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Tiantian Kullander Net Worth, Wife, Wiki, Cause of Death



Tiantian Kullander Net Worth

His Amber Group of a company; a digital asset company, is based in Hong Kong. Tiantian also co-founded Rook Labs. His cryptocurrency company helps clients with cryptocurrency transactions.

The company also oversees risk management and liquidity assessment and helps clients handle anything regarding their portfolio. The millionaire was also a Structured Credit Trading partner at Goldman Sachs before his journey of building a multi-million dollar business.

What is Tiantian Kullander Net Worth

As of 2023, Tiantian Kullander has a net worth of $200 million. He made a considerable part of his wealth as a businessman.

He started at a very tender age by founding his Amber Group company and became successful. Before he died, his company was worth $3 million and was working towards adding about $200 million more profits, among other aspirations he had.

Do you want to know more about Tiantian Kullander? Please relax and enjoy this article; it unfolds everything about Tiantian Kullander’s annual income, early life, personal life, career, achievements, and awards.

Tiantian Kullander’s Net Worth Annually

Although Tiantian may not be alive, he could have been one of the wealthiest young entrepreneurs the world could have seen.

As of 2023, the cryo-enthusiast has a net worth of $200 million. He grew his wealth annually by a significant amount until he died.

Tiantian Kullander also has a reasonable number of followers on his social media pages, including Twitter and Instagram. Almost all his followers are crypto-enthusiasts who want to stay updated with crypto-related information from Tiantian Kullander.

He also generates about $10,000 to $50,000 on these platforms annually by posting information about cryptocurrencies. However, no records of how much he makes annually are based on his crypto business.

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How Did Tiantian Kullander Get Rich?

Tiantian Kullander began building his wealth as far back as 2011 by starting his Bank Jefferies investment intern career. The 31-year-old has worked with different top brands and has some top-performing businesses.

Tiantian continued building wealth by working with Goldman Sachs as a Structured Credit Trading. Before this time, Tiantian had worked as a trader with financial behemoths, securing a spot in Forbes’ 30 under 30 most promising young business professionals.

Tiantian worked with Amber, and the company reportedly supported him with about $100 million. Amber called Tiantian “important to the company and a key element to their success.”

Tiantian Kullander generated wealth from investing in crypto as a cryo-enthusiast like Matthew Kasten Emms.


Tiantian Kullander was born in the Chinese city of Hong Kong in 1992. However, there is little to no available information about his father, but reports suggest that he spent most of his life in China before he died.

He began his education in his hometown in China. He proceeded to Durham University, where he earned his degree. Tiantian Kullander has been so private about his family; hence, there is no available information about his siblings and other things relating to his family.

His mother, Fang Fang Kullander, was a renowned ichthyologist who died in 2010 after being diagnosed with gall duct cancer in 2009.

Full Name/Real Name Tiantian Kullander
Nick Name/Stage Name TT
Birth Place Hong Kong, China
Birthday 1992
How old 30 years
Weight 71 kg
Height 5 Feet 10 Inches Tall
Marital Status Married
Wife Monica Quian
College Durham University
Profession Crypto personality, businessman,  and entrepreneur


Tiantian Kullander began his career very young. After his primary education, he furthered his education at a Chinese Durham University with a BA. He started as an intern in 2011 at investment Bank Jefferies.

Tiantian worked with Goldman Sachs as a Structured Credit Trading partner after he completed his tertiary education. The crypto enthusiast founded Rook Labs in 2020.

The company, a virtual Memopool, was aimed at helping Defi apps, users, and keeper bots organize, take, and divide earnings. Later, Tiantian Kullander co-founded Amber Group, one of the biggest crypto trading companies worldwide.

The company is a diversified crypto company that helps to execute a wide range of cryptocurrency activities, including yield earning, risk management, liquidity assessment, and other products relating to crypto.

While Tiantian Kullander contributed immensely to the company as a co-founder, he handled different roles. He dealt with e-market-making, consumer products, and institutional infrastructure services.

His contributions to the Amber group increased the company’s popularity and status quo, helping it gain global recognition. Tiantian Kullander was also a co-founder of KeeperDAO.

The platform is decentralized for those seeking help with enhanced security and safekeeping of Ethereum. The platform is also designed to make ETH profitable and democratic for users.

Tiantian Kullander served at DragonFly Capital Partners as a venture partner, a company owned by Alexander Pack. The company was a worldwide investment firm with over $100 million worth. In 2021, Tiantian worked as a lead partner on a deal at a 1-inch network.

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Tiantian Kullander is one of the most respected entrepreneurs and businessmen in China and worldwide. During his lifetime, he worked so hard that he made the list of Forbes’s 30 under 30 in January 2019.

He was also the 1st place winner in the Trading Competition. Other achievements include BP oil trading (January 2011), UK National Finalist, Citi Global Markets (Jan 2011), 5th Place Winner (2011), and Credit Suisse (2010).

Investments and Endorsements

Tiantian Kullander is an entrepreneur and crypto investor like Jack Doherty. He is known to have invested part of his wealth in his cryptocurrency business. However, Kullander is private regarding other personal business.

Personal Life

Tiantian Kullander is married to his long-term partner. He had a legal wedding with his wife, Monica Qian, and had a male child before he died.

tiantian kullander net worth

Tiantian Kullander with Monica Qian

Tiantian Kullander spent most of their time together and always visited different places for fun while he was alive. He usually spends time with his family.

Monica Qian is a renowned fitness enthusiast. She is also a social media influencer.

Tiantian Kullander Cause Of Death

1. How did Tiantian Kullander die?

Official sources state that Tiantian Kullander died on the 23rd of November, 2022. However, according to a post shared, his company’s official website, Amber Group, said he died in his home.

According to some sources, the 30-year-old passed on while sleeping in his home, a belief that spread across the internet.

2. How much is Amber Group Worth after Tiantian Kullander died?

Amber Group raised about $200 million when Tiantian Kullander was alive through Temasek, a state investor.

However, the Amber Group is now worth $3 billion after the demise of Tiantian Kullander.

3. Did Tiantian Kullander show any sign of illness before he died?

According to sources, Tiantian Kullander was hale and hearty at his death.

Most people believe that the Hong Kong-based millionaire died naturally while sleeping. The same news was also conveyed on the Amber Group’s official website.

4. How does Tiantian Kullander spend his leisure time?

Tiantian Kullander spent the most time on his crypto business. However, the millionaire is usually fond of travelling with his wife whenever possible.

He is also an avid pet lover. He enjoys playing with some of his pets during his free time.

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5. Is Tiantian Kullander into drugs?

No. No reports suggest that the Hong Kong-based entrepreneur and businessman is into drugs.

There are also no sources pointing out that his death is drug-related.

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