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Paul Qualley Net Worth



Paul Qualley Net Worth

Paul Qualley is mostly known for being the husband of Andie MacDowell. The two were the power couple of Hollywood until they got a divorce. Nevertheless, Paul was such a fun guy and still remains the same. So, we try to see what he has been up to, his life, and his children too.

What Is Paul Qualley’s Net Worth

Paul Qualley has an estimated net worth of $1 million. This is largely from his job as a model in the fashion industry. He also makes more money from the contracting and ranching business.

Early Life and Education

Paul Qualley was born to former model parents Lee James Qualley and Patricia Ann. He was born on March 14, 1958, in NYC, US. He is 64 years as of 2022.

Paul is simply an American with a Norwegian ethnicity thanks to his parents who had immigrated to the US before he was born.

Paul Qualley has a height of 6 feet and 2 inches with blue eyes and brown hair.

As for his education, Paul attended a local high school and earned a bachelor’s degree in 1980 from college.

Paul’s Career

Just because he was married to a movie star does not mean he did not have anything going for him.

Modeling was his first career. It is something he was always fascinated with when he was young. The moment he was old enough to choose a career, he picked it up and ran with it.

His good looks made it easy for him to be a model. He easily landed well-paying jobs as a model on runways and ads. He even traveled across Europe and US during his 20s and 30s working as a model.

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Other than being a model, he also worked as an actor and did music too. You can say he was into the entertainment space a lot.

In his 40s, Qualley opted to get into the contracting business. He then focused more on growing his ranch business. You can now find the Paul Qualley ranch in Montana, USA.

As much as he is no longer modeling, his accomplishments as a model left a mark in such a vibrant industry. We could also wish he did more in terms of his music career. You can find a track he released called Please Please on YouTube.

Meeting Andie MacDowell


Andie MacDowell

We had mentioned already that Paul was married to Andie MacDowell. Andie is an American Actress aged 64 as of 2022. She was born on 21st April 1958 in, Gaffney, South Carolina, USA.

Andie has had a good acting career over the decades. Her film debut was in Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan in 1984. Later, she acted in Lord of the Apes and other movies and TV shows as part of her career.

The couple met when Paul was working as a model for an ad service in 1985. Just like that, they end up in the same commercial and only marry each other a year later.

The two lived on a 3,000-acre ranch in Montana with their beautiful family.

At first, Andie was a stay-at-home mom while Paul pursued an acting career. However, Andie also got tired of that life and decided to leave her marriage and pursue her dreams too. That is when they got a divorce in 1999.

After the divorce, Paul decided to have a quiet life on his ranch. It has not been clear if he ever remarried. However, we see Paul posting his children a lot on Instagram. It just shows how close they have remained as a family even with the divorce in between.

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Paul and Andie’s Children

Paul and Andie were blessed with three kids together. Two daughters and a son.

Sarah Margaret Qualley is the youngest at 27 years old. She took after her father by being a model. She has modeled for Chanel and other big names in the industry. She also appeared in various movies including IO and Death Note from Netflix.

Rainey Qualley is 32 years old and the middle child of the couple. She has worked as a singer and an actress. The most notable films she has starred in include Ocean’s 8 and Might Fine film.

Justin Qualley is the eldest son at 36 years old. He works in the real estate sector in Montana where his father has the family ranch.

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