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Pepe Aguilar Age, Net Worth, Height, Wife, Family, Wiki Bio



What Is Pepe Aguilar's Net Worth

Pepe Aguilar is a Mexican-American actor and singer-songwriter. Pepe founded the famous record label Equinoccio Records, which has the most advanced studio in Latin America. He is best known for being the youngest son of Legendary Mexican singers Antonio Aguilar and Flor Silvestre.

What Is Pepe Aguilar’s Net Worth

Pepe Aguilar has an estimated net worth of $10 million as of 2023. Pepe is a famous singer and actor who earns much money from his music and acting career. He is also a songwriter and businessman However, most of his earnings come from singing.

Pepe Agualiar’s Net Worth Annually

Pepe Aguilar is a famous singer and actor who has come a long way, especially in the music industry. It is not surprising to see how huge his net worth is. Aside from singing, there are other ventures associated with him that have contributed to his net worth.

But first, let us look at his annual earnings from music. Pepe Aguilar has 3,70,000 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, with 244,745,021 billion views. This translates to about $114.6k to $1.8 Million annually. He has also sold over 12 million copies of his albums to date.

Pepe has also extended his net worth through business ventures. He launched  Pepe Aguilar’s signature collections some time ago. The collection includes his music CDs, sweatshirts, caps, etc.

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How Did Pepe Aguilar Get Rich?

Pepe Aguilar is the son of a famous Mexican musician couple, Antonio Aguilar and Flor Silvestre. It is safe to say that he was born into a rich and famous family. But that doesn’t mean Aguilar became rich because of his parent’s fame.

Pepe took charge of his life at an early age. He found his path early enough and didn’t hesitate to follow it. He started making music as a teenager, and his first album, “Recuerdame Bonito,” made him famous.

Today, Pepe Aguilar has sold over 12 million of his albums globally. Each copy of his albums costs not less than $6, with some being up to $99 per copy. He also earns massively from YouTube streams, where he has amassed over 2,244,745,021 views.

Pepe is also an actor and business owner, although he hasn’t been in many movies. He is also a movie producer. His signature collection sells a variety of things like sweatshirts, caps, CDs, etc.


José Antonio Aguilar Jiménez was born on August 7, 1968, in San Antonio, Texas, USA, to legendary singer-actors Antonio Aguilar and Flor Silvestre. Pepe has four siblings, Dalia Inés, Francisco Rubiales, Marcela Rubiales, and Antonio Aguilar.

There is no information on his educational background at the moment. He once said that people should pay more attention to his career than his personal life.

Full Name: José Antonio Aguilar Jiménez
Stage Name: Pepe Aguilar
Birth Place: San Antonio, Texas, USA
Birthday: August 7, 1968
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Age: 54 years
Weight: 87 kg (192 lbs)
Height: 6 ft 4 in (1.93 m)
Marital Status: Married
Wife: Aneliz Álvarez Alcalá
Parents Name: Father: Antonio Aguilar

Mother: Flor Silvestre

Children: Emiliano Aguilar, Aneliz Aguilar, Leonardo Aguilar, and Ángela Aguilar
Siblings: Dalia Inés, Francisco Rubiales, Marcela Rubiales, and Antonio Aguilar
College: N/A
Profession: Singer and Actor
Popular for: Owning the famous record label Equinoccio Records and having the most advanced studio in Latin America
Social Media Accounts:


Pepe began singing at the age of three, making an appearance during his father’s concert at Madison Square Garden. He was influenced by rock music as a teenager and later started the short-lived band “Equus,” which helped him make his debut album.

What Is Pepe Aguilar's Net Worth

Pepe Aguilar performing live on stage

As he matured, he returned to Tejano music and began fusing pop elements into the genre. This helped him achieve great success and launch a successful acting career, which helped him amass his net worth.

“Pepe Aguilar Con Tambora” was the name of his debut solo CD, published in 1989. Aguilar’s first album, “Recuerdame Bonito,” which featured primarily mariachi music, was released three years later. The record was a huge success and significantly increased Aguilar’s notoriety.

He subsequently published “Que Bueno” in 1993 and “Chiquilla Bonita,” which was made with Banda, the following year. He also released a few songs to promote the album.

Due to legal issues, it took him five years to finally release his next album, “Por Mujeres Como Tu,” which went on to top the charts and sold over two million copies in less than a year.

He worked on “Por El Amor De Siempre” the following year, mainly of songs from the 1970s reinterpreted in a more contemporary manner. Later in the same year, he released “Por Una Mujer Bonita,” which many people believe to be his best album. The record was another commercial triumph.

