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Sadie Robertson Net Worth



Sadie Robertson Net Worth

What Is Sadie Robertson’s Net Worth

Sadie Robertson was introduced to us at a young age when she started acting in the A&E TV Show, Duck Dynasty. She was in the show from 2012 to 2017. Even though the show ended, Sadie continued to take up more acting roles and even dancing, considering she was in the Dancing with the Stars TV show.

She has also continued to be part of talk shows, writing books, and so many other things. All these activities have helped her get a $1 million net worth as of 2023. She will definitely grow her career if she keeps getting more acting gigs. She is only 26 years old, which means she still has more time to explore for acting world.

Maybe you are wondering what happened to her after Duck Dynasty, what she has been up to lately, and so much more. We cover that in the guide here to help you see how she has transformed over the years.

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Early Life

Sadie Robertson was born in Monroe, Louisiana, on 11th June 1997. Her father is Willie Robertson, and her mother is Korie Roberson, who all appeared in the Duck Dynasty.

Korie is the one responsible for guiding Saide into acting. She prepared her for the successful transition into acting when she was still young.

Sadie is not the only child. She has five other siblings, including Willie Jr., John Luke, Bella, Rebecca, and Rowdy.

Sadie attended Ouachita Christian Academy and was quite good at sports. Her best performance was when she won a javelin throwing competition in 2013 and became number one in the state of Louisiana.

Quick Facts

Net Worth $1 million
Full Name Sadie Robertson
Age 26 years
Born June 17, 1997
Gender Female
Height 5’6”
Country of Origin United States of America
Source of Wealth Actress
Marital Status Married
Husband Christian Huff
Child Honey James Huff

Career Highlights & Achievements

Sadie got into acting at the early age of 13. She starred in the family TV show Duck Dynasty. This was when she was still attending high school at Ouachita Christian High School based in her hometown.

Her first appearance was in April 2012 in the episode Sauvignon Beard. After that, she became a regular star on the TV show until the very end. The final appearance on the show was in the final episode called End of an Era in March 2017.

Her family had accumulated over $100 million by the time the show was coming to an end. She earned $100,000 from her teen years playing her character on the TV show.

After Duck Dynasty, she went to work also as an actress in the College Humor Originals TV show in 2013. We have also seen her appear in various reality shows and talk shows such as Fox and Friends, The 87 Annual Macy Thanksgiving Day Parade, and Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards.

In 2014, she sang the family best selling album dubbed Duck the Halls and also joined the Dancing with the Stars cast in season 19 of the same year.

She joined Dancing with the Stars as a celebrity contestant. She got paired with Mark Ballas, a professional dancer in the show. Not many expected her to go too far, but being with a professional dancer in the team helped them finish in second place. After her appearance on the TV show, she received a lot more mainstream recognition. That is how she now vented into full-time acting.

In 2016, she debuted in the Christian drama God is Not Dead 2. She played the main role and got a lot of recognition for it. She also worked on a biological drama called I’m Not Ashamed, where she got the leading role. So, she has generally been making many moves in the acting world.

Besides acting, she also participates in talk shows such as Entertainment Tonight Canada, Home and Family, and Bringing up Bates.

We also see that she is an active writer. Her first book called, Live Original, was published in 2014. This book focuses more on living as a Christian and the faith that comes with it. She also wrote another book released in 2018 called Live Fearless, a sequel to her first book.

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Personal Life

After the end of the Duck Dynasty, Sadie focused more on her personal life. It was during this time that she became engaged and married Christian Huff. Shortly after, she became a mother to a baby girl called Honey.

After Duck Dynasty’s success, Sadie used that media exposure to get a lot more roles in different films, as already discussed.

2016, she launched her book tour to help popularize her book. That is how she became one of NYC’s best sellers that year.

Sadie is also a very charitable person. She sponsors several children by providing aid and supporting them through World Vision. She also came up with the Circle of Hope ring, which is vital in donating its proceeds to helping those in need.

We are yet to see the end of Sadie Robertson. She is talented and will keep coming up in different TV shows, movies or writing more books.


Sadie and her husband own a beautiful mansion in West Monroe, Louisiana. The area is famous for having breathtaking nature and wildlife, including ducks. It should be where the name of their TV show came from.

Not much is known about what she drives, but we can expect her to enjoy luxury cars considering her status. Since she also lives on a farm, she should also have a truck or two she uses to go around it.


Even if Sadie got into acting early, she has managed to stay relevant until now when she is someone’s wife. With a net worth of $1 million, she has done well for herself at such a young age.

She is fueled to go further thanks to the many roles she has been getting recently. Because of such, we can only see her acting career getting better. We cannot forget her books which are also inspirational.

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