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Is Shawn Wayans Gay? What Was His Sexuality?



Shawn Wayans

Born on January 19, 1971, in New York City, New York. Shawn Wayans is a talented actor, comedian, and writer. Shawn comes from a talented family of entertainers. He began his career as a comedian and writer, and then transitioned into acting.

He’s been a part of many successful projects, including the “Scary Movie” franchise, where he showcased his comedic skills. Shawn has also appeared in films like “White Chicks” and “Little Man”. He’s known for his funny and energetic performances.

Is Shawn Wayans Gay? No, he is not. Shawn is straight and that is what we aim at trashing out in this article. Relax and pull your belts as we discuss about these gay rumors and his sexuality.

Shawn Wayans Gay Rumors



Shawn Wayans gay rumors sprung up due to the character he played in the show, The Wayans Bros. He portrayed the character Ray. In that episode, he always finds himself in interesting situations. In one of those locker room moments, he asked his friend if the yellow vest he was wearing made him look “gay” while changing his shirt. It was all in good fun, just Ray being his playful self.

And then there was that other episode where Ray asked his girlfriend Brenda to dress up as a guy before they had sex. He was always supportive of his friends, no matter what. He would go the extra mile to show his care and affection. Like giving flowers, running a bath, and even sleeping next to his male friend on restless nights.

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It’s important to remember that Ray’s portrayal on the show doesn’t necessarily reflect his real life preferences. Acting is all about stepping into different roles and exploring various characters. So while some people may have assumed Wayans was gay because of his portrayal, it’s essential to separate fiction from reality.

Is Shawn Wayans Gay?



Shawn Wayans is not gay. Why? He has been linked to few relationships which involved women and his brother Marlon, came out to defend his brother after the rumors spread about the character he portrayed that his brother is not gay and he’s so straight.

In addition, Wayans’ long term relationship is one fact that dispels LGBT accusations. Ursula Alberto, a fitness guru, was with him. They were together from 1999 through 2008, despite never marrying.

Shawn with Ursula Alberto

Shawn with Ursula Alberto

Shawn Wayan’s long-term relationship with Ursula Alberto is a clear indication that he is not just portraying a character on screen. They were together for almost a decade, from 1999 to 2008, and even though they never got married they have three beautiful children together.

Shawn Wayans’ Children

Shawn Wayans’ Children

Their first child, Laila, was born in 1999, followed by llia in 2002, and then Marlon Wayans in 2004. However, after four years of their last child’s birth, they decided to go their separate ways and got divorced.

Since then, Shawn Wayans hasn’t been in a public relationship. Sometimes people prefer to keep their lives private, and that’s totally understandable.


Shawn Wayans, along with siblings, has made significant impact on the comedy world through their movies, TV shows, and performances. They’ve brought laughter to many people’s lives and have left a lasting legacy in the entertainment industry.

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However, it is important to remember that actors play different characters on screen, and their personal lives may be quite different from the roles they portray. Everyone’s personal life and sexual orientation should be respected and not speculated upon. It’s always best to focus on their talent and the work they contribute to the entertainment industry.

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