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Paul Dodds Age, Net Worth, Movies, Family And Wiki Bio



Paul Dodds

Paul Dodds is a famous British actor and producer with famous works like Treasure Planet (2015), Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Hearts of Stone (2015), and Cupid’s Corral (2012). As of 2023, Paul Dodds is estimated to be worth $20 million, according to public sources.

The famous  British actor played Captain Smollett in Treasure Island at Oliver Theater, which was his most well-known and most recent work. Not much is known about this professional entertainer but members of the public speculate that he could be in his mid-fifties based on his photos.

Despite his private life, this article will shed more light on Paul Dodds, revealing his net worth, personal life, career, and more. Read on!

Paul Dodds Wiki & Biography

Paul Dodds black and white picture

Paul Dodds black and white picture

Paul Dodds is a successful British producer and actor who has appeared in multiple films including Chuggington (2008), Wiedzmin 3: Dziki Gon – Serca z kamienia (2015), and his most famous work, Treasure Island (2015).

Unfortunately, not much is known about the entertainer as his last work was in a short comedy film, “How was your week”, where Paul Dodds played Craig. According to public records, Paul began his career in entertainment on August 13, 2011 with the drama “National Theatre Live: The Cherry Orchard”.

While Paul hasn’t received any awards or nominations for his famous and outstanding roles, especially as Captain Smollett in Treasure Island (2015). Nevertheless, Paul remains a noteworthy actor and producer even by 2023 standards.

Here are some quick facts about Paul Dodds:


Full Name/Real Name:  Paul Dodds
Nick Name/Stage Name:  Paul
Birth Place:  United Kingdom
Birthday:  Unknown
Zodiac Sign:  Unknown
Net Worth $20 million
Age(How Old):  Unknown (within 30 – 45)
Weight:  12st. 9lb. (80kg)
Height(How Tall):  5′ 8″ (1m 73cm)
Currently Live In: Brixton Hill, England, UK
Debut: August 13, 2011
Religion: Unknown
Ethnicity: White / European Descent
College:  Unknown
Profession: Actor, producer
Social Media Accounts: Contact Paul Dodds representatives
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Paul Dodds Family, Girlfriend & Relationships

Paul Dodds is a well-known British actor and producer who’s been credited for works like The Isle of Fortune, Antony and Cleopatra: RSC Live, and The Royal Shakespeare Company’s production of Titus Andronicus.

Despite his noteworthy activities, not much is known about Paul Dodds besides his work as an actor and producer. It seems he’s dedicated to keeping his private life away from public eyes, which is a common action for many famous celebrities.

Most celebrities keep their personal and professional life separate to ensure their families, friends and loved ones maintain their privacy and anonymity.

However, numerous public sources claim that Paul Dodds is happily married to a wife with two kids. However, there’s no concrete source or quote to this claim; therefore, we cannot boldly cite this sentence as factual.

Nevertheless, we will keep this section up-to-date when new information on Paul Dodds surfaces, potentially revealing his wife, kids, parents, and siblings.


Father Name  Unknown
Mother Name  Unknown
Brother Name  Unknown
Sister Name  Unknown
Girlfriend  Unknown
Marital Status  Married
Wife Name  Unknown
Children  Unknown

Paul Dodds Physical Appearance

Paul Dodds on Treasure Island as Captain Smollett

Paul Dodds on Treasure Island as Captain Smollett

While not much is known about Paul Dodds besides his professional activities, there is sufficient information about the entertainer’s appearance. According to images and depictions of Paul Dodds, the British actor and producer appears to be within the age range of 30 – 45.

Paul has brown hair often seen in a short and stylish trim appropriate for this facial structure. He also keeps his facial hair shaved as low as possible, which produces the appealing “Shadow beard” look.

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Furthermore, the actor has deep blue eyes hidden behind thick eyelids and bushy eyebrows. Ultimately, his facial appearance seems stern and intimidating, which reflects in his performance as Captain Smollett in 2015’s Treasure Planet theatre adaptation.

Despite being worth $20 million, Paul Dodds has a simple and minimalistic sense of fashion, often opting for a plain long sleeve or t-shirt. This style is expected since Paul prefers a quiet and private lifestyle, which is consistent with his sense of fashion.

Lastly, public sources depict Paul Dodds as 5’8″ tall with a weight of 80 kg, which is standard for that height. However, this information shows that Paul is a “beefy” man with enough mass to appear intimidating, which is evident in his different acting roles.

Paul Dodds Career

Paul Dodds played Horst Borsodi in The Witcher 3

Paul Dodds played Horst Borsodi in The Witcher 3

As emphasised throughout this article, Paul Dodds is a professional British actor and producer. He has made appearances in several famous works like Treasure Planet (2015), Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Hearts of Stone (2015), and Cupid’s Corral (2012).

Not much information exists detailing his early years in the entertainment industry or how he chose to become an actor. Nevertheless, the earliest iteration of his work dates back to August 13, 2011.

He began his acting career with the drama “National Theatre Live: The Cherry Orchard”, which featured Paul Dodds as the Station Master. The following year, Paul appeared in” National Theatre Live: Antigone” but only as part of the chorus

Eventually, Dodds got more recognition in “Chuggington” as Chuggineers’ leader, Zack, who was introduced in Season 4, Episode “Rescue at Rocky Ridge”. Then in 2015, Paul got his big break playing his most famous role, Captain Smollett in 2015’s Treasure Planet.

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Other roles credited to Paul Dodds include:

  • Menas in RSC Live: Antony and Cleopatra (2017)
  • Metellus Climber in Julius Caesar (2017)
  • Horst Borsodi (English version, voice) in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Hearts of Stone (2015)
  • Goth in Royal Shakespeare Company: Titus Andronicus (2017)
  • Craig in How Was Your Week? (2021)

While the productions he is affiliated with have attracted awards and nominations, Paul Dodds himself hadn’t recieved that accolade yet. Essentially, the British actor has recieved any nomination or awards; however, this might change as he’s still active in the industry since 2011.

Paul Dodds Net Worth

Paul Dodds on a black suit smiling

Paul Dodds on a black suit smiling

While Paul Dodds isn’t at the forefront of public discussing today, nor is he the main lead of a blockbuster TV show or movie, Paul Dodds has amassed a significant fortune. As fkr 2023, Paul Dodds is estimated to be worth $20 million.

This estimation is gotten from public sources due to him appearing in several entertainment contracts, possessing more than one a years. He’s also well-known for creations like Wiedzmin 3: Dziki Gon – Serca z kamienia (2015), Chuggington (2008), and Treasure Island (2015).

These previously mentioned entertainment pieces were well-recieved by the public and produced substantial amounts in revenue. Therefore, as a significant part of these creations, it’d logical for Paul to receive a hefty compensation for his acting efforts.

Furthermore, Dodds is a producer and is known for the short film “Cupid’s Corral” in 2012. The film featured Tom Bailey, Jen Cartworth, Andrew Dawe-Collins, and Wendel Millstead.

Ultimately, Paul’s acting career covers the bulk of his financial estimation; however, other reports hint that the British actor may be an avid investor. Unfortunately, no information about his investment, properties, and other assets are available to buttress this claim.

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