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Malu Trevejo Net Worth, How Old Is She?



Malu Trevejo Net Worth

Malu Trevejo, whose real name is María Luisa Trevejo, is a Cuban-spanish singer, model, and social media influencer. As of 2023, Malu Trevejo has an estimated net worth of $2 million, according to public sources.

This Cuban-Spanish celebrity gained fame from posting multiple lip-syncing videos on, which she found fascinating. She went viral with a particular belly dancing video, promoting her to capitalise on the fame and open accounts on other platforms that now have millions of followers.

This article will shed more light on this young internet celebrity and reveal her net worth, career, personal life assets, endorsements, and more. Read on!

How Old Is Malu Trevejo?

Malu Trevejo, also known as Maria Luisa Trevejo, was Born on October 15, 2002, Malu Trevejo’s age is 20 years old as of 2023, she is a Cuban-Spanish singer. She rode to fame with her videos on the platform, which involved lip-syncing and belly dancing.

After going viral, she became an internet personality with 11 million followers on Instagram, 24 million on Tiktok, and more. She also released her debut single on September 22, 2017, “Luna Llena” with In-Tu Linea and Universal Music Latin, which amassed over 10p million YouTube views.

Here are some quick facts about Malu Trevejo:

Full Name/Real Name: María Luisa Trevejo
Nick Name/Stage Name: Malu Trevejo
Birth Place: Havana, Cuba
Birthday: October 15, 2002
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Age(How Old): 21
Weight: 50 LG (110 lbs)
Height(How Tall): 5’4″ (1.63 metres)
Marital Status: Single
Wife/Husband: None
Girlfriend: N/A
Parent’s Name: Father: Unknown

Mother: Denia Petterssen

Kids/Children Name: None
Siblings: Brother (s): none

Sister (s): Unknown

College: Miami Dade College
Profession: Singer, model, social media influencer
Social Media Accounts:

What Is Malu Trevejo’s Net Worth

Malu Trevejo is a famous Cuban-Spanish singer, social media personality, and model with millions of followers on Tiktok, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. As of 2023, Malu Trevejo is estimated to be worth $2 million, according to public sources.

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Malu Trevejo Net Worth Annually

Like YouTube Mobile gaming Legend, iFerg, Malu Trevejo earns money from multiple income streams and one includes her YouTube channel, which features her music and other entertaining videos. According to analytics, her channel gets around 1.5 million views monthly and almost 50 thousand views daily.

Combining these figures with YouTube’s monetization systems of $3 to $7 per thousand views, Trevejo’s channel earns approximately $6000 monthly, reaching $87 thousand annually.

It’s also worth mentioning that Malu Trevejo runs an OnlyFans account, which is a social media platform that allows popular personalities to offer exclusive content to viewers. Subscription to this profile is free but viewers then pay specific amounts to unlock explicit videos and pictures of the celebrity.

With more than 1.55 million likes, Malu’s OnlyFans is estimated to generate over $200,000 annually. This is a significant contributor to her overall financial evaluation.

Her increased social media presence and fame presented the beautiful personality with opportunities from different brands. Essentially, Malu has earned money via brand endorsements with companies like HeySilkySkin, Fashion Nova, and many more.

She also has a modelling career, but not much information is known about her earnings and contracts. Nevertheless, it contributes to her overall financial evaluation.

Lastly, Malu Trevejo is known for her musical talent, and she began her career with the 2017 debut “Luna Llena” with In-Tu Linea and Universal Music Latin. Earnings from this contract are currently unavailable and further investigation shows that Malu Trevejo voided her contract with Universal Music Latin in 2018.

With these factors combined, it’s logical to conclude that Malu Trevejo earns over $300 thousand annually. This estimate is drawn from potential YouTube and OnlyFans earnings, alongside gains made from modelling, social media endorsements, and music career.

How Did Malu Trevejo Get Rich?

Malu Trevejo is currently famous for her musical talent, stunning physical appearance, OnlyFans content, and seductive social media presence, just like G Flip. This fame began when she discovered, an online platform that allowed users to share videos, like YouTube.

Trevejo uploaded multiple lip-syncing videos on; however, her viral Malu Trevejo belly dancing video made her go viral. This attention helped her gain millions of followers on before it got acquired by Tiktok.

