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John Holmes Net Worth



John Holmes Net Worth

Besides, John Holmes has been featured in movies and played significant characters. John Holmes has appeared in over 600 porn movies. He is a very prominent adult cinema actor.

John Holmes or Johnny Wadd are some familiar names he uses in movies. The porn actor is famous for promoting his sexual part heavily, ranking him as the second-best porn actor.

John Holmes has also been involved in shady business, including drug dealings, murder, and other unlawful deals. The porn actor died after falling ill from HIV/AIDS in 1988.

What Is John Holmes’ Net Worth

As of 2023, John Holmes has a net worth of $10,000. Pornography has been the primary source of his wealth, although he made some money from drugs and criminal activities as a drug cartel member.

Read this post to learn more about John Holmes’ annual income, early life, personal life, career, achievements, and awards.

John Holmes Net Worth Growth

John Holmes grew his net worth until he died. The American porn actor even made it on the list of wealthiest Americans in the 80s. Since joining the porn industry in the 70s, his earnings have increased annually.

In 1984, John had a net worth of $1,500, and $2,000 the following year. He grew his net worth in 1987 to $5,000. John has a net worth of $9,000 as of 2021.

How Did John Holmes Get Rich?

John Holmes’ wealth has been primarily associated with porn acting. However, the American also made some money from selling drugs, leading to his arrest and spending time in court.

John Holmes began making his money after he was released from the LAPD. He got into pornography and started earning at least $3,000 daily as of 1978.

However, there are no other records about his earnings through his pornography career. His $3,000 daily earnings to feature on porn series compounded into his net worth of $10,000.

John also made little proceeds from being part of a drug cartel that exchanged drugs for money. According to John in his biological documentary “Exhausted,” he had slept with more than 14,000 women.


John Holmes was born on August 11, 1944, to his parents, Mr. Carl Estes Holmes and Mrs. Mary Holmes, in Asheville, Ohio. However, there is no available information about John Holmes’ siblings.

John’s mother was previously a divorcee with three children. Mary was a devoted Baptist, while Carl was a drunkard who would return home heavily drunk.

John often hid from situations by visiting his maternal grandparents. Later, John relocated with his divorced mother, who married Harold Bowman, to Ohio’s Pataskala. Her mother’s marriage to her new husband produced John’s half-brother, David.

Full Name/Real Name John Curtis Holmes
Nick Name/Stage Name Johnny Wadd
Birth Place Asheville, Ohio, United States
Birthday August 11, 1944
Zodiac Sign Leo
How old 44 (1944-1988)
Weight 89 Kg
Height 1.72 m
Marital Status Married
Wife Laurie Rose
Boyfriend N/A
Parent’s Name
Father Mr. Carl Estes Holmes
Mother  Mrs. Mary Holmes
Children’s Name N/A
Profession Adult movie actor, Film director

Career and Awards

John Holmes has different versions regarding his career. However, the pornography star began his career as a forklift operator. He also worked as an ambulance driver. According to a report, a neighbor who produced loops had approached John Holmes and said it could bring him massive income.

John’s first check allegedly bounced, and the pornography actor insisted on paying in cash from that time. Whatever different reports may suggest about John’s career, the truth is that he began his pornography career in the 1970s.

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Adult film Career

John Holmes started his adult film career in the 70s, like Jenna Jameson, Abella Danger and Rico Strong. He began by releasing nudes as a magazine model and was sometimes featured in porn films.

He hit the limelight in porn acting in 1971. He featured in an adult series directed by Bob Chinn, a series that was based on a private investigator known as Johnny Wadd.

The porn series featured many titles such as “The Jade Pussycat,” “Liquid Lips,” and more. In 1986, the final entry in the series, “Return of Johnny Wadd,” went on release.

Overall, the Asheville-born actor has been featured in over 600 porn movies. He also featured in other notable series such as “Prisoner of Paradise,” “Insatiable,” “Dracula,” and more. His porn movie “The Devil in Mr. Holmes” was shot in Italy.

His Arrest

Although porn grew more popular in the 70s, it was still illegal. However, the porn star began receiving backlash and was arrested for pandering and pimping. Upon John’s arrest, he became an informer of the Los Angeles police department.

John didn’t stop his criminal activities and ventured more into cocaine due to his addiction. The porn actor committed thefts, prostitution, and other law-breaking acts.


Despite featuring in over 600 porn movies, John Holmes won no awards.

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Investments And Endorsements

As of the time of filing this report, there is no evidence that John Holmes has any investment. The actor spent a lot on drugs and his illness before he died. There are no endorsements to his name.

Personal Life

In early 1986, John Holmes was diagnosed with HIV. After concealing the information, he shot his last two adult movies without people knowing about his health status.

John Holmes and his wife Laurie Rose

John Holmes and his wife Laurie Rose

A year after his diagnosis, the porn actor performed marriage rites with Laurie Rose after informing her that he was HIV/AIDS positive.

A year after their marriage, John Holmes lost all strength and was on admission. He died in March 1988 at 44 years. There are no records that the porn actor had children.


Did John Holmes Make His HIV Status Known To The Public?

John didn’t make his status known to the public. The 44-year-old was diagnosed with HIV/AIDS in 1986. However, he kept the information to himself. However, he revealed his status to Laurie Rose, his wife, before the duo married.

He had his last two adult films without anyone knowing he was HIV/AIDS positive.

How Does John Holmes Spend His Leisure Time?

Although John Holmes was a porn and drug addict, he loved seeing new places like beaches. He also loves trekking.

John Holmes also loves camping, sculpting, and loves philanthropy works.

Was John Holmes Ever Involved In a Murder Case?

Yes. John was connected to the Wonderland Gang, a Los Angeles drug cadre in the 70s and 80s.

He was at a scene where four gang members were killed in a Canyon rowhouse.

Did John Holmes Escape Jail?

No. The porn actor was tried in 1982 for committing the murders in Wonderland.

However, he was acquitted of the charges but convicted of court contempt. As such, he was sent to jail and spent some months.

Did John Holmes Have Previous Relationships Before Marrying Laurie Rose?

John Holmes was first married to Sharon Gebenini before marrying Laurie Rose in his last days.

Moreover, during his drug addiction days, he dated a fifteen-year-old girl Dawn Schiller and usually assaulted and forced himself on her. He also forced her into prostitution.

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