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Vicente Fernandez Net Worth



Vicente Fernandez Net Worth

Net Worth: US $25 Million
Full Name: Vicente Fernández
Nickname: El Charro de Huentitán or Chente
Birth Date: 17 February 1940
Died On: 12 December 2021
Age: 81 years
Country of Origin: Mexico
Wife: Maria del Refugio Abarca Villaseñor
Height: 5 ft 10 inch (1.77 m)
Source of Wealth: Singer, Actor and Producer
  • Father: Ramón Fernández
  • Mother: Paula Gómez de Fernández
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Eye Color: Brown
Famous for: Regarded as the most significant Mexican singer of all time
Instagram: vicentefdez
Facebook: Vicente Fernández
Twitter: @_VicenteFdez
Tik Tok: @_vicentefdez

Vicente Fernandez built his net worth through his successful career as a singer, actor, and film producer in Mexico.

He died on 12 December 2021 from the complications of an accident. He remains one of the greatest Mexican Singers of all time, with over 50 million albums sold globally. Vicente also toured extensively and starred in 30 films during his acting years.

What Is Vicente Fernandez’s Net Worth

At his death in December 2021, Vicente Fernández was worth $25 million. He won three Grammy awards and nine Latin awards during his lifetime as a singer.

As we go further in this article, we will discuss Vicente’s source of income, his early days, Career days, personal life and his lifestyle while he was alive. Stay with us.

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Earnings Overview

Before his death, Vicente amassed over $25 million in net worth. His income mainly came from his singing career.

It is estimated that he earned 5- 7 million dollars annually from his music career. For someone who has sold over 50 million albums globally, it is pretty believable.

Vicente had also been featured in over 30 movies during his lifetime. Even though we can’t say for sure how much he made from those movies, we would all agree that the proceeds from them added to his net worth.

Early Life

Vicente Fernandez was born on February 17, 1940, to a poor rancher, Ramón Fernández, and his wife, Paula Gómez de Fernandez. He was raised in a Christian family in Huentitán El Alto, Guadalajara, Mexico.

He was introduced to music by his parents at a tender age. At age 8, he was already playing the guitar right after he received it as a gift.

His movie career was influenced by Pedro Infante movies which were introduced to him by his mother, and he once told her he would be like him when he grew up.

Unfortunately, his poor background deprived him of the chance to further his education. He dropped out of school in the 5th grade to continue helping his father at his ranch.

Vicente enrolled in various menial jobs, including bricklaying, to compensate for his family’s lack of means to sustain themselves. He also worked as a cashier at his uncle’s restaurant.

At age 14, Vicente started singing at restaurants and other events with several mariachi groups.

His singing abilities were recognized when he won a singing competition in Guadalajara at the same age. All these eventually led to his breakthrough, as he began to be recognized among the locals.


1. Musical Career

At age 25, Vicente Fernandez’s musical career took off. He moved to Mexico City in 1965, two years after his marriage to Maria Del Refugio Abarca Villansenor.

In April 1966, he received his first offer for his album from CBS Records of Mexico, with whom he recorded several successful albums. These albums, such as “Soy de Abajo,” “Ni en Defensa Propia,” and “Palabra de Rey,” were released following numerous unsuccessful attempts with different record labels.

The year 1976 marked the beginning of his rise to fame. He made the song Volver Volver a worldwide hit and cemented his status as a legendary ranchera singer.

He sold over a million copies of “15 Grandes con el Numero Uno” in 1983, the first of its kind for any of his albums. He also performed at the Plaza de Toros in Mexico the following year, drawing approximately 54,000 spectators.

He attained the pinnacle of his profession in the 1990s when he dropped back-to-back hits that were all classics. These include, among others, Aunque me duela el alma,  Mujeres divinas, and  Lástima que seas ajena.

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He also had a lot of successful tours and concerts, which further cemented his reputation as a charismatic and powerful performer on stage. Among them was a performance he gave at the Zócalo in Mexico City on February 14, 2009, which set attendance records with nearly 220,000 people in attendance.

