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Roger Jenkins Net Worth



Roger Jenkins Net Worth

Roger Jenkins is a British financier and former Barclays executive. Jenkins hails from Scotland in the United Kingdom. And during the many years of his professional life, he has become a mogul and giant in the Investment banking world.

Roger has made a significant amount of money throughout the course of his career but also had to part with some during his multiple divorces. Read on to discover his net worth, personal life, and more about Roger Jenkins.

What Is Roger Jenkins’ Net Worth

As of 2023, it was estimated that Roger Jenkins had a net worth of $100 Million. Reports estimated that between 2005 and 2009, Roger earned around $60 million while at Barclays, making him the highest-paid banker in the City of London at the time.

He worked for Barclays and Citigroup and is famous for his proficiency in structuring complex financial transactions. And over the last few decades, Jenkins has been involved in closing some of the biggest and note-worthy transactions. While at Barclays, he brokered a deal to bring £8bn of Middle Eastern investment to the bank.

Jenkins is an intelligent investor, and as a result of his big investments and the various businesses that he started after leaving Barclays, he has amassed quite a sizeable fortune. However, since Roger Jenkins is not currently employed by any business, it is challenging to estimate his annual income.

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How Did Roger Jenkins Become Rich?

Like Ed Mylett, Richard Hilton, Larry Silverstein, Roger enjoyed a lot of success during his career, which has made him a legend in the Investment banking world.

The bulk of Roger’s wealth comes from the successful career he had during his time in investment banking. This spanned over three decades, and throughout this time, Jenkins participated in a couple of massive deals.

Roger started his career at Barclays as a graduate trainee after he graduated from Heriot-Watt University in 1978. He steadily rose through the ranks and left the firm for Kleinwort Benso in 1987, where he was made the Director and Co-Head of Financial Markets.

He returned to Barclays in 1994 and continued to proceed through the ranks, becoming the Executive Chairman of Investment Banking and Investment Management for the Middle East in 2008. Prior to that, he was the Chief Executive of Barclays Capital’s Private Equity Group.

Jenkins is considered among the best in his field due to his adept knowledge of tax avoidance, which, according to The Guardian, is a big arm in the investment sector. During his career, his wealth also rose steadily as he advanced through the ranks.

After leaving Barclays, he held roles at Elkstone Capital and BTG Pactual. But he is putting all of his energy into his consulting. In addition, Jenkins also has a part of the Murphy Oil Stock. He has held on to the stocks for a long time.


Roger W. Jenkins was born in Scotland on the 30th of September 1955. His Father was a manager in an oil refinery. He attended Edinburgh Academy and proceeded to study economics at Heriot-Watt University.

He was also an international athlete during his youthful years. Between 1973 to 1978, Roger represented Scotland and Great Britain at the European Championships in 1974, the Commonwealth Games in 1978, and numerous internationals. In 1975, he won a silver medal at the World Student Games in Rome.

Full Name/Real Name Roger Allan Jenkins
Nickname Dodger
Birth Place Scotland
Birthday 30th of September, 1955
Age 65 Years old
Zodiac Sign Libra
Weight 81kg
Height 173cm
Marital Status Divorced
  • Catherine McDowell (Divorced)
  • Sanela Dijana Ćatić (Divorced 2011)
  • Larissa Andrade (Divorced 2021)
  • Camille Jenkins
  • Jeanette Jenkins
  • Roger III Jenkins
Girlfriend N/A
Sibling(s) David Jenkins


After graduating from college in 1977, Jenkins started a career in investment banking. He briefly worked at British Petroleum, a multinational oil company but left the company to join Barclays in 1978 as a graduate intern.

Apart from Barclays, he also worked for a number of other financial institutions. He left Barclays in 1987 for Kleinwort Benso where he was a Director and Co-Head of Financial Markets and remained there for seven years. He also worked with Credit Suisse, where he was the Head of Credit Suisse’s Russian business during the 1990s.

He returned to Barclays in 1994 and remained there till 2009. While working at Barclays, he held notable positions. He was involved in the acquisition of ABN Amro by a consortium of banks headed by the Royal Bank of Scotland.

Having garnered enough knowledge and resources, he left Barclays in 2009 to establish his own business, a personal investment company called RJ Family. In 2016, he invested in a fund to acquire a cannabis cultivation facility in California, but that ownership was later sold.

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Personal Life

Because Jenkins loves to live a discreet and low-profile life, most of his private life is hidden from the public. However, he has been married thrice and is a father to three children.

Roger Jenkins Net Worth

Roger Jenkins leaves a hearing for fraud charges at Westminster Magistrates Court, London

His first wife, Catherine McDowell, was his co-worker at Barclays. Shortly after he divorced his first wife, he met his second wife, Sanela Dijana Ćatić, at a gym, and they were married for 10 years. His third marriage to Larissa Andrade, a Brazilian model, only lasted for three years.

Despite his low-profile life, he has been in the news for hosting Hollywood’s upper echelons, like Matt Damon, Scarlett Johansson, and other notable figures, for a charity event. He is also friends with Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jabor al-Thani, a Qatari prince.

Roger Jenkins spends his money mostly on acquiring properties, and he is the proud owner of a number of expensive houses spread across many countries. One of them is a townhouse in Belgravia, London, that is valued at £30 million.


Is Roger Jenkins Currently Married?

No, he isn’t. However, he has been in three different failed marriages. His most recent divorce was in December 2021 when his third marriage to a Brazilian actress, Larissa Andrade, crashed.

What is Roger Jenkins Net worth?

As of 2023, Roger Jenkins’ Net worth is estimated to be around $100 Million. While a bulk of this wealth was acquired during his time in investment banking. He has also made a sizeable return from investing.

How many Children does Roger Jenkins Have?

He has three children. He has a daughter from his first marriage with Catherine McDowell. And he also has two children from his second marriage with Sanela Dijana Ćatić.

Is Roger Jenkins a Billionaire?

Although he is rumored to be a billionaire, Roger’s estimated actual net worth is around $100 Million.

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Roger Jenkins is a prominent British businessman who has accumulated a personal fortune in the course of his career. He also held significant positions during his career.

He has also mastered the ability to structure and negotiate difficult financial transactions and was involved in some massive transactions.

He left Barclays in 2008 and subsequently held roles at Elkstone Capital and BTG Pactual. He had since started an investment company called RJ Family.

He employs practical intelligence and pure shrewdness in all his investments. He has generated quite substantial returns through his investment deal in real estate and private equity.

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