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Liver King (Brian Johnson) Net Worth: Age, Wife, Height



Liver King's Net Worth

Liver King, also known as the Barbarian Carnivore, is a social media personality and health enthusiast. In a little over a year, he grew from zero online followers to over six million. And his message was clear, return to our natural primal selves by adopting natural living and, most importantly, eat liver.

His extreme contents, which involved the consumption of liver, bone marrow, and other raw animal meat, spread like wildfire. But not so long after his meteoric rise to fame, a bombshell dropped, revealing that his whole Liver King persona was a facade with the ultimate goal of garnering a large following and converting them into paying customers.

With his products having over ten thousand five-star reviews on Amazon, his plan might have worked. But how much is the Liver King worth? Stick with us as we explore his networth and who Brian Johnson was before he became the Liver King.

What Is Liver King Net Worth

As of 2023, Liver King’s net worth is estimated to be $12 million. Much of his wealth comes from investments, especially his ancestral health brands and social media.

He generates massive wealth from his real estate investments, supplement startups, and social media pages. Liver King confirmed that he generates over $1 million from his wellness enterprise and personal brand.

Please sit back and enjoy this article; it covers everything you need about Liver King’s annual income, early life, personal life, career, achievements, and awards.

Liver King’s Net Worth Annually

Liver King has several business endeavors, which is why his net worth grows annually. He is famous for his weird “ancestral” diet liver.

However, he promotes this diet and lifestyle by eating up to a pound of raw liver daily. The Liver King’s wealth continues to grow annually, and he is now showing any signs of slowing down.

His fitness business, Ancestral Supplements, and Heart & Soil fetch about $1 million monthly and more than $12 million annually.

He also sells natural Protein Supplements, including other products. One of his websites welcomes about 175,000 organic visitors. However, ordering two supplements on this site costs an average of $80 with a 2% conversion rate.

The Liver King makes about $3 million to $4 million annually from his website. He also makes an annual extra $24 million from his Amazon orders. He has massive followers on his Instagram page, up to 2 million.

Thanks to his active social media use, he has over 2.5 million TikTok fans. The Liver King makes over $250,000 from all his social media platforms.

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How Did Liver King Make His Money

The Liver King began his journey to wealth with a high-paying job in a pharmacy. While working, he took time to engage in expensive sports like snowboarding before kick-starting his Instagram Liver King career.

He met his wife, Liver Queen Barbara Johnson, during one of his snowboarding days. After his marriage with the potential Liver Queen, the Liver King established a vertically integrated dentistry known as Dentiq Dentistry based in Texas with the Liver Queen.

The couple started their dentistry business with $500k by splitting it 50-50. However, after some time, they sold the business (for an undisclosed amount) and dived into full-time influencing and supplemental sales.

During this time, his wife was so supportive of his ancestral lifestyle, and as such, the Liver King went into being a fully muscular shirtless influencer.

He founded his businesses on a philosophy known as “Ancestral Living.” That is, an inspiration adopted from the lifestyle of early men.

The ancestral lifestyle includes a paleo diet based on raw flesh, liver, and lots more. The Liver King’s social media influence grew wild in 2022, and he started making more income from his pages, with an annual revenue of $250,000.

When the Liver King talks about his diet and exercise routine, he gains new followers, which helps to increase his net worth from his ancestral lifestyle supplement brand.

As a bodybuilder, the Liver King makes money through sponsorship deals and endorsements by showcasing brands on social media.

The Liver King has the highest stake in the ancestral lifestyle business and is also the founder. The business is believed to have a profit margin of 38%, which means it had an expected profit of $380,000 to $3 million. Considering the Liver King’s revenue and estimate in the business, he has a stake worth about $1 million.


Brian Johnson, the Liver King, was born April 7, 1977, in San Antonio, TX, United States. He is mostly known as Brian Johnson as of then and had never thought of becoming a Liver King.

While growing up as a child, he was never happy and was extremely secure about himself. At some point, he felt miserable, and depression set in.

He lost his father at a very tender age, leading him to live with his mother in SA compulsorily. Due to his short and skinny look, his peers in school bullied him all the time, and he was seen as an object of fun.

He became famous in 2021 after posting his first-ever Instagram video in August promoting an ancestral lifestyle, which involves the downing of raw meat and animal organs. And within two months, he hits 500,000 followers on TikTok.

He began his workout routine, and within a short time, he was jacked! His classmates at the time compared him to the famous actor Mark Wahlberg!

Full Name/Real Name Brian Johnson
Nick Name/Stage Name The Liver King
Birth Place San Antonio, TX, United States
Birthday April 7, 1977
Zodiac Sign Aries
Ago/How Old 45 years
Weight 180 Pounds
Height/How Tall 5 Feet 7 Inches Tall
Marital Status Married
Wife Barbara Johnson
Girlfriend N/A
Parent’s Name
Father Unknown
Mother Unknown
Children’s Name Rad Johnson, Stryker Johnson
Brother Unknown
Sister Unknown
College Texas Tech University
Profession Social media influencer and entrepreneur
Social Media Accounts
Instagram Visit Here
Facebook Visit Here
Twitter Visit Here
TikTok Visit Here
YouTube Visit Here

The Liver King’s Career And Awards

Liver King and his wife Barbara, aka Liver Queen, established a vertically integrated dental practice after tying the knot. The couple later sold the thriving business and shifted their focus to selling nutritional supplements and pursuing social media influencing full-time.

