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Michaella McCollum Age, Net Worth, Birthday, Husband, Family, Wiki Bio



Michaella McCollum

Michaella McCollum Connolly is famous for being one of the “Peru Two,” young women arrested in Peru in 2013 for attempting to smuggle 11.5 kilograms of cocaine worth €1.7 million. McCollum and her co-accused, Melissa Reid, were both sentenced to six years and eight months in prison but were released after serving 20 months and returned to the UK in 2016.

Michaella McCollum Age, Net Worth, Birthday, Husband, Family, And Wiki Bio

Michaella McCollum and Melissa Reid

Not one to keep her experiences hidden, Michaella courageously documented her remarkable story in a memoir titled “You’ll Never See Daylight Again,” which hit the shelves in July 2016. The compelling narrative caught the attention of publishers, who offered her an astonishing £250,000 for the tell-all book.

As her story gained traction, Michaella’s involvement extended beyond her memoir. She appeared in notable interviews on the BBC and received royalties for the retelling of her captivating tale, amplifying her earnings. In a surprising twist, both women had initially been sentenced to six years in Lima, where their drug-related activities were discovered.

Prepare to be captivated by the intricate layers of Michaella’s life. Uncover the mysteries surrounding her net worth, family connections, birthday, relationships, etc.

Michaella McCollum’s Biography

Michaella McCollum Connolly was born on 10th July 1996. As of 2023, she is 28 years of age. Raised in Northern Ireland amidst the challenges of a troubled childhood, Michaella McCollum’s path was marred by the pervasive presence of drugs, gambling, and threats that loomed over her family.

Additionally, she bravely confronted the trials of an abusive relationship. Seeking to escape from it all, Michaella embarked on a transformative journey at 19, taking a decisive step towards freedom by purchasing a one-way ticket to Ibiza.

In Ibiza, she found a job as a dancer and waitress. With time, a young man approached her with an offer of $5000 to smuggle drugs across the border. Things turned south when she was arrested on her way to Spain and sent to jail.

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After her release in 2016, she went on to make the most of life. Following her completion of studies in psychology and sociology, the Irish woman delved further into her academic pursuits by undertaking a Spanish A-level.

Driven by her ambition, she subsequently applied and received an acceptance to a prestigious university in Great Britain to study International Business Management.

However, she was turned down because of the stain on her reputation as one of the Peru Two. She went on to apply to Belfast University and pursued her dream.

Full Name Michaella McCollum Connolly
Nick Name: Peru Two
Birth Place: Dungannon, Northern Ireland
Birthday: July 10, 1994
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Net Worth: $250K-300K
Age: 28
Currently live in: Dungannon, Northern Ireland
Nationality: Irish
Religion Christianity
Ethnicity: Mixed
College: Belfast University
Profession:  Writer, Social Media Influencer, Author, Model
 Social Media Accounts: Twitter,  Instagram, Facebook

Michaella McCollum’s Family, Husband, And Relationships

Michaella shared many childhood memories with her mother, Samantha, her sister, and Keith, her brother. Samantha married in 2018, and Keith has become the father of two children.

Michaella McCollum Age, Net Worth, Birthday, Husband, Family, And Wiki Bio

Michaella’s sister and mom

Michaella McCollum Age, Net Worth, Birthday, Husband, Family, And Wiki Bio

Michaella and Keith, her brother, in their early days

In a twist of fate, Michaella McCollum welcomed twin sons, Raphael and Rio, into the world on May 8, 2018. The timing was impeccable, with Raphael Genie making his grand entrance at 10.48 pm, followed closely by Rio Addison just 13 minutes later at 11.01 pm.

Sharing a candid moment on Instagram Live, McCollum revealed that she is raising her sons as a single parent, as their father isn’t very present in their lives. But she embraces the challenge with strength and determination.

Michaella McCollum Age, Net Worth, Birthday, Husband, Family, And Wiki Bio

Raphael Genie and Rio Addison

What sparked the inspiration for their names? McCollum confessed that a dream featuring the renowned Spanish tennis player, Rafael Nadal, led her to choose the name, Raphael. And to create a harmonious duo, Rio was the perfect fit.

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Although the journey of single motherhood can be challenging and, at times, lonely, McCollum is confident in her capability and is very happy raising her boys independently. The identity of the twins’ father remains unknown as his name was not signed on their birth certificate, as revealed by their Michaella.

Michaella has managed to keep her romantic relationships and the identity of her children’s father out of the public eye. Although speculations have gone out at different times out of curiosity to know who her current sweetheart is, she has been able to keep that aspect of her life private. The social media influencer says her children are a top priority.

Michaella McCollum Age, Net Worth, Birthday, Husband, Family, And Wiki Bio

Michaelle and her boys

Father Name  Mr. McCollum
Mother Name  Mrs. McCollum
Brother Name  Keith
Sister Name  Samantha
Children Raphael and Rio

Who Is Michaella’s Husband?

Michaella has often preferred to keep her relationship status private, far from the public’s eyes. There are no records of her being married. Michaella is, however, a single mum and continues to be a responsible mother to her children.

Michaella McCollum’s Career

Michaella Michaella McCollum is a former Northern Irish drug mule who is now a TV presenter, author, and businesswoman. After her sentence, Michaella began to embrace her realities. She worked at the prison beauty salon, where she learned much.

Michaella McCollum Age, Net Worth, Birthday, Husband, Family, And Wiki Bio

Photo of the cocaine laced in porridge and soup packets found in McCollum and Reid’s luggage.

McCollum has since written a book about her experiences called “No Turning Back: My Story.” She has also appeared on several television shows, including “This Morning” and “Loose Women.” She has also launched her own business, a social media marketing company called McCollum Media.

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In 2023, McCollum announced that she would be presenting a new crime series for BBC Three. The series, titled The Real Narcos, will explore the world of drug trafficking and the people who are involved in it.

The documentary of Michaella’s drug story, “High:Confession of an Ibiza Drug Mule,” is one of Netflix’s biggest successes. It was first aired on BBC Three sometime in 202,1, and it was widely received globally, not just in Ireland.

Michaella McCollum’s Net Worth Summary

As of 2023, Michaella’s net worth is somewhat unclear to determine. However, it is estimated at $250,000 – $300,000.

McCollum has appeared in a number of TV shows, including “The Jeremy Kyle Show.” She is reportedly paid between £1,000 and £2,000 per appearance. She also has a number of endorsement deals, including one with a hair care company.

Michaella McCollum Age, Net Worth, Birthday, Husband, Family, And Wiki Bio

Michaella McCollum Age, Net Worth, Birthday, Husband, Family, And Wiki Bio

The duo’s gripping tale first made headlines in the Channel 4 documentary, “Brits Behind Bars: Cocaine Smugglers.”

Now, the BBC is revisiting their extraordinary journey in a five-part documentary series featuring fresh interviews with Michaella and Melissa, offering audiences a renewed perspective on their riveting story.

She released her book – High: My Prison Journey as One of the Infamous Peru Two – in 2019. When the pair were originally arrested in 2013, they were found to be in possession of 11 kg of cocaine.

They then told police officers that they had been forced to smuggle the drugs by an armed gang but later admitted to the charge.

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