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Anthony Levandowski Net Worth



Anthony Levandowski's Net Worth

Anthony Levandowski is a French-American self-driving car engineer, who co-founded Google’s self-driving car program in 2009, popularly known now as Waymo. He was also the technical lead until 2016.

Anthony made great wealth in the course of his career as an engineer. However, his net worth fell drastically along the line.

What Is Anthony Levandowski’s Net Worth

As of 2023, Anthony Levandowski has an estimated net worth of $5 million, even though has an estimated net worth of about $100 million to $200 million at some points. Anthony lost about $179 million judgment against Google in March 2020 he was forced to declare personal bankruptcy.

Are you curious about learning more about Anthony Levandowski? Read on to learn about his personal life, early life, career, estimated net worth, etc.

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Net Worth Growth

Anthony Levandowski is a self-driving car engineer who co-founded an autonomous motorcycle. As of 2023, he has an estimated net worth of about $5 million, significantly lower than in previous years.

The drastic reduction of his net worth was reported to result from the lawsuit charged against him. He was charged with violating his contract and separation agreements with his company, Google.

The California court judge ordered Anthony to pay $179 million to Google.

Anthony Levandowski also faces federal prosecution for stealing google technology, and he was charged to pay $175 million with an interest of $4.3 million. The court posted to the docket his final decision in favor of google issuing a significant judgment against Anthony.

Anthony Levandowski, who co-founded the google self-driving car, now known as Waymo, declared personal bankruptcy. He stated in his bankruptcy filing that he had an asset between $50 million to $100 million and a debt between $100 million to $500 million.

Before Anthony left google, he received a bonus of about $120 million from the company. Anthony strived to catch up with Waymo, the leading company in autonomous vehicles.

Travis Kalanick, the former Uber CEO, saw that robot taxis don’t need human drivers as a long-term guarantee of profit for his ride-share business.

Travis Kalanick then bought Otto, the driverless truck co-founded by Anthony after he left google for an estimated price of about $680 million in August 2016. After a while, Waymo sued Uber claiming Anthony stole vast data from him.

In 2018, Uber fired Anthony and settled Waymo, giving a pre-IPO equity valued at about $240 million, and agreed not to use any of its technology.

How Did He Get Rich?

Anthony Levandowski is categorized as one of the wealthiest and most popular engineers. Levandowski deposited $4,326 in cash in 2016 and used the money to purchase 4,326,000 shares of Otto Trucking at 0.1 cents per share.

When Uber acquired Otto, these shares became worth millions of dollars. Levandowski sold half of them for $11.9 million, keeping the cash inside the IRA, and sold the rest of the shares to his business partner Robert Miller in exchange for a $5.3 million promissory note.

Also, in 2016, Anthony Levandowski was compensated by Google with an amount of about $120 million for his work on self-driving technology.

In 2017, Anthony bought a house for his parents for $949 thousand, then sold it back to his stepmother for about $720 thousand. However, the stepmother gave him a promissory note with payment due in 2048, allowing her to live in the home for 30 years for free.

Anthony Levandowski invested about $250 thousand in his fiancée company in 2020. He also loaned about $10 million to an entity controlled by his college friend Randall Miller. He funneled to his new self-driving start-up, Pronto AI.

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Anthony Levandowski is a self-driving car engineer who has dual citizenship. The French-American was born on the 15th of March 1980 in Brussels, Belgium, to a French diplomat, mother, and an American businessman.

Anthony attended the University of California in 1998, Berkeley, where he had his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research.

Name Anthony Levandowski
Gender male
Age 43
Date of Birth 15 March 1980
Place of Birth Brussels, Belgium
Nationality French-American
Height 1.71m
Weight: N/A
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Marital Status Single
Children N/A
Parent Name Not Available
Career: Engineer
Net worth $1 million to $5 million
  College University of California
Instagram Here
Twitter Here
LinkedIn Here

Career And Award

In 2006 Anthony Levandowski Started his career, joining Google to work on Google Street View with Sebastian Thrun and his team.

The duo met at the 2005 DARPA Grand Challenge and where to meet Larry Page’s target of capturing 1,000,000 kilometers of roadways before the end of 2007.

Levandowski ordered 100 Toyota Priuses from a local dealership.

In 2008 he founded Anthony’s Robots to build the Pribot, a self-driving (Like Elon Musk‘s tesla autopilot technology) Toyota Prius with one of the first spinning Lidar laser ranging units and the first to drive on public roads. In 2009, Levandowski and Thrun launched their driverless car project while still with Google.

Anthony Levandowski's Net Worth

Engineer Anthony Levandowski at Work

Also, in 2009, Anthony Levandowski co-founded Google’s self-driving car project, Waymo, with Thrun. Anthony Levandowski worked as a technical lead on Google’s self-driving car project till 2016, and then he left google to launch Otto.

Anthony co-founded Otto in 2016 with three others, and Uber acquired Otto in the same year. In 2017, Uber sacked Anthony after Google and Waymo made allegations against him.

In 2015, Anthony Levandowski founded a religious organization, Way of the Future, intending to make a god with Christian morals through artificial intelligence. However, the organization was dissolved in 2021.

In 2018, Anthony Levandowski launched Pronto AI to produce a camera-based, self-driving highway-only retrofit system for semi-trucks. As proof of concept, he claimed to have taken a modified self-driving Prius 3,100 miles across the United States.

By 2022, the company will develop self-driving vehicles for more limited use in environments. Also, In February 2022, Anthony Levandowski launched a Pollen Mobile with an open-source wireless network.

Personal Life

Anthony Levandowski is currently single. He is neither dating nor engaged to anyone at the moment or in the past. Also, Anthony Levandowski has no child.

In 2019, Anthony Levandowski was indicted on 33 federal charges of alleged theft of self-driving car trade secrets. He later agreed to plead guilty to one of 33 charges and announced a plea deal with federal prosecutors.

Judge William Alsup sentenced him to 18 months in prison. Prosecutors agreed to drop the remaining 32 charges as a part of the plea agreement.

In 2021, the then-president of the United States of America, President Donald Trump, granted a full pardon to Anthony Levandowski on his last day in office.

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1. What is Anthony Levandowski doing presently?

Anthony Levandowski is now the CEO and founder of Pronto. Pronto is a commercial provider of autonomous driving systems that offers safe, cost-efficient, and productive solutions.

2. What other thing has Anthony Levandowski invented recently?

Apart from Pronto, Anthony Levandowski is also the founder and CEO of Pollen Mobile. Pollen Mobile is a decentralized mobile network built on the Solana blockchain, initially born from the need for secure and reliable connectivity in remote operating sites.

3. What are the other things Anthony Levandowski does for a living?

Anthony has been an industry speaker for leading technology, business, and industry events. It is often highlighted for his determination and ambition to bring self-driving technology to the market.

4. How many times was Anthony Levandowski sentenced to prison?

Anthony was sentenced to prison about twice. Apart from the initial 18 months of prison, he was charged in August 2020. He was also sentenced to three years of post-prison parole.

5. When Did Anthony Levandowski File for Bankruptcy?

Anthony Levandowski filed for bankruptcy on March 4, 2020. This action followed his conviction and his colleague Lior Ron for breaching their agreement with google.

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