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Sylvia Pasquel Age, Net Worth, Husband, Siblings, Family and Bio



Sylvia Pasquel

Sylvia Pasquel, quite popular for her roles in the 1970s Mundo De Juguete, is a Mexican actress. Many Pasquel fans also recognize her for her performance on the TV drama, Qué Pobres Tan Ricos.

Now aged 73 years as of early 2023, Sylvia Pasquel has acted in many roles and has a net worth of $7 million. Her father was actually a popular actor and could have spurred her interest in movie roles.

The next sections explain Sylvia Pasquel biography, family, relationships, professional career and how much is Sylvia Pasquel net worth annually.

Sylvia Pasquel Wiki & Biography

Sylvia Pasquel Age, Net Worth, Husband, Siblings, Family and Bio

Young Sylvia Pasquel with her dad, Rafael Banquells

Sylvia Pasquel was born on October 13, 1949, in the contemporary Mexican City. Her parents were in the acting industry with her father, Rafael Banquells, remembered as a talented Cuban actor/director.

Sylvia Pasquel’s mother, Silvia Pinai was also a famous Mexican actress. One can notice how Sylvia coined her official surname “Pasquel” from her parent’s name.

Their family was a big one and Sylvia’s had siblings. Sylvia Pasquel’s maternal siblings are Alejandra Guzman and Virdiana Alatriste who died following a car crash.

Sylvia also has paternal siblings since her father married different named Rocio, Janette, Mary Paz and Rafael II.

Sylvia once explained how she acted more as a mother to some of her siblings because of the age difference between them. Quite surprising but Sylvia Pasquel first got married at just 16 years. Keep reading as we explain why and other details about her personal life later in this article.

Full Name: Sylvia Pasquel
Stage Name/ Nick Name: Sylvia Pasquel
Birth Place: Mexico
Birthday: October 13, 1949
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Net Worth: $7 million
Age (How Old): 73 years
Weight: 60 kg
Height (How Tall): 5 feet 7 inches (1.79m)
Debut: 1968 – El Despertar del Lobo (The Wolf’s Awakening)
Nationality: Mexican
Religion: Unknown
Ethnicity: White
College: Unknown
Profession: Film actress and Director
Social media: Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and Facebook


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Sylvia Pasquel Husband, Siblings, Family & Relationships

Pasquel’s personal life experiences are quite intriguing. Sylvia Pasquel got married to Mike Salas at the early age of 16 in 1966 because her mother thought it best for her to marry as a virgin.

Unfortunately, things did not work as planned and the pair divorced in 1970 after having a daughter, Stephanie Salas.

Sylvia Pasquel Age, Net Worth, Husband, Siblings, Family and Bio

Young Sylvia Pasquel with her first daughter, Stephanie Salas

As expected, the young Sylvia Pasquel gave dating relationships a break until she married Fernando Frade in 1983. That union did not last for too long and they separated two years later on the grounds of different perceptions.

Sylvia Pasquel later found the right person and she has been married to Rodolfo Soberanis since 1995. They had a daughter together named Viridiana, after Sylvia’s deceased sister, but the little girl drowned in the house pool at the age of 2.

However, Sylva Pasquel’s story has some silver linings. Her first daughter, Stephanie is now a popular TV drama actress and married to famous singer, Luis Miguel. They have a daughter named Michelle Salas and born on June 13, 1989. That was the same year that Stephanie made her acting debut for Jóvenes Delincuentes.

Stephanie Salas and Luis Miguel’s Daughter – Michelle Salas

Father Name: Rafael Banquells
Mother Name: Silvia Pinai
Brother Name: Unknown
Sister Name: Alejandra Guzman, Rocio, Janette, Mary Paz, Rafael II and the late Virdiana Alatriste
Boyfriend: N/A
Marital Status: Married
Husband Name: Mike Salas (Ex)

Fernando Frade (Ex)

Rodolfo Soberanis

Children: Stephanie Salas and the late Virdinia

Physical Appearance

Let’s assume you get the chance to run into Sylvia Pasquel. What does she look like in person? Well, at age 73 years, Sylvia has got that youthful smile with a charming physique. She still goes on vacations and is always delighted to meet her loved ones.

