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Ken Griffey Junior’s Net Worth



Ken Griffey Junior's Net Worth

For those who enjoy watching baseball, then you know who “The Kid” in MLB. Well, that is also the nickname of Ken Griffey, who was a great baseball player for the Seattle Mariners, Cincinnati Reds, and others. He is famously mostly for hitting hundreds of home runs and is considered among successful home run hitters in MLB history.

What Is Ken Griffey Junior’s Net Worth?

Having a lustrous career in baseball generally left him with a good amount of money. As of writing this guide in January 2023, Ken Griffey Jr. has a net worth of around $90 million. Most of the money has come from playing baseball, endorsements, and smart investments.

Ken won a lot of games and awards during his career. Right now, he is retired but still enjoys the fame that comes with the status. We look at his career, achievements, awards, how he uses his money, and more to help you understand the life of Ken Griffey.

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Earnings Overview

It is estimated that Ken has earned over $100 million in salary alone while being a baseball player. If you adjust for inflation, it is a bit more.

His highest salary was $12.5 million, which he earned over a span of four seasons from 2001 to 2005. His final salary by the time he was retiring was $2.3 million.

The biggest earner was when he signed a nine-year contract with the Cincinnati Reds in 2000. He would end up bagging a cool $116.5 million during this time.

The deal had to be deferred to a future date, meaning he will continue to earn around $3.5 million yearly from the same organization until 2025.

His career was quite good to the point he could afford a great house for his family. In 2004, Ken bought a $2.75 million house in Windermere, Florida.

The property features 10+ acres containing a 24,000-square-foot mansion with a pool, dock, and sports court. He also owns several pieces of land surrounding his property.

Early Life

George Kenneth Griffey Jr., or Ken Griffey Jr., was born in Donora, Pennsylvania, on November 21st, 1969. He was born into an athletic family because his father, Ken Griffey Sr., played in the MLB. Actually, at some point, they played on the same team.

This is where Ken got his inspiration to play baseball. He learned everything at an early age, and his father encouraged it too.

We can see that he excelled at sports quite well even while still young. As expected, he played baseball while in high school, winning the US high school baseball player of the year award in 1987. Despite being a good baseball player, he was also good at football to the point he got scholarship offers for the same.

Griffey Jr. is now married to Melisa Griffey. They have three children together. They are George Kenneth II, who plays in the NFL, Taryn, who is on the women’s basketball team, and Tevin Kendall.

The family currently lives lavishly in Florida.

Net Worth $90 million
Full Name Ken Griffey Jr.
Age 54 years old
Born November 21, 1969
Gender Male
Height 6ft 2in (1.905m)
Country of Origin United States of America
Source of Wealth Baseball Player
Wife Melissa Griffey
Children 3 children

Health Issues and A Suicide Attempt

Ken Griffey Jr. suffers from pleurisy. This condition makes the lining of the lungs inflamed, leaving you in a lot of pain. This condition was diagnosed in 2007, and he has been managing it ever since.

We cannot forget to mention the time when Ken came close to dying. He was 18 years old and had too much pressure playing baseball.

He felt everyone was shouting at him while at the game and home. This made him swallow over 250 pills, but he was saved. After this, his father had to take off the pressure and let him play his own game.

Career Highlights And Awards

Ken’s career started in 1987 when he got drafted to play for the Seattle Mariners. With a signing bonus of $160,000, he was ready to give it all when playing for such a team.

He gained a lot of experience playing for this team, which propelled his professional level of playing baseball.

His first official appearance for the Mariners was in 1989. He went on to play for 11 seasons with the team and made a name for himself. During his stay at the mariners, he hit 398 home runs and 167 bases.

Most people knew Ken for his defensive playing and diving catches. It is all fun until you have to play with your father at the same time.

That happened to Ken as he played with his father in 1990 on the same team. It was quite a history right there. Ken’s father would retire the following year, 1991.

In 1997, Griffey was instrumental in helping his team win against the New York Yankees during the division series. It was the same thing when he helped the team win the AL West crown. It is possible to see just how instrumental he was to his team.

By the time it was 1999, Ken had suffered several injuries which would affect his overall performance. Sammy Sosa would overtake him in the number of home runs made during the entire season.

In 2000, Cincinnati Reds bought Ken, and things were still not looking good compared to before, where he had done so much. Injuries plagued him for the better part of the early 2000s. The most notable is when he raptured his right hamstring in 2004.

However, in 2005, Ken regained his form and became named the National League Comeback Player of the Year. Even though he had a better time playing for the Reds, it was not seen as positive.

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Like Ryan Clark, Bo Jackson, Russell Wilson, and Vince Young, Ken has earned many significant awards that have helped distinguish him throughout his career. He has won over 15 awards in his career as a baseball player. Here are more.

  • 1990 Gold Glove Award (American League Outfielder)
  • 1990 MLB Player of the Month Award
  • 1991 Gold Glove Award (American League Outfielder)
  • 1991 The Silver Slugger Award (American League)
  • 1992 All-Star Game Most Valuable Player Award
  • 1992 Gold Glove Award (American League Outfielder)
  • 1993 Gold Glove Award (American League Outfielder)
  • 1993 The Silver Slugger Award (American League)
  • 1994 Gold Glove Award (American League Outfielder)
  • 1994 The Silver Slugger Award (American League)
  • 1995 Gold Glove Award (American League Outfielder)
  • 1996 Gold Glove Award (American League Outfielder)
  • 1996 The Silver Slugger Award (American League)
  • 1997 Gold Glove Award (American League Outfielder)
  • 1997 MLB Player of the Month Award
  • 1997 Most Valuable Player Award (BBWAA)
  • 1997 Outstanding Player of the Year Award (Player’s Choice)

The most recent was in 2016 when he won the National Baseball Hall of Fame. The list above is just but a few; you can be sure to find out more with a quick research on Ken Griffey Jr.

Ken had a short stay at the Chicago White Sox and then returned to Mariners to finish his career. The remaining two years of his career were some of the best as he continued to play to a high standard and did quite well. Ken Griffey Jr. retired from professional baseball in 2010.

Ken also made quite a fortune too by getting endorsements. The most memorable was when he worked with Nike and Nintendo. While he was at the peak of his career, he was one of the most marketable players in Major League Baseball. The best part is that he was never linked to using steroids, unlike his competitors.

Ken has also made film and TV appearances before. This includes shows such as The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Little Big League, Summer Catch, and The Simpsons.

Here is a Hall of Fame video on Ken Griffey

Life lessons From Ken Griffey Jr.

Ken teaches us about versatility. He is involved in different activities, including TV shows and movies. He also co-wrote a song with a rapper, making him stand out as a highly versatile person.

Ken also works for several causes. This includes his foundation that helps to support the Boys & Girls Clubs of America and hospitals.

We also see him as a dedicated family man. He is largely devoted to his wife and children, ensuring they get whatever they need.

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Ken Griffey Jr. has had a great career in baseball, helping him amass a fortune of $90 million. He followed in his father’s footsteps and now loves his career choice.

We can also see his children going into different sports too. It just shows how athletic the family is today. At least now you have caught up with your favorite baseball player.

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