The next few years saw him record at least 100 music albums and 300 songs. At the Estadio Azteca, he gave his final performance in April 2016, at age 76, after touring the world multiple times.

2. Acting And Film Producing Career

Vicente Fernandez had numerous film and television appearances, which expanded his audience and further solidified his status as a cultural icon. Between 1971 and 1991, he appeared in 30 movies while promoting his music.

He made his acting debut in 1971 in the movie Tacos al carbón. He also appeared in “El Hijo del Pueblo,” “Por tu Maldito Amor,” and other films.

Vicente Fernandez’s first film as a producer was El hijo del pueblo, released in 1974. His 20-year run in the film industry ended in 1991 with the release of “Mi querido viejo.”

Two Key Factors To Success

1. That Which Does Not Kill You Makes You Stronger

In 1963, when Vicente Fernandez was about 23 years old, his mother died of cancer. At the time, she was 47 years old.

Also, Vicente Fernández’s son, Vicente Fernández Jr., was reportedly kidnapped on May 20, 1998. According to reports, Fernández Jr. was kidnapped for ransom, and his kidnappers demanded $5 million in exchange for his release.

Vicente and his other son Alejandro continued performing concerts even though Fernández Jr. was released 121 days later for a lesser ransom—$3.2 million. The kidnappers were later brought to justice in 2008.

2. Work Hard In Silence; Let Success Be Your Noise

Although you’ve probably heard it a thousand times before, it’s true: hard work pays off. Vicente’s family struggled to make ends meet, and Fernández grew up in poverty.

He dedicated himself to his craft, earning the title of “King of Ranchera Music.” Through his hard work and dedication, he eventually became one of Mexico’s most successful and acclaimed musicians.

Personal Life


Fernández and Maria del Refugio Abreu have been married since December 27, 1963. They remained married until he died in 2021. She was a friend’s sister whom he met in Jalisco. The couple has three children: Vicente Jr., Gerardo, and Alejandro. They also took Alejandra, his niece, into their family.


Vicente Fernández and his wife, Maria del Refugio Abreu, have four children.

  • Vicente Fernández Jr.
  • Alejandro Fernández
  • Gerardo Fernández
  • Alejandra Fernandez (adopted)

Several of Fernández’s offspring followed in his footsteps and pursued careers in the music and movie industries.

Alejandro Fernández, for example, is famous in his own right and has sold over 20 million copies worldwide. He and his brother Vicente Jr. joined his father on stage during his prime.

Vicente Fernandez’s last stage performance in 2019 was also with Alejandro to promote his grandson’s musical career.

Fernández was known for his Sombrero hat. He enjoyed playing the guitar and never forgot the family business.

There is no documentation of his assets online. However, his house is estimated at $1 million. We also do not know the kind of cars he had.

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His Health And Death

Yes, Vicente Fernández was known for his resilience and determination as he faced many health challenges throughout his lifetime. He fought prostate cancer in 2002 and successfully removed a liver tumour in 2012.

He lost his voice briefly in 2013 due to thrombosis and underwent surgery again in 2015 to treat stomach hernias.

Following a cervical spine injury at his ranch on August 6, 2021, he was diagnosed with Guillain-Barré syndrome. He passed away on December 12, 2021, after succumbing to his injury’s complications.


Vicente Fernández was a singer, actor, and film producer born in Mexico on February 17, 1940. He grew up in a low-income household.

He started his career as a singer in the 1960s and soon became popular in Mexican music. He was widely regarded as one of the greatest ranchera musicians.

With a career spanning five decades, he sold millions of records, won numerous awards, and became an iconic figure in Mexican and Latin American popular culture.

In addition to his work as a musician, Fernández has also acted in several films. He was one of the wealthiest musicians and actors in Mexico and accumulated a significant fortune over the course of his career.

He married Maria Del Refugio Abarca Villansenor in his 20s and was the father of four children. Despite facing many health challenges throughout his career, he continued to perform and record music. He passed away on December 12, 2021.

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