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Audrey Hepburn Net Worth



Audrey Hepburn Net Worth

Net Worth 55 million dollars
Name Audrey Kathleen Ruston
Gender Female
Date of Birth 4th  of May 1929
Place of Birth Ixelles, Brussels
Country of Origin Britain
Marital Status  Married twice till the time of death
Spouse Name Mel Ferrer, André Dotti
Children 2
Source of Wealth Film and fashion
Job Title Actress
Term 1951-1993
Previous Position Acting and modeling

What Is Audrey Hepburn’s Net Worth

Audrey Hepburn is an actress, fashion model, and humanitarian with a net worth estimated to be 55 million dollars. She is best known for her role in the film “roman holiday” in 1953. The movie launched her career professionally to superstardom.

She studied ballet and acting before taking minor roles but her illustrious career started professionally in 1951 at the age of 22. She was born on the 4th of May 1929 to Ella van Heemstra and baron Arnoud van Heemstra.

After her success on the big screen, she returned to stage performance, where she did Ondine 1954 with Mel Ferrer, whom she married the following year. She won a Tony award for Her performance in the play, marking the end of her time on Broadway.

Though Audrey Hepburn is dead, her legacy impacts generations who read about her or watch her movies, capturing those moments that will forever live in our memories. A biopic on her life is currently being developed with actress Rooney mara, written by renowned writer Michael mitmik.

Her son Sean and the Audrey estate have approved for the movie to be made, and shooting is to commence toward the end of 2023.

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Earnings Overview

As of 2023, Audrey Hepburn’s net worth was estimated to be 55 million dollars. She earned 12500 dollars her salary for her hit movie roman holiday in 1953, but after her success, her income increased.

She was paid 150000 dollars for the film a producer showcased in 1954, and the movie’s funny face. But her biggest earning as an actress was in the film war and peace, where she was paid 350000 dollars.

Audrey made money from other ventures ranging from fashion, appearances, and endorsements.

Personal Life

Audrey Hepburn’s original name was Audrey Kathleen Ruston, born May 4th, 1929, in Brussels, Belgium; she was born to Ella van Heemstra a Dutch noblewoman, and British father, Baron Aarnoud van Heemstra. Her father is of British Austrian ancestry. Audrey’s childhood was that of privilege.

Her father worked for a trading company, so they moved about a lot till they finally settled in Brussels, the suburban Municipality where her father was to open a branch. Her mother met the renowned Adolf Hitler in person, so she wrote favorable articles about him.

For the British union of fascists, her father delved deep into fascism which required him to be separated from his family, an event not easily forgotten by little Audrey. Her two half-brothers, lan and Alex, were sent to Hague while she was sent to Kent for her education. In 1938 her parents officially divorced.


After the war in 1945, which caused the loss of the family fortune, Hepburn delved into ballet, tutored by Russian teacher Olga Tarasova and worked as a housekeeper to a wealthy family. Her meager income was used to support her family.

It was no surprise that 3 years later, her first role came as a stewardess in the Dutch film “seven lemons,” thus launching her career till her big break in 1951.

Audrey acted in a lot of movies; some notable roles she starred in include

  • Seven lemons
  • Roman holiday
  • Sabrina
  • Nun story
  • Robin hood
  • Breakfast at tiffany

She also featured on stage plays on broadway, including

  • Ondine
  • Revue high button shoes
  • Gigi

Audrey’s fashion style rose with prominence in her career she curated a trend that appealed to women of her stature and built, making them see the need to stand out rather than join the popular trend. Her fashion sense has been referred to as sophisticated, refined, elegant, and polished.

She stated that she became interested in fashion when she encountered Hubert de Givenchy. Who transformed her into his muse, giving rise to the popular Hepburn look in 1953. It is only natural for good clothes to be complemented by equally matched footwear.

Earlier in her fashion rebirth, she leaned towards Salvatore Ferragamo but later in life, she paid homage to Ralph Lauren for most of her holiday looks. All this culminated in her vogue cover later in her career.

Humanitarian Career

In 1989, Hepburn began her humanitarian career with UNICEF stating that after her experience with the Second World War, she was moved to the cause of children as she still recalls the terrible effect her experience with the German army had on her.

