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Nicholas Crown Net Worth



Nicholas Crown Net Worth

Net Worth: US $10 million
Full Name: Nicholas Crown (Former Nicholas DiNorscio)
Birth Date: 30 September 1985
Age: 37yrs
Country of Origin: United States of America
Marital Status: Single
Height: 5 ft 10 inch (1.77 m)
Source of Wealth: Entrepreneur and a Digital Creator
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Eye Colour Brown
Hair Colour: Dark Brown
Parents: Father: Larry DiNorscio

Mother: Deborah McCoy

Instagram: nicholascrown
Facebook: Nicholas Crown
Twitter: @nicholascrown
Tik Tok: @nicholas_crown
YouTube: Nicholas Crown

What Is Nicholas Crown’s Net Worth

Nicholas Crown is an American Entrepreneur and Digital creator with 2M followers on Tik Tok. Crown currently has two companies- Resume Atelier and Amoeba.

What is Nicholas Crown’s net worth? As of December 2022, Nicholas Crown’s net worth was estimated at $10 million. His income comes through his 4 multi-million companies and digital creation, mostly on tik tok.

Moving on in this article, we shall be going over Nichola’s source of income, his early life, personal life, career and lifestyle. Stay glued to the page to enjoy this and more.

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Earnings Overview

Nicholas Crown is a mega Tik Tok star and YouTuber with over 2M followers on Tik Tok. His contents are more of financial advice and discussions on social lifestyle.

Needless to say, with such a large number of followers, he is making a whole lot of money as a content creator.  Crown’s monthly earnings from Tik Tok and his YouTube channel are estimated at $40k.

He is also verified on Instagram. It could be said that he makes a whole lot of money from content creation.

On the other hand, Crown is an entrepreneur who has 4 multi-million companies. He started his first company, Amoeba in 2021 and today, there are other companies to his name as a founder and a co-founder.

Early Life

Nicholas DiNorscio(Name at birth) was born on 30th September 1985 in Livingston, New Jersey USA to Larry DiNorscio and Deborah McCoy.

Crown’s parents had a divorce when he was just 7. Crown enjoyed playing the guitar so much as it was a consolation to him.

He graduated high school from Seton Hall Preparatory School. Later on, he went to Cornell University where he graduated “Cum Lade” with a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Economics and Management, in 2008.

Crown would go on to become an entrepreneur and a renowned digital content creator with enormous wealth.


Nicholas Crown is a contemporary entrepreneurship guru. He is actively involved in a lot of tech development and manpower upskilling.

His most popular work is ATS, a reverse-engineering hiring technology. Crown also helps HRs to hire the right employees and improves the experience of job seekers, through the use of AI.

In 2005, he started his career as a pit clerk at New York Mercantile Exchange. Crown also worked with Barclays Capital in London as an analyst.

His stay at Wall Street wasn’t so favourable. In fact, in an interview, he claimed that he joined at the wrong time.

In 2011, Nicholas was recruited to build a Greenfield basis trading desk at the Swiss Investment Bank in Stamford. He built a co-located fibre optic spread trading business with the help of UBS’s in-house development team in partnership with an outdated trading platform.

Nicholas travels a lot and almost everywhere he goes, he initiates a business idea. In 2013, he built his first business. He formed the basis for the present-day Resume Atelier.

In 2015, he took a break from the finance industry and formed a blues-rock group; The Cold Water Electric. He toured Louisiana in 2016 and even won an award as the best new band.

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Nicholas currently has 2 companies to his name: Amoeba and Resume Atelier. He is also a director at Fixed Income Arbitrage.

His first company, Resume Atelier is focused on giving job seekers an edge over the hiring team. It is the first company to assist job seekers in manoeuvring through the hiring technology employed by HR managers.

In 2021, Amoeba, his second company, was built to help business owners find an organic way of expanding their businesses.

On the other hand, Fixed Income Arbitrage was launched to provide mean reversion and RV hedge funds. It is all about building and coaching a team to help business owners take advantage of differences in price and interest rates in the market.

At some point, Nicholas decided to venture into digital content creation. He started making content on Tik Tok, Instagram and YouTube.

Today, Crown has gone viral with his “Rich vs Really Rich” series on Tik Tok. He teaches people the basics of money-making, highlighting the importance of humility and open-mindedness in business.

He currently has 2M Tik Tok followers and his videos gather over 30 million weekly views. In 2012, his Instagram reel videos amassed over 93 million views in 6 months.

Nicholas is currently one of the richest digital content creators in the world as he spreads his tentacles across every social media platform, amassing more followers and views.

Nicholas Crown’s Key to Success

Crown’s journey to success has been all about persistence and hard work. His parents had a divorce when he was 7, yet he has come out stronger than most people whose parents are together.

It is also worthy of note that Crown has found peace in teaching people to be honest and humble in business. Through this way, he has maintained a good business profile and has taken over social media at the same time.

In everything, diversify, travel, invent and stay humble. These summarise Nicholas’s key to success.

Personal Life

At 37, Nicholas is neither married nor in any known relationship. He has rather chosen to focus on his career and helping others achieve wealth and fame.

He is a traveller and doesn’t stay in one place for long. He has lived in many cities such as Madrid, Krakow, Istanbul, Mexico City, London and Buenos Aires.

He still enjoys playing the guitar and occasionally, he writes. There aren’t many details about Nicholas’s personal life since he lives a private life.


Nicholas Crown has a quiet lifestyle, despite being rich and famous. Unlike other celebrities, it is hard to come across any information about his possession of cars or luxurious houses.

Crown writes in his spare time. He has written a couple of articles which include “5 Steps to slaying the Hiring Robots”, “The Big Chat: 30 Coaches in 30 days” and  “The Prize Fight: Buzzword vs. Keyword”

He also enjoys playing the guitar. We have no records of his charity giving but we are convinced that he is involved in charity work.

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Nicholas Crown is an American entrepreneur and Digital content creator with a net worth of $10 million

He earns from his companies; Resume Atelier and Amoeba and also from his social media pages where he has thousands and millions of followers.

Crown has lived in many cities and currently resides in Miami. He is neither married nor in any romantic relationship.

He is popular online for his “Rich vs Really Rich” tik tok series. Crown enjoys playing the guitar and has even won an award with his band in 2016.

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