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Raymond Santana Net Worth



Raymond Santana Net Worth

Net Worth $5 million
Full Name Raymond Santana
Age 49 years
Born September 7th, 1974
Gender Male
Country of Origin United States of America
Source of Wealth Entrepreneur, fashion designer, activist, producer

What Is Raymond Santana’s Net Worth

Raymond Santana might have had a rough early life including imprisonment, but he rose beyond all odds to make his life better. He does so much now, including being an entrepreneur, activist, and fashion designer. The best part is that he launched a clothing line named Park Madison NYC to overcome his trauma.

Taking a positive spin on bad early life can get you to do more. That is why Raymond Santana has grown his business to be worth $5 million as of 2023. With the continued push for his businesses, it is likely to get better and make more money.

We will talk more about his life in and out of prison, what he has been up to recently, how he makes money, and how he spends it also. This is to help you catch up on who Raymond Santana is.

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Early Life

Raymond Santana was born on 7th September 1974. Unfortunately, he was imprisoned as part of the Central Park Five while young. It is said that most of those convicted were almost finished or had finished their sentences by the time the police convicted the real perpetrator.

Santa completed his education while in prison. He graduated from Bronx Preparatory High School in 2017 and joined his friends Kevin and Yuself in getting their diplomas.


It is hard to talk about his career without mentioning his jail time. They are all tied together.

Raymond Santana is among the five teens that were charged with rape and assault in the infamous “Central Park Joggers” case. During the time of his arrest, Raymond was only 14 years old. He would end up serving five years before his release from prison.

After his release, together with the other friends, they filed a lawsuit against a newspaper that was spreading malicious information and causing mental suffering.

Because he was imprisoned at a young age, it did a number on him. This meant that now he struggled to adjust back to civilian life. He often claims he could no longer enjoy his life as he did before the incident. He also says that news outlets would constantly look for something negative about him so that they could post it.

After 12 years, when the incident happened, Matias Reyes, the real person behind the rape and assault, was arrested after confessing to the police. When a DNA test was done, it matched what had been found at the crime scene. This meant Raymond and the others had been innocent all this time.

They are given $41 million for being wrongfully convicted and sentenced as part of the settlement. Korey Wise had been convicted as an adult, thus spending the most time behind bars. He received the largest share of the settlement of $12 million.

One thing about Raymond is that he has always found a way to bounce back. That is how he ended up being a fashion designer, entrepreneur, and producer.

He founded a clothing firm called Park Madison NYC and often promotes it on his social media platforms.

As a producer, he has worked on films such as The Central Park Five, When They See Us, and Bloodsworth: An Innocent Man.

He is a good producer because the show When They See Us was nominated for an Emmy in 2019 in the Outstanding Casting in a Limited Series category. The show generally talks about Raymond and the four co-accused for facing wrongful convictions of raping a lady in NYC’s Central Park.

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Raymond Santana’s Personal Life and Divorce

Raymond had to remain strong as a team behind bars. Well, the love from his family and long-time girlfriend made it easier for him to grow. After a few years out of jail, he married his long-time girlfriend Nekesta Samone Shelton.

Raymond and Neketsa are no longer together. They split, and we still do not know what could have been the reason. The two had a child together called Melia Symone.

After the split, Raymond married Deelishis in 2020 after being engaged for six months. However, it seems there is a storm in paradise as there are divorce talks between the two.

We may see a dip in Raymond’s net worth if he goes through his divorce. By the time of writing this guide, Raymond and his wife had filed for divorce nearly two years after getting married. Raymond claims that they have irreconcilable differences, which would make the marriage hard to repair.

Before the divorce was announced, Deelishis aired her grievances on social media. The post is now deleted, but it said, “I married a narcissist who is a complete liar and a cheat, and I’m finally ready to speak my truth … stay tuned.” So, it seems she might not have felt like continuing with the marriage after such allegations.

So far, there seems to be no choice between the two. It is possible they will be divorced, considering the amount of damage that might have been done from both sides.

How Does Raymond Santana Spend His Money?

It is unclear how many houses he has, but we can expect he would have several properties around the country for his net worth. A few sources claim he owns properties in Malibu, Atlanta, and more.

As for his car collection, we have seen him in a Land Rover, BMW, Mercedes, and many others. So, he is a person who enjoys driving around in luxury cars.


Raymond Santana may have faced a traumatic experience while young, but that did not stop him from turning around his life. It can also apply to anyone out there who is overwhelmed by disappointment and depression.

Just know that you can always have a positive outcome if you are serious about changing your life. We like how he has morphed into different things, including being a producer, an entrepreneur, and a fashion designer.

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