager, and they have been together since 2015.

The duo has two favorite dogs – a poodle named Lyno and a boxer pitbull mixed named Lily.

what is blippi's net worth

what is blippi’s net worth

In October 2021, the couple shared the news that they were expecting a baby. Then on the 9th of March, 2022, they welcomed their first child together – a baby boy. They named him Lochlan David John.

The new parents are eager to get married but are focused on caring for their child.

Lifestyle: How Does Blippi Spend His Money?

With a net worth of $17 million, one could assume that Blippi’s got a taste for the fanciest properties, and they won’t be wrong.

Stevin John’s house is a magnificent 9,000 sq. ft. luxury mansion in California.

The multi-million dollar property contains 7 bedrooms, a home theater, 3 swimming pools, a game room, and Greek interior aesthetics.

Blippi also owns an impressive car collection that includes a $200,000 BMW X8. The other luxury cars are a Range Rover Sport, Audi A6, Mercedes Benz C-class, Lexus GX, Volvo XC40, and Jaguar F-PACE.

The YouTube’s children’s entertainer certainly got luxurious high taste, and it’s no surprise considering how much he earns from his YouTube channels, online educative kids content, and several business and endorsement deals.


#1. The Harlem Shake Scandal 

Before Stevin John became rich and famous for creating and portraying the character Blippi, he was a filmmaker in Los Angeles. In 2013, while creating comedy videos under the moniker “Steezy Grossman,” he made a big mistake.

He was working on low-budget comedy videos when he decided to embrace a popular internet trend. This trend was the Harlem Shake trend.

The “Harlem Shake” meme went viral in early 2013. In it, someone dances to the softer part of the techno song “Harlem Shake” by Bauer.

Then at the point where the beat drops, a jump cut reveals a whole crowd of people dancing wildly, maybe wearing costumes.

At the height of the Harlem Shake’s popularity, it seemed like everyone was making their own version of the video trend. Stevin John’s video was titled “Harlem Shake Poop.”

In it, he (playing Steezy Grossman) was first seen sitting on a toilet in the opening part of the song.

With his pants down, Grossman wears sunglasses, a tank top, and a bicycle helmet as he rolls his arms to the song. Instead of being joined by other people when the beat drops, the video then cuts to Grossman standing on the toilet lid sideways without any clothes on.

Another person is seen in the room, and they are doing a headstand against a wall while they are completely undressed. A few seconds after the beat drops, Steezy Grossman suddenly has a bowel movement on the second person in the room.

As the video ends, Grossman giggles, and both men dance even as the other person begins to gag. Many people found it gross, and John himself wasn’t so proud of what he did.

In an interview with Buzzfeed in 2019, John said he regretted filming the video. He also admitted to using DMA takedown notices to altogether remove it from the internet.

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#2. Blippi’s 2020 Live Tour

In 2020, Billipi had its first American Tour, but the sensational entertainer Stevin John wasn’t going to be there. He stated that though he wouldn’t be on the road, he would be extremely involved with the whole process as the creative force behind the Blippi character.

When parents of his target audience found out about his decision, they didn’t hesitate to pour out their outrage on social media.

#3. Blippi’s Switch

A post from Blippi’s Instagram handle announced the introduction of a new Blippi character known as “Blippi from the live show.”

The new actor to play Blippi was Clayton Grimm. Many parents weren’t cool with the idea, and outrage followed. They were of the opinion that Clayton Grimm did not have the same enthusiasm and energy as the old Blippi.

However, Clayton came with vibes that seemed very similar to the character that children are obsessed with. What’s more, he teaches everything too, including music and chess.


Blippi isn’t just an eccentric man in an orange bow tie, wearing bright orange glasses and a blue and orange cap, who dances wildly and speaks in a cloying, over-enunciated voice for kids on the internet.

He’s a successful child entertainer and educator who chose to move on from the negativity in his past and give attention to what mattered.

He saw a problem and proffered a solution, working hard at it.

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