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Rey Mysterio’s Net Worth



Rey Mysterio's Net Worth

Rey Mysterio’s net worth has been significantly boosted by his international fame and legacy, adding millions of dollars to it. Let’s look at quick facts about Rey Mysterio.

Name Oscar Gutierrez
Nickname Rey Mysterio
Net Worth $10 million
Age 48 years old
Born Dec 11, 1974
Gender Male
Height 5 ft 6 in (1.68 m)
Country of Origin United States of America
Source of Wealth Wrestling, Acting
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What Is Rey Mysterio’s Net Worth?

Rey Mysterio is an American professional wrestler that is currently under contract with WWE. With a remarkable career that has lasted for more than three decades, Mysterio has popularized the Lucha Libre style and played a significant role in transforming contemporary professional wrestling.

What is Rey Mysterio’s net worth as of 2023? Rey Mysterio is a renowned and iconic luchador and WWE Superstar in sports entertainment. He boasts a net worth of $10 million.

Continue reading this article to learn more about Rey Mysterio’s net worth, including his estimated WWE salary and other factors.

Rey Mysterio’s Earnings Overview

Rey Mysterio’s long-standing career in wrestling has earned him a steady salary and numerous brand endorsements. His net worth as of 2023 is reportedly high, and his annual salary with WWE stands at $174,000.

Further income can be expected from WWE DVD and video game sales royalties. As a successful wrestler, Rey Mysterio’s net worth has been rising since he started and will likely continue to grow with his involvement in other media ventures and movies.

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Early Life

Rey Mysterio, whose real name is Oscar Gutierrez, was born in Chula Vista, CA, on 17 August 1974  to Roberto Gutierrez Sr. and Maria del Rosario. Rey Mysterio’s ring name was taken from his uncle, Ray Mysterio Sr.

There is limited information about his parents, as he was raised in Mexico by his uncle, Rey Misterio Sr. (Miguel Diaz), a renowned professional wrestler who taught him the techniques of Lucha Libre wrestling.

Career and Achievements

Since he was a boy, Rey Mysterio has been involved in boxing. His uncle trained him in Mexico, where he was taught the Lucha Libre style.

At 14, he started boxing professionally and made his first appearance on April 30, 1989, on the independent circuit in Mexico. He was given the ring names “La Largatija Verde” and “Colibri.”

His uncle later renamed him “Rey Misterio Jr.” as a nod to their connection. In 1991, at just 16 years old, Rey was awarded “Most Improved Wrestler” in Mexico due to his rapid wrestling progress.

In 1992, he signed with Asistencia Asesoria Administration (AAA) and had a match against Juventud Guerrera. He also participated in a tag match with his uncle against the Guerreras, where his uncle took on Fuerza Guerrera, and Rey took on Juventud.

In 1995, Rey left AAA and joined Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW). His debut match in ECW was against Psicosis, whose real name is Dionicio Castellanos Torres. And who won the match? None other than Rey Mysterio Jr.

In 1996, he left ECW for World Championship Wrestling (WCW) and made his debut at The Great American Bash. He fought against Dean Malenko for the WCW Cruiserweight Championship, and Malenko won, but Rey won the next number-one contender’s match against Psicosis.

He went on to win the Cruiserweight Championship but lost it to Malenko at Halloween Havoc. He also lost in the 1996 World War 3 match against Ultimate Dragon and the 1997 WCW World Television Championship against Prince Iaukea due to an attack by Lord Steven Regal.

He was named “Giant Killer” for his successes against big opponents. He won his 5th Cruiserweight Championship and had a match for the Heavyweight Championship against Ric Flair but was disqualified.

He joined the New Blood Faction and won the World Tag Team Championship a few times. In 2001, WCW was sold to World Wrestling Federation (WWF), and Rey began independent wrestling in Mexico before eventually returning to the U.S. to work with different wrestling bodies.

In 2002, he joined World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and had many accomplishments, increasing his net worth. He left WWE for a while but has since returned. In 2015, he signed with Lucha Underground and later moved to New Japan Pro-Wrestling before returning to WWE.

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Key Factors to the Success From Rey Mysterio

Let’s examine the valuable life lessons from Rey Mysterio’s professional wrestling career. The following are the top success lessons to learn from him:

Don’t Be Afraid To Come Up With An Enigmatic Persona

To attain greatness as an entertainer, conceal your identity like the world’s successful figures do to generate an air of mystery. Follow Rey Mysterio’s example and don a mask to evoke a sense of enigma.

Take Advantage Of Your Family’s Efforts To Help You To Succeed

Rey Mysterio’s current success is due to his uncle’s practical advice and intense coaching. Utilize your family’s expertise if it can aid you in advancing in life.

Always Support Your Kids To Pursue Their Ambition

Rey Mysterio offered his son all the necessary support and guidance when he entered wrestling to ensure he became a top wrestler.

Personal Life

Rey Mysterio tied the knot with Angie Gutierrez, and they are proud parents of two kids, Aalyah and Dominik. The Mysterio family has made appearances on WWE TV, and all four of them were present on WWE Raw in 2020 during Rey’s feud with Seth Rollins.

Dominik has also been featured in WWE storylines and is now a prominent member of the main roster, having won the Smackdown Tag Team Championship along with his dad, Rey




The alleged worth of Mysterio’s Chula Vista, California residence is around $1 million. Spanning 4,000 square feet and built in 2004, it boasts five bedrooms and notable features such as a big fish tank housing Rey’s tropical fish, an array of swords and blades, and a significant collection of action figures.


Mysterio has a passion for luxury cars. He is famous for cruising around and displaying his cars which consist of the latest Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and other brand models.


In 2019, Mysterio initiated a digital fundraiser known as Fight4Autism to combat Autism. Additionally, through Make-a-wish Foundation, he has also assisted numerous children.

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As of 2023, Rey Mysterio’s estimated net worth is $10 million. This is expected for a wrestler of his fame and reputation in the industry. Rey continues to be an active wrestler, currently a part of the WWE. Since 2020, he has worked closely with his son in the ring. With his impressive talent, Rey’s net worth is likely to continue growing.

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