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Love And Pebble Net Worth



Love And Pebble Net Worth

Quick Facts About Love And Pebble

Company Name: Love and Pebble
Product Natural skincare product
  • Paul  Tran
  • Lynda Truong
Founded: November 2018
Headquarters Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Social Media Accounts

Love and Pebble is an Atlanta-based natural skincare company. The brand became well-known after a video of one of its products, Frozen Food-Grade Facial Care, went viral on TikTok.

Ever since the company has really been making massive sales. Over the years, Love and Pebble have indeed made tons of money from its skincare product sales globally.

What Is Love And Pebble’s Net Worth

Love and Pebble’s net worth is estimated to be $1.5 Million as of 2023. The company gathered this impressive wealth from selling its skin care products.

Apart from how much this natural skin care company is worth, we covered more about the company in this article. By the end of this article, you will learn about the founders of Love and Pebble, if the company is still in business, and how exactly it amassed such net worth. So read on.

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Love And Pebble Net Worth Annually

With an estimated net worth of $1.5 Million, Love and Pebble amassed all this wealth from selling its organic skin care products. The company sells its Beauty Pops Ice Mask Kit, which contains 12-14x Beauty Pops masks, 1x Beauty Pops Tray, and 1x Mixing spatula 1x Spoon at $39.99.

On the other hand, the powder refill which is the GLOW Beauty Pops (mask refill only) costs $29. Initially, the company’s Cost Price for the Beauty Pops was $9.20. At this cost price rate, they sold the product for $46, with a profit margin of 80%.

Furthermore, the founders being on the Shark Tank also boosted Love and Pebble’s revenue. The viral video showing how effective the Beauty Pops product is on TikTok has also contributed to the increase in the company’s revenue.

After the video went viral on TikTok, Beauty Pops sold out five times. It sold more than $100000 in just four days after the viral Tik Tok video.

Additionally, the founders of Love and Pebble appearing on the popular American business show, the Shark Tank show, also contributed to the increase in the company’s revenue. After the founder’s appearance on the Shark Tank show, the company also gained more popularity.

Consequently, this shoots up the sales of the company’s skincare products. And at the rate at which Love and Pebble keep gathering popularity has led to an increase in customer conversion rate.

Therefore, there is no sign that the net worth of this company will decline any time soon. Year after year, Love and Peebles’ net worth will undoubtedly keep increasing.

Background Of Love And Pebble

The Love and Pebble Company is owned and run by two people (a couple) named Lynda Truong and Paul Tran. Before venturing into skin care, Lynda Truong has always been an entrepreneur.

At 21, she started her business career with a clothing store. The husband, Paul Tran, on the other hand, has a background in pharmacy. He worked as a pharmacist for Delta Air Lines for 12 years.

The couple started the company in November 2018. However, the business idea comes from Lynda trying.

Growing up, Lynda Truong struggled with acne. But because she did not come from a wealthy home, her family could not buy her any skin care products to treat her acne.

As a result, Lynda Truong resorted to do-it-yourself skin care. She tried so many ingredients in the kitchen for so many years until she discovered the magic of a frozen banana on the face.

This was the beginning of Love and Pebble. Though Lynda Truong and Paul Tran established the company in November 2018, the first time they launched their first skincare product was in March 2021.

The founders had to take two years to do thorough research before releasing their first skincare product, called Beauty Pops, for their company.

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Love And Pebble’s Rise To Fame

After releasing its first skincare product, Beauty Pops, in March 2021, the company posted a video of how good the product is on its Tik Tok page. The video is about the facial transformation of Lynda Truong’s mother after using the Beauty Pops product.

The video went viral on the platform. Love and Pebble did not only make massive sales but gained popularity that they even appeared on the popular American business show, the Shark Tank.

Love And Pebble Net Worth, Background, Founders, And More

Paul Tran and Lynda Truong on the Shark Tank show

On the business show, the couple asked for the sum of $150,000. They requested the amount in exchange for a 10% stake in their company.

The sharks were impressed with their pitch. Unfortunately, none of the investors agreed to invest in the company.

After the Shark Tank show, the company’s Tik Tok account followers shot up to over 100k and over 2 million likes. Love and Pebble has also got featured in popular magazines like Today, Life & Style, Bella, and BuzzFeed.

FAQs About Love And Pepple

What season and episode did Love and Pebble founders appear on the Shark Tank show?

The Love and Pebble founders, Paul Tran and Lynda Truong appeared on season 13, episode 7 of the Shark Tank Show. The show aired on November 19, 2021.

How do Skin Icing Beauty Pops work?

Mix the Glow mask powder into an ice mold and then combine it with water until it becomes a paste. Next step, place the molds with your mix in your freezer for 3 to 4 hours. Voila! Your pops are ready.

How do you use love and pebble?

Once your pops are ready, apply it on your skin and leave it for like 5 to 10 minutes. Then rinse off the mask with cool or cold water. It is recommendable to use a cleansing facial sponge to gently wipe off the mask.

Is Love and Pebble still in business?

Yes, Love and Pebble is still in business. The company is doing well and has many reviews from satisfied customers on Amazon.

Who is the owner of Love & Pebble?

Love & Pebble is owned by the couple named Paul Tran and Lynda Truong. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, Love & Pebble provides natural skincare products.

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The founders of Love and Pebble are still dedicated to offering better and improved best skin care products to their customers. And as long as they are still in business, their net wealth will undoubtedly keep increasing.

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