This increased his net worth and earned him multiple music accolades and his first Grammy. He first worked on “Lo mejor De Nosotros” before releasing “Lo Grande de Los Grandes” in 2000 as a tribute.

He published the album “Y Tenerte Otra Vez” three years later, which marked the first time he had ever done so using his recording studio. Additionally, he created the tribute album “Con Orgullo Por Herencia,” which includes the song “El Autobus.” The following year, he published “No Soy De Nadie.”

His album “Historias De Mi Tierra” won him another Grammy in 2005, and the following year, he would release “Enamorado,” which was the follow-up to “Por el amor de Siempre.” His wealth was steadily increasing.

Aguilar has expanded his career beyond music by starting his record label, Equinoccio Records, which is regarded as Latin America’s most technologically advanced studio.

He has also ventured into acting and film directing. Some of Aguilar’s acting projects include La Sangre de un Valiente and El Hijo de Lamberto Quintero or The Son of Lamberto Quintero. Also, he produced a short documentary film, Flor Silvestre: su Destino fue querer, in 2015

He also opened a clothing line in 2009 under Pepe Aguilar Linea de Calzado. Additionally, he used WSS to release the Pepe Aguilar Signature Collection.

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Awards And Achievements

  • Won three Grammy Awards;

“Por Una Mujer Bonita” 2000, “100 percent Mexicano” 2017, “Bicentenario” 2011

  • Won four Latin Grammy Awards


No known endorsement deals by Pepe Aguilar. This article will be updated when we discover any.

Personal Life

Pepe Aguilar got married to his lovely wife, Aneliz Álvarez Alcalá, in 1997. The couple has been together for 26 solid years, and the marriage has produced four offspring: Emiliano Aguilar, Aneliz Aguilar, Leonardo Aguilar, and Ángela Aguilar.

What Is Pepe Aguilar's Net Worth

Pepe Aguilar and his lovely wife, Aneliz Álvarez Alcalá

Just like their father, Leonardo and Angela have taken to singing. Singing has become a generational trait that would not likely end in the Aguilar lineage.

Pepe’s wife, Aneliz Aguilar Alvarez, was once abducted alongside her brother.  After paying the demanded ransom, Aneliz and her brother returned home safely.


Pepe has acquired a lot of property so far. Notable among them is his luxurious house in Los Angeles, California, USA. In an interview, Pepe revealed that the house is  9,000 square feet, divided into three floors, five bedrooms, six bathrooms, and many other amenities.”

That’s not all. The house is located in the neighborhood where Hollywood stars live. Pepe said he was neighbors with Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, and The Weeknd.

Also, Pepe has a $3 million mansion in Texas. According to the award-winning singer, he has 10 acres of land and a guest house in Texas.

As for Aguilar’s car collection, he recently acquired a Chevrolet Corvette Z06. The car has 670 horsepower and a V8 engine with a price range from $100,000 to $200,000.

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Who was Pepe Aguilar’s first wife?

Pepe was previously married to famous Mexican singer Carmen Trevino. They met in the 90s when Pepe was on the set of Footloose at the age of 22. The two fell in love, and in 1991, they tied the knot.

The marriage produced a son, Jose Emiliano. They later divorced, but no one knew when and why. Pepe once said that he has strived to maintain a good relationship with Carmen for the sake of their son.

Which Pepe Aguilar’s son was arrested for smuggling?

Jose Emiliano Aguilar is Pepe Aguilar’s son from his previous marriage to Carmen Trevino. He was detained by US authorities in 2017 for attempting to smuggle four Chinese immigrants.

Emiliano only returned to his family in 2019 following a $15K bond and six months of rehabilitation. Additionally, he completed his three years on probation in the US and is currently living with his family.

How much does it cost to book Pepe Aguilar for a concert?

Pepe Aguilar has come a long way in the entertainment industry. Aside from singing in live shows, it is a great honor to have him make a speech at your event.

You must budget about $250,000 – $437,500 as Pepe Aguilar’s booking fee. The price depends on the purpose of the booking and where it is hosted. Shows outside US/Mexico will cost higher than ones within.

Pepe Aguilar tattoos

Pepe has many tattoos on his body. From the elbow to the shoulder of his left arm is an image of the Virgin of Guadalupe. It was tattooed over 20 years ago, and it’s one of his best tattoos.

He also has a tattoo of his four children “in order of appearance,” Emiliano, analog, Leonard, and Angela, and that of his father on a horseback

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