Liver King Net Worth

Liver King during one of his grueling training

Brian is the CEO and proprietor of firms that manufacture ancestral supplements and protein powders. Additionally, Johnson states that he has been a certified primal health coach, specializing in traditional diets and lifestyles for over two decades.

His businesses are founded on the principles of ‘Ancestral Living,’ a philosophy inspired by the habits of our ancestors. This lifestyle involves following a paleo diet that consists of raw meat, bone marrow, and animal liver and pushing the human body to its limits.

Brian Johnson’s primary sources of income are his social media endorsements and business ventures. In 2022, he gained immense popularity as a social media influencer in the United States, amassing millions of followers across his various social media accounts.

Social Media

As of March 2023, Liver King has a significant social media following, with 4.2 million TikTok followers and over 81 million likes, 1.9 million Instagram followers, 760k Facebook followers, and 258k subscribers on YouTube.


The Liver King has authored a book titled ‘The Ancestral Tenets,’ which advocates for nine principles that supposedly emulate the lifestyle of early humans, specifically hunter-gatherers. These nine tenets are Sleep. Eat. Move. Connect. Cold. Sun. Fight and Bond.

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Awards and Achievements

The Liver King is yet to bag any major award. However, he isn’t off the scene of influencing his followers on their diet. Therefore, he may land major awards in the meantime.

Investments and Endorsements

The Liver King differs from a typical investor like Tristan Tate and David Copperfield, who understands where to put that few dollars. Although Brian Johnson can be controversial regarding his diet and dress, he is well-informed in investments.

He has real estate outright and has much livestock among many investments. He also has ten undisclosed projects to mention but a few.

Personal Life

Brian Johnson is married to his long-term business partner Barbara Johnson. The duos met in 2004 and made their relationship official by getting married.

Liver King's Net Worth

Brian Johnson and Barbara Johnson

While Brian Johnson is the Liver King, Barbara Johnson is called the Liver Queen. They have two children named Rad Johnson and Stryker Johnson.

The Liver King usually refers to his boys as “Savage Liver Boys” because they took after him regarding their raw liver consumption.

The Liver King loves to ride horses during his leisure hour, which he loved right from childhood. He also travels to places alongside his family.

Despite the claims of no prior social media presence or experience, Liver King’s videos were doing so well with the algorithm when he started creating content. But what seemed like a man trying to promote ancestral living on the face level had teamed up with a marketing agency called ‘1DS Collective’.

Liver King Net Worth

A picture of Liver King, Liver Queen, and their sons.

Their mission was to turn Brian into the Liver King persona, consequently making him a celebrity. And the aim was to achieve their mission all within a year. While the plan worked, as the social media accounts garnered millions of followers quickly, people started asking whether the physique was attained naturally.

This continued for a while, with celebrities like Joe Rogan, Greg Doucette, and Derek more plate more date accusing him of using steroids. However, Brian repeatedly dismissed the accusations and claimed that he maintained a strict diet of liver and raw meat.

However, in 2022, leaked emails revealed that Brian was indeed using steroids, a clear contradiction of what he preached. He made a video in which he admitted to taking steroids and apologized for misleading his audience.

While some people find his methods controversial, the liver king has attracted a devoted following who believe in his holistic health and wellness message. However, he has also faced criticism for his extreme dietary habits and lack of scientific evidence to support some of his claims.

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1. Are there any controversies about the Liver King?

Yes. The Liver King was accused in 2022 of using steroids to build his body. The accusations were revealed by Derek, a famous YouTuber, as revealed in an email.

The Liver King was also accused of using products such as Test Cyp, Decca, Omnitrope, etc.

2. Is the Liver King so strong?

The Liver King’s physique may indicate he is strong. He weighs about 180 pounds and has a reasonable height of 7 inches.

The Liver King is so strong that he can only pull a car from his teeth.

3. Whydid the Liver King adopt a primitive ancestral lifestyle?

Brian admitted that his children usually fall sick and visit the hospital regularly due to allergies. He also admitted that the lifestyle came due to his motivation from reading Sally Falcon’s nourishing tradition.

He admitted that since he adopted the ancestral lifestyle, his sons no longer visit the hospital like before.

4. What are the ancestral principles of the Liver King?

The Liver King usually influences his followers with his principles. He listed his ancestral principles: eat, sleep, move, and connect.

Others are sun, cold, fight, bond, and shield. His followers usually adopt these ancestral tenets.

5. Howdid the Liver King achieve his bodybuilding?

The Liver King has a weekly routine he follows to execute his workout activities. A few of his workout routines include lower-body workouts, upper-body push exercises, and lifts.

He also walks many miles on sunny days and engages in heavy pulls.

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