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Paul Wall Net Worth



Paul Wall Net Worth

Paul Wall is a well-known American rapper, entrepreneur, and Disc Jockey. The Houston-based rapper has been in the music industry for over 2 decades.

His success has garnered attention to Houston’s signature sound.

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What Is Paul Wall’s Net Worth?

All these years, Wall has gathered impressive wealth. But how rich is he? As of 2023, Paul Wall’s net worth is estimated to be $4 Million. He earned most of this from his career as a rapper and DJ.

In this article, we cover Paul Wall’s net worth, how he gathered his wealth, as well as his early life, personal life, career, and assets. So read on.

Paul Wall’s Net Worth Annually

Over the years, Paul Wall has made tons of money from his album sales. For instance, his 2010 album, Heart of a Champion, with 92,000 sold copies, earned him about $97,000.

Another album of his, Get Money and Stay True, also sold 92,000 copies, earning Wall about $94,000. He also made good money from “The Peoples Champ” and “Get Ya Mind Correct with Chamillionaire” sales.

Both albums, “The Peoples Champ” and “Get Ya Mind Correct with Chamillionaire” fetched him about $1 Million and $157,000, respectively.

On Spotify, Wall has over 899,000 monthly listeners. As such, he earns roughly more than $3,000 every month from the platform.

The rapper also reportedly charges around $10,000 to make an appearance at an event.

But aside from rapping and DJing, Paul Wall is also an entrepreneur.

He owns a company alongside Johnny Dang where they make diamond-laced Grillz for celebrities like Kanye West, Diddy, Paris Hilton, and Nelly. Wall has earned over $5 million from his Grillz business to date.

How Did He Get Rich?

Paul Wall began rapping while in college. In fact, he dropped out of college to pursue a career in music.

As such, he makes a decent amount from album sales and streaming platforms like Spotify. He also makes money making appearances at public events.

Wall is also an entrepreneur. His Grillz company earns him a substantial amount of money.


Full Name/Real Name: Paul Michael Slayton
Nick Name/Stage Name: Paul Wall
Birth Place: Houston, Texas, United States
Birthday: March 11, 1981
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Age: 41
Weight: 82 kg (180 lbs)
Height: 6′ 0″ (1.83m)
Country of origin: United States of America
Nationality: American
Gender: Male
Marital status: Married
Wife: Crystal Wall (2005-present)
Parent’s Name: Father: N/A

Mother: N/A

Kids: Two ( William Patrick Slayton and Noelle Slayton)
Siblings: Brother (s): N/A

Sister (s): N/A

High School: Jersey Village High School
College: University of Houston
Profession: Rapper


Disc Jockey (DJ)

 Social Media Accounts:

Paul Wall was born in Houston, Texas, United States, on March 11,1981. As of 2022, the American rapper is 41 years old.

Wall grew up in Georgetown, a city in central Texas. He had a very tough childhood because his parents separated when he was little, leaving his mom to single-handedly raise him.

During one of the episodes of the FAQ podcast, the rapper revealed that his father was almost not part of his life.

“He left us when I was about 5 or 6 years old, and I never knew what happened, other than my mom would always have me and my sister paranoid that we were ’bout to get kidnapped,” Wall recalled.

On the show, Wall further revealed that his father was a serial child molester. “Later on in life, I asked my mom one day, like, ‘Whatever happened? Whatever happened to him?’ That’s when I found out horrible things. Man, I can’t believe this stuff, my biological father, he was a child molester. A serial child molester.”

“He ended up kidnapping a girl— he started a ‘relationship’ with her when she was 12 or 13 years old,” Wall claimed. “Then, when she became 14 or 15, he ‘married’ her and they went to Canada, and that’s the last time I saw him,” the American rapper added.

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Paul Wall attended Jersey Village High School in Texas, United States. His love for music started at an early age, during his high school days.

He was introduced to rap in high school by his rapper friend Mike Jones, who also attended the same high school as Wall. After high school, the talented rapper got accepted into the University of Houston, where he studied mass communication.

Even while in university, he did not give up on rapping. Unfortunately, he only stayed in college for three years and dropped out to pursue his musical career.

