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Ryan Cabrera Net Worth, Age, Wife and Wikipedia Bio



Ryan Cabrera Net Worth

Ryan Cabrera is an American pop singer, songwriter, producer and actor who started his music career as the Dallas band Rubix Groove lead singer before his solo career. He was known mainly for his cameo appearance on the MTV show, The Hills.

Ryan Cabrera has made a great fortune for himself in the course of his music career. He has amassed massive wealth for himself as a singer and musician.

What Is Ryan Cabrera’s Net Worth

Ryan Cabrera has an estimated net worth of about $2 million, and he made most of his earnings from his musical career and sales of his record albums and acting career. Also, he made some earnings from his television appearances as a host and from featuring in some series, contributing to his net worth.

Read on to learn about Ryan Cabrera’s early life, personal life, career, achievements, awards, etc.

Ryan Cabrera’s Net Worth Annually

Ryan Cabrera performs at a corporate event, private party, social media campaign, fair or festival, tradeshow or conference, or even as a guest speaker. It costs about $7500 to $14000 to book or hire Ryan Cabrera for an event and about $10 to $20 thousand for public speaking.

In 2020, Ryan Cabrera hosted a livestream Camp Fire Concert Special for Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times. Various musical artists performed at the event, including Nicholas Petricca, Jaret Reddick, and Ryan Key, and the event raised over $30,000.

Ryan Cabrera goes touring and concerts at different locations worldwide and makes money from ticket sales. The ticket price ranges from $50 and above; the ticket cost depends on the site and venue of the concert.

Ryan Cabrera performing

Ryan Cabrera performing

Ryan Cabrera has a YouTube channel with over 8 thousand subscribers and about 2 million views. He joined YouTube in 2011 and has estimated earnings ranging from about $5 to $104 as daily earnings and $139 to $3 thousand as monthly payments based on the existing subscribers, historic average views & video uploading frequency.

Ryan Cabrera also makes money from record album sales on various platforms. For instance, one of his albums, On The Way Down, sells on Amazon for about $22.

In 2013, Ryan Cabrera launched a web series, Live from Ryan’s Living Room, designed to raise money for various charities. The show aimed to raise $10 thousand but got about $23 thousand.

Live from Ryan’s Living Room

Ryan Cabrera made some real estate deals, including putting up his mansion in Hollywood Hill of Los Angeles for sale for $1.1 million, which eventually sold for $1.15 million in 2010. Also, he sold another property in 2006 for about $1.5 million.

The Colorful “Casa” of Ryan Cabrera

How Did He Get Rich?

Ryan Cabrera amassed massive wealth from his album record sales, significantly impacting his annual net worth growth. The sales of his record albums were his primary source of earnings at the beginning of his musical career.

Apart from Music, his television appearances were another means he made colossal wealth. He was featured in some television shows like the Ashlee Simpson reality show, The Hills, the US network television show Mix, etc., and he hosted the MTV score show.

Ryan Cabrera made quite a sum from touring and concerts, and he made earnings from sales of tickets to the shows. Also, his social media accounts are another source of his earnings, especially his YouTube channels.

Real estate was another way Ryan Cabrera made his money. It was recorded that he bought and sold some real estate property, giving him significant profits.

Ryan Cabrera also makes money from bookings and public speaking. Getting Ryan Cabrera to feature in any of your events will cost you a certain amount.

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Ryan Frank Cabrera, popularly known as Ryan Cabrera, was born on July 18, 1982, in Dallas, Texas, United States of America, 42 years old as of 2023. He is of Colombian ancestry, and his mother, Debbie Cabrera is an American, while his father, Francisco Cabrera, is from Colombia.

Ryan Cabrera went to St Paul the Apostle Catholic School and Jesuit Preparatory College for his elementary education and later proceeded to the University of Texas.

Name Ryan Frank Cabrera
Nick Name Ryan Cabrera
Gender male
Age 42
Date of Birth July 18, 1980
Place of Birth Dallas, Texas
Nationality Colombian-American
Height 1.74m
Weight: 80Kg
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Marital Status Married
Wife Alexa Bliss
Children Nill
Parent Name Debbie and Francisco


Career: Musician
Net worth $2 million
  College University of Texas
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Twitter Visit Here
Facebook Visit Here
YouTube Visit Here

Career and Award

David Matthews’s band has significantly influenced Ryan Cabrera’s musical career, as he has listened to the band’s songs since childhood. He started his career after school as a lead singer in the Dallas band Rubix Groove before focusing on his solo album.

Ryan Cabrera – a lead singer in the Dallas band Rubix Groove

Ryan Cabrera wrote three songs for the Rubix Groove band, one of the studio engineers was so impressed with the work that he had him record a full-length album freely at Deep Ellum Studios.

These free recordings led to the release of Ryan Cabrera’s debut album, Elm St., in 2001, and he was also signed to Atlantic Records in the same year.

In 2004, Ryan Cabrera released his major-label debut single, On the Way Down, which reached number 15 on the Billboard Hot 100. The single appeared on Cabrera’s 2004 album, Take it All Away; the album hit the top eight on the Billboard 200.

His second debut album, You Stand Watching, released in 2005, marketed about 37 thousand copies in its first week and hit number 24 on the Billboard 200.

He began to release several other singles and albums; some of his singles include Shine On, Photo, and I Will Remember You in 2006, which was later re-recorded for his 2008 album, The Moon Under Water, which hit the top 177 on the Billboard 200. In 2012, he released the new singles Home, and I See Love.

Years later, he was signed to Dynamite Music and released his single House on Fire; then, in 2015, he released an EP called Wake Up Beautiful.

Beyond his songs, Ryan Cabrera contributed to the songs of others such as Inside Your Mind, Always Come Back to You and so on, and also to soundtracks of films such as Son of the Mask and Fantastic Four.

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Ryan Cabrera Alexa Bliss Wedding

Ryan Cabrera once dated singer Ashlee Simpson, which drew much attention for his appearances on her MTV reality show. Later, in November 2020, he got engaged to WWE wrestler Alexa Bliss, and in 2022 the duo got married in Palm Desert, California.

Ryan Cabrera and Alexa Bliss’s wedding picture

The couples are yet to have children as 0f April 2023.


1. When Did Ryan Cabrera Separate From Ashlee Simpson?

Ryan Cabrera revealed in an interview that he dated Ashlee for about 15 years, and the duo separated in 2005.

2. What Was Ryan Cabrera’s Course Of Study At The University?

Although he went to the University of Texas, he was there for only a year, and there needs to be more information about his course of study.

3. Where Did Alexa And Ryan First Meet?

Alexa and Ryan first met at the FOX premiere of Smackdown in Los Angeles in October 2019 and were introduced by their mutual friend, The Miz.

4. When Did Ryan Cabrera Learn How To Play The Guitar?

He started teaching himself to play the Guitar at 13.

5. Which Of Ryan Cabrera’s Albums Was 2 Times Platinum?

Ryan Cabrera’s debut album “Take It All Away” has gone 2X Platinum. However, some of his other albums are showing high prospects.

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