Sylvia Pasquel is also a bit tall with a height of 1.79m and weighs approximately 60 kg. Her brownish hair blends perfectly with her skin.


Sylvia Pasquel’s professional acting career started when she was 19 years old when she debuted on El Despertar del Lobo (The Wolf’s Awakening) in 1968.

The movie was a big breakthrough and paved the way for her first telenova, The Nonconformists. The top rising Sylvia Pasquel also appeared in movies like Santo vs. Blue Demon in Atlantis, La Casa del Farol Rojo (The Redlight House) and Una Mujer Honesta (An Honest Woman) in 1969.

Her other movie performances include El Mariachi, La Cruz de Mariza Cruzes and Me he de comer es tuna (I shall Eat That Prickly Pear). Sylvia Pasquel also acted in Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse (Italian Girl Comes to Get Married), La Recogida (The Step-Daughter) in 1971, Secreto de Confesión (1971), and Cinco Mil Dólares de Recompensa (1972).

Sylvia Pasquel went on to act Chabelo y Pepito contra los Monstruos (Chabelo and Pepito against the monsters) and El Amor Tiene Cara de Mujer (Love has a Woman’s Face) in 1973. Pasquel acted in Mi Rival (My Rival) that same year.

One spectacular performance of Sylvia Pasquel was when she acted two roles in the same movie as twins on “Ha LLegado una Intrusa” (An Intruder has arrived) in 1974.

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Other Slyvia Pasquel screen performances in the 1970s are El Milargo de Vivirr (The miracle of Living) and Humillados y Ofendidos (Humiliated and Offended). She also appeared on Johnny Chicano in 1979.

The 1980s were much better for the matured Sylvia Pasquel who featured on Al Rojo Vivo (1980), El Amor Nunca Muere (1982), Cuando Los Hijos se Van (1983), and Los Años Perdidos (1987).

She enjoyed similar top acting roles in the 1990s with features on popular TV shows like Mujer – Casos de la Vida Real. Sylvia Pasquel also appeared on some other top telenovelas, comedy shows in the 90s and was influential in the Mexican TV industry.

Moving on to the 2000s, Sylvia Pasquel performances were more lit with an increasing fanbase. She featured in Mi Destino Eres Tu (You Are My Destiny). Sylvia Pasquel appeared on El Manantial (The Cascade) in 2001 and the “Mujer, Casos de la Vida Real” series in 2002.

Additional highlights to Sylvia Pasquel acting career include Amarte es mi Pecado (2005) and Yo amo a Juan Querendón (2008).

Sylvia Pasquel Age, Net Worth, Husband, Siblings, Family and Bio

Sylvia Pasquel at the Ariel Awards for Best Actress nomination

Some of Sylvia Pasquel’s most recent appearances are La calle de la amargura (2015) and the 2019’s Devil Between the Legs that got nominated for Best Actress by Ariel Awards. She also starred on Qué pobres tan ricos (2022) on Siempre reinas – Netflix.

Sylvia Pasquel Net Worth Summary

As of May 2023, Sylvia Pasquel net worth is about $7 million which fans believe is majorly from her successful acting career since she was born in 1968. That makes it over 50 years that Sylvia had been producing classical performances on the TV screen.

A breakdown of Sylvia Pasquel net worth annually would reveal she makes an average of $408, 855 (MXN) per annum. That could even scale over $500,000 for the big stage movie actresses like Sylvia Pasquel.

Sylvia Pasquel net worth annually is even higher when you consider that she appears in at least one top movie every year between the late 1960s to later 2010s.

Some of Sylvia Pasquel’s famous hit roles include the 2000’s Mi Destino Eres Tu (You Are My Destiny), where she played as Zulema.

In addition, Sylvia is a social media person – an instagram celebrity and TikToker. Sylvia Pasquel’s TikTok has over 466K followers who love her friendly and funny personality.

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