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Travis Pastrana Net Worth



Travis Pastrana net worth

Net Worth $30 million
Age 39
Birth Date October 8, 1983
Full Name Travis Alan Pastrana
Stage Name Travis Pastrana
Gender Male
Height 1.88 m (6 ft 2 in)
Country of Origin United States of America
Source of Wealth Race car driver, Athlete, Stunt Performer, Film Producer, Television producer, Screenwriter, Actor
Wife Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins (Since 201)
Social Media Accounts

What Is Travis Pastrana’s Net Worth

Travis Pastrana is a professional motorsports racer and stunt driver with an estimated net worth of $30 million. He is famous for his unrivaled performances in supercross, motocross, freestyle motocross, and rally racing competitions and events.

Travis has accumulated his wealth from an incredible career, but he has multiple sources of income. Apart from his success in motorsports, he has tried other professions and has been successful.

This article focuses on Travis Pastrana’s net worth, earnings, career highlights, personal life, and lifestyle. Read on for detailed information!

Earnings Overview

Travis has accumulated about $30 million as of 2022. He earned much of this from his successful car racing and other motorsports. And the rest from other sources.

Travis is best known for his incredible achievements as a motorsport racer. But he is also an actor, film, and television producer, and screenwriter. This multi-talented athlete also earns from endorsement deals, paid adverts, sponsorships, and many others.

Compared with other motorsport racers, Travis emerges as one of the top earners. He takes home about $5 million annually, equivalent to a monthly salary of $400,000. However, this often varies. Travis may sometimes earn more or less than these average figures.

Travis’s net worth is expected to shoot up in the coming years because of his determination and financial strategies. He is currently part of the Nitro-Circus. It is a group of action sports athletes projected to have a net worth of about $1 billion.

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Early Life

Travis Pastrana was born on October 8, 1983, in Annapolis, Maryland, United States. He grew up to be one of the best motorsports racers and stunt performers. Thanks to his supportive parents. Robert Pastrana and Debby Pastrana.

Travis’s father had a successful career in the military, and his uncle was a renowned athlete who played quarterback for the University of Maryland. This background favored Travis’s career development and shaped him into who he is.

Unlike most athletes, Travis was naturally bright and excelled in his academics. After high school graduation, he joined the University of Maryland for further studies. But all the while, Travis had his mind on motorsports and was already competing at championships. He loved racing bikes. Thankfully, Travis has his parents to support his passion.


Travis started a professional career as a motorsport racer at 13 years old. He kicked off in Freestyle Motocross and won the racing championships multiple times. He emerged as the best racer in the 2000 AMA 125cc National championship and 2001 in the 125cc East Coast Supercross Championship and 125cc Rose Creek Invitational.

Additionally, Travis participated in the 2000 Motocross des Nations and the 2014 Red Bull Straight Rhythm Competition.

Since Travis’s father was a Puerto Rican, he was eligible to represent the country on the international stage. He was part of the 2018 Puerto Rican team that made history in the Motocross of Nations events.

Travis also participated in the X Games and won the first-ever MotoX Freestyle event in 1999. He also bagged 4 gold medals between 2001 and 2004. His fifth gold medal came in 2005, making him the third athlete to take home five gold medals in one X Game event.

Travis enjoyed a long spell of a successful career, winning more golds and other awards in X Games, NASCAR, and Nitro World Games. Overall, Travis received the following honors in motorsports:

  • 4× Rally America Champion
  • AMA Supercross 125cc Champion
  • AMA Motocross 125cc Champion
  • American Rally Association Champion

Apart from an incredible career as an athlete, Travis has also written his name in the entertainment industry. He is an actor, screenwriter, and film and television producer.

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He has produced and hosted many sports television shows, but he is best known for Nitro Circus. This TV show features him and his friends performing stunts, BASE jumping, and riding bikes.

Travis Pastrana lands first double backflip

Travis Pastrana’s Key Factors to Success

Travis’s success as a motorsport racer is attributed to his passion for the sport and the support from his parents. He was lucky to have them supporting his dream and not forcing him to follow the status quo. After all, Travis was also excellent in class and could have been a scholar or followed a different career path.

The lesson is to do what you love and never get distracted by secondary goals. Additionally, one should not rely on one source of income. In addition to earning millions as an athlete, Travis also ventured into acting and film productions. He exploited all his talents.

Travis Pastrana’s Personal Life

Travis is a family who loves his children. He married Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins on October 29, 2011. His wife is a professional skateboarder, a three times gold medalist, a four-times silver medalist, and a one-time bronze medalist at the X games.

The couple has been blessed with two children: Addy and Bristol. They all support each other, and they look like one happy family.

Travis Pastrana’s Lifestyle

Travis is a devoted husband and dad to his two kids. This multi-talented person always offers the best for his family and lives a luxurious life for millions. But much of his personal life remains a secret.

He also co-owns Ethika, a garment-making company. The underwear made by this company targets athletes.

Travis skills behind the wheel


Travis Pastrana is a multi-talented individual who has tried out different things. He has, however, been more successful as a motorsport racer. He also earns from acting, stunting, screenwriting, and film and television production.

Travis has a net worth of $30 million and takes home about $5 million annually. His monthly income averages $400,000, which translates to $13,150.68 daily.

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