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Sneako Net Worth, Girlfriend, Age, Height



Sneako's Net Worth

Nicolas Kenn De Balinthazy, known by his moniker “Sneako,” is an American-born model, Youtuber, and social media influencer. Over the years, he has garnered many followers online and accumulated a tremendous net worth after gaining online popularity by posting his videos on Youtube.

The influencer also appeared on the Tate brother’s podcast, which brought him so much exposure and helped him build an impressive online following. He also has been involved in many promotional activities for some brands and, at some point, worked with Mr. Beast.

What Is Sneako’s Net Worth

As of 2023, Sneako’s net worth is estimated at $829.75 thousand. The influencer accumulated much of his net worth from his Youtube channel, which was unfortunately banned in October 2022.

Sneako was also a brand ambassador for some streetwear. He used his large social media following to give the needed exposure to brands that identified with him.

This article covered Sneako’s net worth, personal life and career, early life, and how he made money. Let’s dive in.

Sneako’s Net Worth Annually

The former Youtuber’s net worth has been increasing consistently over the years. His estimated net worth as of 2022 was above $1 million.

However, his net worth experienced a sharp decline in the last quarter of 2022 when he was banned from Youtube.

Youtube terminated his two channels for violating terms of service on October 3, 2022. This reduced his net worth since Youtube was one of his primary sources of income.

Before he was banned on Youtube, his channels “Sneako” and “Shneako” had over 2 million subscribers. One of his channels has attracted over 97 million views.

The influencer also signed some endorsement deals with some brands from which he earned a lump sum.

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How Did He Make His Money?

Sneako made his money from his content creation career. He had two Youtube channels with 2 million subscribers.

He also has over 590k followers on Instagram. An average Youtuber can earn between $3 and $7 per thousand views.

The average monthly views of Sneako’s channel before its termination was about 3.5 million. From this number of views, the channel’s monthly income generation is estimated at $14,000 monthly and $168,000 annually.

Aside from the money he earned from the Youtube partnership program, Sneako has an online course titled “Creativity Kit.” He sold it for $245, and many people signed up for it.

Aside from being a podcaster and Tiktoker, the former Youtuber also tried modeling. Some of the popular brands he has modeled for include Burberry and Nike.

Quick Facts About Sneako

Net Worth: $ 829.75 thousand
Full Name: Nicolas Kenn De Balinthazy
Nick Name: Sneako
Birth Place: America
Birthday: September 8, 1998
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Age:  25
Height: 1.88m
Weight: 77kg
Marital St Single
Wife: N/A
Girlfriend: N/A
Parent’s Name: Mr. and Mrs. Balinthazy
Kids Name: None
Siblings: None
College: N/A
Profession: Social Media Influencer and Model
Social Media Accounts:

Early Life

Sneako was born in America, although he has Filipino roots. He was born in Florida, Texas, on September 8, 1998.

His father is into business, while his mother is a stay-at-home mum. Sneako’s family is Christian, and the influencer identifies as one.

Although a public figure, Sneako keeps details of his personal life private.

The former Youtuber graduated from an American high school before moving on to pursue his content creation career.

After going into content creation, he adopted Sneako as his moniker.

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Sneako launched his career by filming and uploading humorous commentary online. He made content where he played video games and shared his experience online.

After a while, his video content became motivational. He also started making street videos where he asked controversial questions to random people on the street.

Sneako’s Youtube Channel got over 100k subscribers after one of his videos went viral.


 Sneako when he first started streaming

Sneako when he first started streaming

Over time, his video content changed, attracting a lot of controversies. This eventually led to his permanent ban on Youtube.

In 2019, he created a second Youtube channel that majored in controversial topics. This got him into trouble with other public figures, including Hassan Piker.

His second channel, “Shneako,” had a large following and, in the space of three years, attracted over 800k subscribers.After his Youtube channels were terminated, Sneako moved his streaming to Twitch but was banned from the platform a few days later

He now streams his videos on the Rumble platform and, in a matter of weeks, got over 100k subscribers. His Twitter account was also banned at some point for engaging in a brawl with another user but was later reinstated.

 Sneako modeling for Nike

Sneako modeling for Nike

Sneako’s social media life has been full of controversies. However, he has managed to jump each hurdle and maintain a relatively large online following.

The former Youtuber has also been featured in some movies. In 2020, he starred in the movie “Unsubscribe.” His current movie project is a film by Ali Alexander in collaboration with Paul Escandon.

Towards the end of 2022, Sneako announced that he would take a break from social media. This is to help focus on the Kanye West Campaign for the upcoming US Presidential elections in 2024.

Personal Life

Sneako is not currently in any relationship; even if he is, he has kept a low profile. However, he dated the model Lily Fofana.

Their relationship hit the rocks after a series of controversial events took place. Sneako admitted in one of his Podcasts that he was in an open relationship with Lily.

This was after speculations that he was seeing another lady Maria Morales. He went on to attend a swinger party with Lily.

Sneako described the party as traumatizing, having to watch his girlfriend be intimate with other men. However, he claimed that the swinger party experience strengthened their bond.

After he talked about his swinger party experience, he was called out by another Youtuber, Charlie White, also known as MoistCr1TiKal. This led to a brawl between the two.


Sneako has had an interesting content creation career full of controversies. However, he has amassed an impressive net worth over the past 9 years of his career.

Although he has had a few setbacks with the termination of his Youtube channels, it is evident that he isn’t going away soon.

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Is Sneako On Twitch?

Sneako joined Twitch after his Youtube channels were terminated to stream his videos. However, his Twitch account was banned only after two days of joining the platform.

Why Did JiDion Call Sneako Out?

JiDion called out Sneako for his comment in response to a question Aba Atlas asked him on a Podcast about mental health. His response to people who come online to talk about their mental health was that they seek validation. JiDion, however, disagreed with his opinion, which resulted in conflict between the two.

Has Sneako Converted To Islam?

Although from a Christian home, Sneako recently said he would convert to Islam. According to him, Muslim ideologies are strictly opposed to that of the left wing, which makes the religion appealing to him.

Did Sneako Attend College?

Sneako did not attend college. He kickstarted his content creation career immediately after high school.

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