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Polo G’s Net Worth



Polo G's Net Worth

Net Worth $7 million
Full Name Taurus Tremani Bartlett
Age 24 years
Born Jan 6, 1999
Gender Male
Height 5’9”
Country of Origin United States of America
Source of Wealth Rapper, Endorsement, Streaming Royalties, Business
Childen Tremani Barlett
Marital Status Single
Zodiac Sign Capricorn

What Is Polo G’s Net Worth?

Taurus Tremani Bartlett known by his stage name Polo G is a professional American rapper, composer, and songwriter. His famous hit single “Pop Out” makes it possible for people to know him as a rapper. The song has over 300 million views on YouTube, which is enough to say he is a good rapper.

With this kind of fame comes good returns too. That is why as of January 2023, Polo G has an estimated net worth of $7 million. It could be more, too, based on how much work he is putting into his music and other ventures. His net worth is mostly from record sales, concerts, tours, streaming services, and endorsements.

If Polo G is your favorite rapper, then this is the guide you need to appreciate him even more. We talk about how he makes his money, how he spends it, his family, and much more.

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Earnings Overview

We have already established that Polo G has achieved a lot in making money for himself. He has a net worth of around $7 million, which should be good enough for such a young person.

So, how did he even make his money? Here are the main sources of income for this Chicago rapper.

1. Selling his records

Many musicians would be proud of their work if they could sell millions of records. You can say that is what Polo G is also experiencing.

He has multiple hits, making it easier to make a lot of money from selling records. It is estimated that he has sold more than 3 million records globally. On average, it is around 3 million in the US and more than 160,000 in the UK.

His best-selling album is The GOAT, with over 1 million copies sold globally.

2. Tours and concerts

Of course, selling records might be the bulk way of earning his net worth, but also concerts and tours made it easier to grow his income.

Polo G often gives the fans an electrifying performance, making his shows sold out. Who would not want to attend such shows if the artist gives you value for money?

Some notable shows he has performed include Coachella, Rolling Loud, and Bonnaroo. Of course, we also enjoyed his headlining performances in shows like The Goat Tour and Die a Legend Tour.

Here is his Rolling Loud, full set

Throughout his career, he has worked with other super artists during his tours and concerts. An example is the Rolling Loud Miami series, where he performed alongside Juice WRLD and Cardi B. They made quite some money off the series because the average price ticket was $339.

3. Endorsements from brands

Rappers also love endorsements as it is another way of making more money too. Polo G is no different, as he was signed by MAC Agency as their ambassador for all of North America. We are sure he will keep getting more endorsements over the years.

4. Selling merchandise

It might seem like a cliche, but rappers still sell merchandise. If people are willing to buy it, why not give them what they want? So, merchandise sales also help boost his income by capitalizing on his popularity and fame, which helps move the merchandise faster.

Check out his online store, Capalot, to learn more about his merchandise and order some for yourself.

5. Streaming services

More musicians have opted to get their music on digital streaming services. This helps get more people to listen to their music through websites such as Tidal, Spotify, Apple Music, and more.

Like on Spotify, Polo G can easily be found in thousands of playlists and has a better rank based on his popularity. Considering he is famous among young adults, expect that he would earn more royalties by having his music streamed on these services.

We also see that YouTube is one platform Polo G uses to spread his music. With over 5 million subscribers, it is expected that he would make a lot more money from just a single music video. Several of his hits have over 100 million views on YouTube.

Early Life

Polo G was born Taurus Tremani Bartlett on 6th January 1999 in Chicago, Illinois. Just like that, you now know he is a Chicago rapper. His mother and father are Stacia Mac and Taurus Bartlett, respectively. He also has siblings, Leia, Tauren, and Leilani.

One fun fact is that Polo G’s manager is his mother, Stacia Mac, who has done a good job ensuring her son gets the best deals.

Not much is known about his father, but both parents raised him.

Polo G was drawn to a life of gangs and drug use while young. At the age of 15, he was already selling fentanyl. He also claims he was already sharpening his rapping skills too.

Polo G gas had issues with the authorities because of selling drugs. However, he would later turn around his life and start working on his music.

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Polo G has had a good career so far, starting with the track “ODA” back in 2017. He continued to release songs on his YouTube channel and could see that it was growing steadily.

“Pop Out,” released in 2019, is what made the world know about Polo G. With over 300 million views at the time of writing this article, it just shows how people embraced his rap music. He gained so much popularity that Columbia Records made a deal with his ODA record label.

His career now spans over 5 years, with many more famous records that people have come to appreciate. Other notable songs from Polo G include;

  • Rapstar
  • Martin & Gina
  • Last One Standing
  • My All
  • Through da Strom
  • Finer Things
  • Heartless
  • 21
  • Neva Cared

It is not just singles, Polo G has dropped 4 albums right now. They include

  • Die A Legend – 2019
  • The Goat – 2020
  • Hall of Fame – 2021
  • Hall of Fame 2.0 – 2022

So if you want to listen to more of his music, you should have plenty of options to consider.

His albums have earned him awards here and there. In 2020, “The Goat” album earned him the Favorite Rap and Hip-hop Album award. “Die a Legend,” on the other hand, earned the Favorite Rap and Hip-hop Album in 2019.

Personal Life

Polo G is a successful rapper, and we expect him to live a lavish lifestyle based on his net worth.

He largely likes to spend his money on Jewelry. He also has some smart investments and has purchased a home for his family.

He has one child, Tremani Barlet, with his ex-girlfriend Crystal Blease. Even though they separated, they still co-parent, ensuring the boy has a good life and love from both parents.

We also see that he is into charity too. Together with Audiomack, Polo G produced the “Hometown Heroes All-Star” Chicago Charity Show. This live concert included other famous artists such as Heavy Steppers, Ann Marie, and G Boy.

The Concert was also part of a special tribute to Juice Wrld, who was friends with Polo G.

How Does Polo G Spend His Money?

If you have $7 million, it is expected that you would also spend that money on something great. That is why we must look at how well he spends his money.

Starting with his house, Polo G, in 2021, bought a brand new $4.888 million house based in San Fernando Valley, California.

The mansion boasts eight bathrooms, seven bedrooms, a 14-car garage, and much more. We cannot forget the tennis court, pool, Jacuzzi, and other facilities he will enjoy while staying at the mansion.

The musician also helped his mother get a dream home, which she shared on social media.

Polo G also enjoys driving and buying new cars. That is why his new home has a large garage that would help him keep all of them inside.

His notable car collection includes Lamborghini Urus, BMW X7, Rolls Royce Wraith, BMW M4, and BMW i8 Roadster. There is no doubt we can expect many more cars now that he has the space to keep them.

Like most rich rappers, we expect he would also have several jewelry pieces and a watch collection. Polo G loves showcasing his royal watches together with gold necklaces. Such a collection is expected to cost a lot of money since more are custom-made to his liking.

A good example is a $40,000 piece commemorating his first album and a $100,000 diamond and rose gold watch.

Social Media

Polo G is on several social media sites. Here are some of them;

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We generally see that Polo G is someone who has managed to turn around his life and make it better. At some point, he was into drugs but now largely focuses on building his music career and raising his son. With an estimated net worth of $7 million, it is expected that he can afford the lavish lifestyle he had only dreamt of.

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