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Pavlok Net Worth



Pavlok Net Worth

Pavlok is an American tech company known for designing wristbands that prevent some unhealthy human habits, such as nail-biting, smoking, overeating, and so on, which can negatively impact their life. Pavlok is a tech wristband that can help to manage and control these habits.

Pavlok gained so much popularity with their tech concept which is unique and helpful. There are many users of this wristband across the globe today, and Pavlok made quite a fortune from the wristband sales.

What is Pavlok’s Net Worth?

Pavlok has an estimated net worth of about $2.5 million, and most of these earnings are attributed to the company’s sales of this wristband.

Are you curious about this wearable device that alters human moods and breaks terrible habits? Read on to learn about these software companies, their annual net worth growth, history, etc.

Pavlok’s Net Worth Annually

Pavlok’s popularity has earned it a lot of money, and the company produces three varieties of wristbands, annd the prices differ from each other. The company made most of its earnings from the sales of this Product.

Pavlok wristband

Pavlok wristband

The products are; the Shock clock, which costs about $149, Pavlok 3 Pro, which costs about $219; and the last, Product Pavlok 2, which costs about $149. The company stated that they satisfy around 100 thousand customers.

In 2015, Pavlok founder Maneesh Sethi pitched Pavlok on one of the biggest and most successful reality shows, Shark Tank, and they offered 3.14% of the company in exchange for $500,000. Unfortunately, the pitch went poorly, and he couldn’t seal the deal.

Sharks were skeptical about the strong sales because Maneesh Sethi needed reputable studies to demonstrate that his technology worked. Robert Herjavec then stated that Maneesh Sethi’s valuation was very high.

An entrepreneur, Kevin O’Leary, was interested in Pavlok as he had experience with aversion therapy. Hence, Kevin O’Leary proposed to Maneesh Sethi about $500,000 in return for 3.14% equity as a two-year loan at a 7% interest rate. However, Maneesh Sethi rejected the offer.

Even though Maneesh Sethi didn’t close a deal with Shark Tank, the pitch attracted millions of views on YouTube. It helped to drive more publicity and sales to his website, and this also helped him turn to new investors to raise capital.

Maneesh Sethi raised $200 thousand in three funding rounds, with IncWell and MassChallenge as the leading investors. The money was used to develop more physical and digital products.

They released a Chrome browser extension to boost productivity and launched the Shock Clock, an alarm clock that shocks you awake.

The Sales at Pavlok have grown steadily over time. Before 2021, the company didn’t make over $50 thousand in revenue.

In 2022, according to, Pavlok made about $371 thousand in revenue, and in 2023, it is expected to hit $400 thousand in sales. As a result, the company is valued at $2.5 million.

Maneesh Sethi accumulated about $283,827 from the IndieGoGo campaign to kickstart the company in 2014.

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How Does Pavlok Earn Money?

Pavlok makes the most of its revenue from the production and sales of items. Also, they could reach many people, as they have a lot of followers on the internet and their social media platforms.

Pavlot is active on social media. Also, the media giant New York Times released an article regarding his Product, which was an added advantage to create awareness, and a fantastic way to make a large sum of money. People will only buy a smart bracelet if they understand what it is meant for and how to use it.

Additionally, the company has a mobile app for iOS and Android, for both iPhone or other apple related product users and Android users. As a result, they can reach many people with their various gadgets.

Pavlok’s wrist bracelet functions similarly to a meditation gadget in that it assists individuals in breaking harmful behaviors. This made the young generation a beneficiary of these fantastic products.

Pavlok earns a lot of money by interacting with people and helping them.

 The Company’s History

Maneesh Sethi is the founder of Pavlok, and his addiction to social media brought the idea for Pavlok. To tackle the problem, he hired someone to watch him work and slap him if he browsed social media, although this method worked for him.

Maneesh Sethi launched the groundbreaking Behavioral Technology Group, Pavlok, in 2013. The following year, in 2014, the group launched its first Product. Pavlok’s first product device works like aversion therapy, where it creates different levels of shock when users try to indulge in a specific bad habit.

The users can set up what habit they want to break in the gadget’s app. Also, users can develop new positive habits.

In 2015, Pavlok was used for the MassChallenge startup accelerator program by the founder Maneesh Sethi, and he was accepted into the program.

Company’s Name Pavlok
Founder Maneesh Sethi
Headquarter Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America
Number of Employees 15
Founding Year  2013
Main Production Smart Wristband
Primary Slogan Change your habits and life with Pavlok
Net Worth 2.5 Million
Instagram Visit Here
Facebook Visit Here
Company website Visit Here


Maneesh Sethi founded the company, and aversion therapy is the main idea of the Pavlok wristband since it helps users break bad habits. It shocks the user whenever they are considering a harmful habit. Maneesh Sethi got inspired by this idea after hiring someone to slap him to complete his tasks.

The Pavlok wristband was invented in 2013, and it was accustomed to varying levels of shock. The aversion therapy device connects to an app where users decide which bad habits to break. Plus, the app allows other users to shock the watch wearer.

The whole idea is to force users to stop bad habits. The shock meter ranges from a mild to an uncomfortable state. Buyers get an e-book discussing breaking bad habits and other behavior modification models to follow after each Product purchase as an incentive.

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The company introduced more amazing specialized Products following its expansion. They are:

Shock Clock

The watch acts as an alarm clock. Rather than wake you up with loud ringing sounds, you can customize the watch o mildly shock you. It plays gentle chimes and vibrations.

The Shock clock’s fantastic features are that it can solve a mathematical equation, jump jacks, or even scan a QR code.

Pavlok 2

Pavlok 2 is a 2nd generation device that uses Sensory Neural Automatic Process (SNAP) technology to break bad habits like smoking and nail-biting. The company boasts over 100,000 units sold of the Pavlok 2.

Pavlok 2’s features include sleep tracking, hand detection, and low-energy Bluetooth. It uses shock and vibrations to averse you from bad habits. Also, you can connect the watch to various applications, like Google Fit and Todoist.

Pavlok 3

The third-generation Pavlok 3 is slightly different from Pavlok 2 with extra add-ons. It offers water resistance, where you can submerge the aversion therapy device three feet underwater and can use an existing analog or smartwatch.

Pavlok 3 has various models and three programmable physical buttons. The sports model is made of silicon, while the deluxe has a metallic mesh finish.

Image Description: Models of Pavlok Product

Varieties of Pavlok wristbands

Varieties of Pavlok wristbands


1. Does Pavlok Shock Hurt?

The device works similarly to snapping a rubber band on your wrist. The pain is minimal but effective enough to condition you.

It doesn’t cause any painful welts or scars on the skin. Users can activate the device discreetly as well.

2. Does Pavlok Have a Rival Company?

There are several other rival companies to the software company Pavlok.

Some of these companies include Neurable, Koko, and LEAF.

3. What Is The Net Worth Of The Founder Of Pavlok?

Maneesh is the founder of Pavlok. He has an estimated net worth of about $3 million. His significant achievement is Pavlok.

His earnings can be attributed to Pavlok, his software company founded in 2013.

4. Is Pavlok Still In Business?

Ever since the invention of Pavlok, the business has grown and waxed strong. It is still functioning.

Pavlok is working on adding new features to their Product in the future, and there is no sign of the company folding up soon.

5. Why Did Maneesh Sethi Refuse Kevin O’Leary’s Offer?

Maneesh Sethi wrote in a blog post titled “Why I Turned Down a $500,000 Deal on Shark Tank.”.

He explained in the post that he was only looking for an investor more focused on helping customers. However, his view of Kevin is that he is profit-driven.

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