Nevertheless, she transitioned to YouTube and Tiktok, where she has millions of followers and views that translate to money.

Her fame also attracted brand endorsements and modelling contracts to associate the social media personality with their establishment. Eventually, she decided to make her music debut in 2017 and released  “Luna Llena”, propelling her financially and career-wise.

She currently runs an OnlyFans page, which monetizes her dedicated fan base, bringing significant financial benefits to the Cuban-Spanish singer.

Career and Awards

Malu began her singing career in 2017 with her debut single  “Luna Llena”, which reached 4 million views in the first week of release and now has over 100 million views on YouTube. She eventually released her four-track debut EP titled Una Vez Más, which was well-received by her fans and music enthusiasts.

Malu Trevejo Luna Llena Official Video

Malu Trevejo Luna Llena Official Video

Trevejo also signed a deal with legendary Rapper Travis Scott under record label Cactus Jack Records alongside a desk with Atlantic Records. With these labels, she released the song Complicado’ ft Luar La L.

Her musical success is evident in her YouTube channel and Spotify account; her channel currently sits at 1.57 million subscribers and her Spotify account currently has over 280 thousand monthly listeners.

Below are some of Malu Trevejo’s singing career highlights:

  • Luna Llena (2017)
  • Nadie Como Yo (2018)
  • Como Tú Me Quieres (2018)
  • Una Vez Más (EP, 2019)
  • Think About (2019)
  • Walking in the Club (Song, 2020)

As for awards, Malu Trevejo is yet to receive an award in her musician journey; nevertheless, her single, “Luna Llena”, reached No. 27 on the Hot Latin Songs chart.

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Investments And Endorsements

Very little is known about Malu Trevejo’s financial life other than her earnings. Essentially, no details are available regarding her investments or assets.

However, Trevejo is no stranger with brand endorsements as gaining sudden fame resulted in many brands wanting to associate with the social media influencer.

According to public sources, Trevejo has multiple brand contracts with establishments like HeySilkySkin, Fashion Nova, and many more.

This section will be updated when future information surfaces about investments don’t by Malu Trevejo.

Personal Life

As a social media influencer, the public has access to Malu Trevejo’s personal life, which she updates fans with regularly. Regarding her relationship, the Cuban-Spanish singer was affiliated with the Baton Rouge rapper, Youngboy.

Malu Trevejo posing with her Lamborghini Urus

Malu Trevejo posing with her Lamborghini Urus

However, the pair split when Malu said she’s not ready for an intimate relationship and even accused the Rapper of cheating. Later, rumours surfaced of Malu dating someone, which originated from a post she made on Instagram.

Nevertheless, no confirmation has been revealed about Malu Trevejo’s relationship besides her breakup with Youngboy.

Besides her relationship, Malu also shares a glimpse of her massive Los Angeles mansion, which features an outdoor swimming pool, baseball court, and a movie theater. She also reveled that’s she recently acquired her dream car, a Lamborghini Urus which starts around $229,495.


What Are Malu Trevejo’s Parent’s Names?

While Malu enjoys displaying her life to the public, she is very personal about her parents and rarely mentions them. Her mother is Denia Petterssen who appears in Malu’s videos occasionally; however, not much is known about her father.

Does/Did Malu Trevejo Sell Merch?

Many YouTubers sell merchandise to fans for extra income, and Trevejo did the same with her channel. Fans could get merchandise at, which offered hats, sweatpants, jewelery, hoodies, and shirts.

Does Malu Trevejo Have Tattoos?

Malu Trevejo has has five visible tattoos throughout her body. A massive and stunning one on her chest, one on her upper shoulder, a poem on her upper arm, and a paw print, treble chef, and rose on her wrist.

Who Inspires Malu Trevejo?

Most celebrities draw inspiration from multiple sources and icons, and Malu Trevejo is no different. The singer revealed that she’s inspired by Shakira, whose dance and music style resonated with her.

Where Does Malu Trevejo Stay?

Malu Trevejo was born in Havana, Cuba but lived her childhood in Madrid, Spain. Eventually, she relocated to Miami, Florida, but currently reidded in Los Angeles, California.

Very little to no information exists about Trevejo’s personal life in terms of any real estate or vehicles that she may own. In a TikTok video, Malu revealed she had purchased her dream car, a Lamborghini Urus which starts around $229,495 for its base model.

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