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Matt Ox Age, Net Worth, Height, Mom, Family, And Wiki Bio



Matt Ox

Matt Ox is an American rapper and songwriter hailing from Philadelphia. The teenager rose to prominence after releasing his hit single “Overwhelming.” This song had more than 10K plays on the first day it was uploaded on SoundCloud, and the official video has been viewed over 31M times on YouTube.

As of April 2023, his net worth is estimated at $400 thousand. Matt Ox earned this fortune from his career as a rapper. After his debut in 2016, he released many singles and albums. These include the Overwhelming song released in 2017. Matt Ox has also been featured in different songs.

Matt Ox is a talented and versatile artist with a great future in the music industry. The American rapper has gained popularity as a teenager, but many people do not know who he is. Continue reading to learn more about Matt’s biography, family, net worth, and relationship.

Mat Ox Wiki & Biography

As of May 2023, Matthew Christopher Grau (famously known as Matt Ox) was 18 years old. He was born on December 13, 2004, in Lawncrest, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. That was where he was raised by his mother and discovered his talent as a rapper.

Matt Ox had a tough beginning. His mother was only 15 years of age when she gave birth to him. And his father? Matt’s father was mentally ill and would commit suicide when Matt was only a toddler of two and a half years of age.

Matt Ox was raised by his teenage mother. Despite the challenges, his mother, Laurel Grau, did everything she could to support his son and give him the life he deserved. And due to the obstacles, Matt Ox was homeschooled.

Matt had an interest in rap music at a young age. He was raised listening to songs by hip-hop stars and rappers, including Kendrick Lamar and Eminem. These were his mother’s greatest artists. Since their songs were played in the house frequently, Matt Ox became addicted to them.

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He started writing songs at the age of 5. This amazed his mother, who spent the next few years nurturing and supporting him. Fortunately, their efforts paid off. Matt’s ambition of becoming a rapper became true when he considered a music career when he was 12.

Matt Ox Age, Net Worth, Height, Mom, Family, And Wiki Bio

12-year-old Matt Ox

Mat took odd jobs to raise money for a microphone to record his first song. After saving for a while, he could afford a low-cost microphone. In an exclusive interview, Matt Ox said he recorded his early singles on his mother’s MacBook. These were uploaded to SoundCloud, where they gained traction and propelled him to celebrity.

Full Name/Real Name: Matthew Christopher Grau
Nick Name/Stage Name: Matt Ox or Young Bull
Birth Place: Lawncrest, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Birthday: December 13, 2004
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Net Worth $400 thousand
Age (How Old): 18
Weight: 50 Kg (110 pounds)
Height (How Tall): 5 ft 4 (1.62m)
Currently Live In: Lawncrest, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Debut: 2016
Nationality: American
Religion: Christian
Ethnicity: Unknown
College: Homeschooled
Profession: Rapper, singer, songwriter
Social Media Accounts:

Matt Ox Siblings, Family, And Relationships

As mentioned, Matt Ox had a difficult upbringing. His mother. Laurel Grau had to do everything for herself. That was because Matt’s father was never in the picture.

Matt Ox Age, Net Worth, Height, Mom, Family, And Wiki Bio

Matt Ox and his mother, Laurel Grau

Matt’s father’s name is still unknown to the public. He lost him at a young age. His father was struggling with mental health when he was born. Tragically, he passed away when Matt was only two and a half years of age.

Matt’s father committed suicide, and the teenage mother had to raise her son herself. Luckily, Laurel became a supportive mother to Matt. She nurtured him and helped him to realize his potential as a rapper. To date, Laurel still accompanies her son to most concerts and happily cheers him while on stage.

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Matt Ox has never had any known relationships. He never talks about seeing someone or dating anyone. Whether he has been in any relationship or not remains unclear.

According to his social media channels, such as Instagram and Facebook, Matt Ox mainly focuses on his career. He only posts his concerts and songs, making many people believe he channels his energy into his career development.

Matt Ox Age, Net Worth, Height, Mom, Family, And Wiki Bio

A typical post on Matt Ox’s Instagram account

From our research, we couldn’t find any proof that this 18-year-old superstar is dating. That led us to the conclusion that Matt Ox is single.

Father Name Unknown
Mother Name Laurel Grau
Brother Name Unknown
Sister Name N/A
Girlfriend N/A
Marital Status Single
Wife Name N/A
Children N/A

Physical Appearance

Matt Ox is a young and still promising young man. He has a lean body structure, weighing only 110 pounds, and stands 5 feet and 4 inches tall. However, he still has room for improvement as he is just a teenager with a long way to go.

Matt Ox is white with white skin and small black eyes. He is known for his iconic long shaggy hair, usually black but sometimes dyed white or blond.

He often wears casual outfits. Mat Ox likes T-shirts, jeans, and hoods on top, but his dress code also varies depending on the occasion.

Matt Ox Age, Net Worth, Height, Mom, Family, And Wiki Bio

Matt Ox wearing a red hoody and a pair of jeans


Matt OX is one of the most talented rappers of the new generation. He started his career at a young age and was already successful when he turned 12 years old. That was when he debuted his music video, Overwhelming, which has had over 31 million views on YouTube.

His debut music video came out in 2017 and used Oogie instrumentals. This was followed by a new single in 2018 featuring Warner. Matt Ox then signed with Motown, and his career took off.

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MATT OX – Overwhelming

Matt Ox collaborated with XXXTentaction on the song, “$$$”, which was also an instant hit. It was released in March 2018 and achieved over 155 million plays on Spotify.

Matt released his first album, Ox, on October 30, 2018, under the Motown label and produced by a Philadelphia-based production crew, Working on Dying. The album consisted of 11 songs under 3 minutes each. Three tracks out of these feature Chief Keef, Key!, and Valee.

Matt Ox Age, Net Worth, Height, Mom, Family, And Wiki Bio

Matt Ox and Chief Keef. The two did “Jet Lag” together.

On December 13, 2020, Matt Ox released his first-ever extended play, consisting of 10 EP tracks. This was titled Sweet 16, probably to commemorate his age by then. He did another extended play, Unorthodox, just a few months later. The two EPs had not featured any guest artists.

Matt Ox released his second album, Year of the Ox, on January 31, 2022. Unlike the EPs, this album had guest appearances from UnoTheActivist and Lancey Foux.

The latest EP, Teen Rave, by Matt Ox, came out on December 13, 2022. This consists of 8 tracks. And like the previous EPs, Teen Rave has had traction and much success, just as expected.

Matt Ox Age, Net Worth, Height, Mom, Family, And Wiki Bio

Matt Ox’s Teen Rave Ep cover photo

The following is a complete list of singles where Matt Ox appeared as a lead or featured artist:

  • Overwhelming
  • Messages
  • Athlete
  • Deposits
  • Tesla
  • Zero Degrees
  • Bag
  • Oh Dam
  • Awesome
  • Breakdown
  • No Limit

Watch Matt Ox’s latest music video, Day One

Matt Ox Net Worth Summary

Matt Ox has a net worth of about $400 thousand as of April 2023. He made this fortune from his professional career as a rapper. His record sales, show performances, and brand promotions are his primary sources of income.

As young as he is, his net worth is a remarkable performance. Mat Ox has a bright future ahead with every opportunity to join the millionaire club. He is talented and is already a superstar in a relatively challenging industry.

Undoubtedly, Matt has the potential to accumulate more wealth and even become one of the greatest rappers in history.

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