She carried out field missions for UNICEF from Ethiopia to Vietnam, feeding and immunizing children when required and under great risk to her life. She visited certain countries in South America and Asia.

She presented a very moving speech before the leaders of the world that made them accept the convention on children’s rights.

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Audrey Hepburn grew up in London, so she attended a small independent school in Elham. Her father wished she is schooled in London, so she was sent to Kent to stay with relatives

She had always wanted to be an actress, so she decided to take ballet at the Arnhem conservatory of music Amsterdam.

Later, she completed her training at Marie ramberts ballet school in London. During her training, she was told that her height and weak constitution would deny her the role of a prima ballerina she decided to concentrate fully on acting.


In September 1954, Audrey Hepburn married her first husband, Mel Ferrer, after courting for eight months. They met on the set of the stage play Ondine, and they connected. After 14 years of nuptial bliss, they divorced in 1968.

She met her second husband, an Italian psychiatrist Andrea Dotti, and they got married a year later. After 13 years, they also ended their relationship due to infidelity on both sides.

She also entertained a relationship that she was comfortable with. Though it didn’t lead to marriage, she was happy and content.


The actress owned a mansion in Los Angeles a 7000 square feet property designed by Paul Williams in 1938, the mansion boasted of a 6 bedroom 5 bathrooms and 100 ft of well-trimmed lawn, a library a master deluxe bedroom.

The guest house of 700 Square feet is also a marvel complete with a built-in fireplace and all the luxury you can think of a lot of celebrities have lived there, but now it’s up for sale. She also owns a beautiful Swiss farmhouse in Switzerland.

Latest News and Video

As of 2022, a new biopic on the life of Audrey Hepburn is being developed, starring Rooney Mara playing Audrey.

Her first son Sean has given his approval; this is due to the striking resemblance of Rooney to Audrey. The film will be written by renowned scriptwriter Michael Mitmik.

The two surviving sons of Audrey Hepburn, Sean, and Luca do not get along in the will left by their mother; she stated that her children should share all that belonged to her.

The two sons then got the judge to share the properties equally between them, two sons from different fathers. It’s a pity they do not get along.

Audrey’s fashion sense and on-screen enigma are still confounding modern-day artists. They are still obsessed with her poise, her fashion sense, and her delivery.

Some try their best to emulate her; even after 30 years, she still influences future generations with her talent and grace.

Audrey Hepburn’s Investment

Audrey’s investment is actualized in her image as a brand, public figure, and icon image. Many of her mementos, if auctioned, would fetch a lot of money now. Her Los Angeles mansion is being auctioned for 14 million dollars at its current market value.

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Awards and Achievements

Hepburn is the winner of the following awards

  • Academy awards for best actress in leading role for roman holiday 1953
  • Golden globe for best actress in leading role for roman holiday 1954
  • Tony awards for best actress for Ondine 1954
  • Golden globe Cecil B. Demile awards 1990
  • Golden globe Henrietta awards for world film favorites 1955
  • Special Tony awards 1968
  • BAFTA awards for best British actress 1954,1960,1965
  • BAFTA special awards 1992
  • BAFTA life achievement awards 1992
  • Grammy awards best spoken words album 1994
  • Laurel awards for best comedy performance for love in the afternoon 1958
  • Screen actors guild lifetime achievement award 1992
  • New York film critics circle award for best actress for the nuns story 1959
  • Presidential medal of freedom 1992
  • Jean hersholt humanitarian award 1993
  • Laurel awards for best comedy performance for love in the afternoon 1958

Audrey Hepburn Social Media

Twitter | Instagram


After 33 years of serving humanity on the screen and in the line of fire. Audrey left a legacy that transcends her death.

As a woman touched by the trauma of a war-torn era, Audrey decided to pick up the pieces of her life and become somebody out of nothing.

She holds no grudges, as evident with her estranged husband, who never wanted anything to do with her. She helped children across the continent by making a conscious effort to ease their pain with little or no regard for her safety.

Audrey is one of the most iconic actresses of all time; she is known for her beauty, and elegance and she left her mark in the theater starring in some of the most classic movies ever made. Her legacy will remain etched in stone as a symbol for the upcoming generation to emulate.

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