Personal Life

Paul Wall is married to Crystal Wall, a fitness coach, and CEO of Mixfitz studios, a fitness studio in Houston. The two love birds met in college.

Although they did not attend the same college, they attended colleges adjacent to each other. They casually saw each other from time to time.

The American rapper fell in love with his heartthrob years later when he saw Crystal at a club. At that time, Crystal was in a singing group and came to the club with her singing group to sell their CD.

Wall was the only one among his friends to buy their CDs which turned out scratched. This led to another meeting, and from there, they started dating.

The two love birds tied the knot on October 23, 2005, at Vargo’s restaurant in Houston, Texas, and are still together to date. The couple has a son named William Patrick Slayton, and a daughter, Noelle Slayton.

Paul Wall Net Worth

Paul Wall posing with his Cadillac CT6 in custom satin red chrome wrap

Paul Wall, his wife, Crystal Wall, and their two children, William Patrick Slayton and Noelle Slayton

Despite growing up in a broken home, the talented artist strives to be a better version of his father. Wall takes pride in being a good husband to his wife and a father to his two kids.


Paul Wall’s musical career officially started after he dropped out of school. He met Hakeem Temidayo Seriki, popularly known as Chamillionaire.

The two proposed to do promotions for Swishahouse, a Houston-based record label founded by legendary DJ Michael ‘5000’ Watts and OG Ron C. They later rapped on Watt’s radio station, 97.9 the Box (KBXX).

They also convinced the company to put the verses on one of their mixtapes called Choppin Em Up Part 2. The mixtape was released in mid-1999 and was a hit locally, making Wall and Chamillionaire permanent members of Swishahouse.

However, Wall and Chamillionaire left the label when one of their members, Stayve Jerome Thomas, popularly known as Slim Thug, left. Wall and Chamillionaire formed their own group called The Color Changin’ Click.

In 2005, Wall released his first album, The Peoples Champ, which ranked #1 on the Billboard 200. The same year, he featured on Nelly’s Grillz, which also topped the Billboard Hot 100.

In 2007, Wall released another album, Get Money, Stay True, which also ranked #1 on the Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums. Ever since, the American rapper has released many mixtapes and has collaborated with prominent artists like Kanye West, Mike Jones, and Lil’ Keke.

Aside from music, Wall is also a talented actor. He has also featured in many movies, such as Furnace (2007) alongside Ja Rule.

He was also featured in I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell (2009), Xtinction: Predator X (2010), and The Holy Spoof (2014).


Paul Wall has a 4,961 square feet four-bedroom and four-bathroom house in Houston, Texas. The rapper bought the lavish home in 2016 for $2 million.

The Houston-based rapper also has a luxury car collection. One of his recent cars is a Cadillac CT6 in custom satin red chrome wrap, which cost him over $95,000.

Paul Wall Net Worth

Paul Wall posing with his Cadillac CT6 in custom satin red chrome wrap

FAQs About Paul Wall

Is Paul Wall still signed to Atlantic Records?

No, he is not. Currently, Paul Wall is a member of a rap music group called Expensive Taste.

How did Paul Wall get skinny?

In 2010, he had a gastric sleeve surgery which made him lose over 100Lb.

Why did Paul Wall go for gastric sleeve surgery?

Paul Wall decided to go for gastric sleeve surgery after his doctor told him he was morbidly obese. He tried to lose the weight “the natural way” but to no avail after reaching 320 pounds, so he had to opt for surgery.

Does Paul Wall have any Endorsements?

Yes, Paul Wall has endorsements with brands like Deluxe Vodka, Trippy Stix, Santa Cruz Shredder, and Gold Leaf.

Has Paul Wall won any Awards?

Yes, he has won three Ozone Awards. He won three Ozone Awards in 2006 in the category Taste Maker (Style and Trendsetter, Best Rap/R&B Collaboration, and Best Rap Collaboration.

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Paul Wall’s career as a DJ, rapper, and entrepreneur has contributed to his impressive net worth of about $4 Million over the years. With his various sources of income, there is no doubt that his net worth will continue to increase.

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