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Tina Louise Net Worth



Tina Louise’s Net Worth

Tina Louise is an American actress and model who has seen it all and won it all. She started her acting career at the tender age of 2.

But her first breakthrough came in 1952 when she played Ginger Grant in the CBS television comedy “Gilligan’s Island.” Her next milestone came in 1958 after starring in the drama film “God’s Little Acre.”

What Is Tina Louise’s Net Worth

Tina has had an incredible career and is still active in the industry. Her current net worth, estimated at $6 million, possibly came from the fortune she built over the years and royalties from her published works.

Read on to learn more about Tina’s net worth, personal life, career achievements, and related stories about her. This post digs deeper into who Tina Louise is!

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Personal Life

Tina Louise, officially known as Tatiana Josivovna Chernova Blacker, was born on February 11, 1934, in New York, USA. Her father, Joseph Blacker, was a candy store owner operating his shop in Brooklyn. Her mother, on the other hand, was an established model.

The name “Louise” came from her drama teacher. Tina realized she was the only one without a middle name in middle school. She ended up adding Louise to her name, as her teacher suggested.

Both Tina’s parents contributed to molding her to become an international figure. She first got into acting when she was just 2 after she appeared in an ad for her father’s candy store. It was her father who first introduced her little daughter to the world.

Since Tina’s mother was an established model, her influence on Tina’s life was significant. And that’s evident when Tina decided to pursue a career in modeling after college.

However, she also went back to study dancing, singing and acting under the guidance of Sanford Meisner at the Neighborhood Playhouse school of the theater.

Tina later ventured into acting and singing. She released an album and was featured in many Hollywood films and television series.

Tina has remained an active mainstay in New York City with lifetime membership of the prestigious Actors Studios. She is also a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and |Science, where she continues to contribute to the industry.

Net Worth: $6 Million
Age  88
Born: Feb 11, 1934.
Gender: Female
Height:  1.74 m (5 ft 8)
Country of Origin United States of America
Source of Wealth Acting and modeling

Career Highlights

Tina is still enjoying one of the most successful and long-lasting careers of all other actresses and entertainers. As mentioned, she entered the scene at the age of 2 and has remained brilliant in her performance so far.

As an actress, Tina’s debut came in 1952 when she featured in the “Two’s Company.” She also appeared in many other Broadway productions, including “Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?”, “John Murray Anderson’s Almanac,” and “The Fifth Season.”

Tina also decided to give it a shot in music in 1957. She recorded one album titled “It’s time for Tina,” making her the only American actress-singer of that time.

However, her music career didn’t last long, and Tina returned to acting. But this time, she was more passionate than before.

Her acting fame started in 1952 after her debut in God’s Little Acre. This was followed by a remarkable performance starring in “Day of the Outlaw” alongside Robert Ryan.

Tina became popular in the 1960s and an actress on demand. She made appearances on the big screen, featuring in the following:

  • The Wrecking Crew in 1969
  • The Stepford Wives in 1975
  • Look What’s Happened to Rosemary’s Baby in 1976
  • SST: Death Flight in 1977
  • Friendships, Secrets, and Lies in 1979
  • The soap opera “Dallas” during the show’s 1978 and 1979 seasons

Apart from acting and music, Tiana is also a famous author and child literacy advocate. She published a book titled “When I Grow Up” and donated part of the proceeds to charities and organizations committed to child literacy.

Why Tina Louise Avoided Gilligan’s Island Cast Reunions 

Earnings Overview

Tina Louise’s net worth is relatively high, estimated at $6 million. She accumulated most of her wealth from her acting career. If broken down, her salary is projected to be about $960,000 annually, translating to a monthly income of about $80,000. She may not yet be a household name like Bo Derek, Sheree Whitfield, Ashanti, and Elle Fanning, but Tina Louise is well on his way!


Tina enrolled at Miami University in Ohio after graduating from high school. She also learned dancing, singing, and acting in the Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre in Manhattan.

Family Life

The iconic American actress and model had only one marriage that did not last. She was married to Less Crane, a radio and television announcer, in 1966 and separated five years later. Surprisingly, the duo starred in the 1973 episode of Love American Style as married couples. But did Tina give up on love?

The couple had a daughter named Caprice, who grew to become an MTV producer and an avid novelist.

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Houses & Cars

Tina Louise has many properties across the country, which include a mansion in the Beverly Hills neighborhood of California. She also has a one-story property with a koi pond, swimming pool, and a guest house.

Tina also owns a property in New York City, where she lives after running her errands.

Tina Louise’s Movies, Investments, & Endorsements

Tina’s acting career is one of the most successful, giving her more awards than any other. She featured in the following:

  • Two’s Company musical in 1952
  • Li’l Abner musical in 1957
  • John Murray Anderson’s Almanac
  • The Fifth Season
  • Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter
  • Studio One
  • Appointment with Adventure

Awards & Achievements

Tina won her first award for her acting role in God’s Little Acre, which gave her the crown as the New Star of the Year in 1958.

She also won the Laurel Award for Best Female Supporting Performance. The same year, Tina won the World’s Most Beautiful redhead title on the list of the National Art Council.

Tina had many other recognitions, including the 2004 T.V. Land Pop Culture Icon Award. She also became second in the all-time television sex icon in the episode aired in 2005.

As an author, Tina’s book titled “What Does a Bee do?” was approved by the chancellor of the New York City Public Schools to be included in the principals’ E-Catalog.

How Does Tina Louise Spend Her Money?

Tina has been a generous person all her life. Being a famous and successful actress, people expect her to live an extravagant life, but that is far from the truth.

Most of Tina’s earnings go to charities and other non-profit organizations that fight child illiteracy. In an exclusive interview, Tina mentioned her voluntary work at local public schools that she has been doing since 1966.

Tina Louise’s Social Media Account

Less is known about Tina’s social media presence. Her activities on the internet are not available or rare, if at all they exist.

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Favorite Quotes from Tina Louise

I concentrate on exercises from the waist down since that is the laziest part of a woman’s body.

I don’t think any child could really be happy between five and eight away from their parents.

It’s a surer way for a woman’s heart to be interested in what she’s thinking than what she’s wearing or not wearing.

Mental communication without verbalization… all space is made up of waves, and we are constantly sending and receiving messages from our brains.

It’s a surer way to a woman’s heart to be interested in what she’s thinking than what she’s wearing or not wearing.


Tina Louise is one of the most successful actresses in the entertainment industry. She has had a successful career spanning decades where she proved her worth in different sectors. Tina succeeded as an actress, singer, model, and author.

It was a successful career that built her a fortune of $6 million. And as a generous woman, Tina uses parts of her earnings to support charities and other organizations that advocate for child literacy.

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