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Julie Green Ministries International Org On Rumble, Latest Video, Net Worth And Bio



Founded by Julie Green in 1987, the Julie Green ministries international is a highly revered Christian movement. The ministry oversees the activities of a TV network, and over 40 churches and 26 schools.

Julie Green ministries international prioritizes help through charitable assistance and supply of relief materials to developing communities.

Its American preacher/founder, Julie Green, is often described by her distinct view of biblical ideas and vivid explanations with practical illustrations.

Julie Green, founder of Julie Green ministries international, Dies at 60

The next section explains Julie Green International history, a brief background of Julie Green biography, her personal life and overall net worth.

Julie Green Ministries International Wikipedia & Biography

Julie Green Ministries International Org On Rumble, Latest Video, Net Worth, And Bio

JGM International official website

The Julie Green Ministries International was founded in 1987 in Iowa, United States. However, the activities of the religious organization have now exceeded the American shores and are spreading hope and faith globally.

Its founder, Prophet Julie Green is a Native American born on December 4, 1973 in Dewitt, Iowa. However, Julie grew up in California and her father and mother are Christians. It is believed her parents accepted the faith while Julie Green’s mother was conceived by her.

Julie Green, Artist Who Memorialized Inmates’ Last Suppers

Julie herself became serious with the Christian faith at age 5 and jointly attended the Rhema Bible College with her parents. Julie Green later became more confident and would even lay hands on the sick.

Today, the Julie Green Ministries International is global and you might see people shorten the name as JGM International. Julie Green’s father is the Head Pastor at Faith Family Fellowships where Julie also serves as an Associate Pastor.

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Full Name: Julie Green Ministries International
NIck Name: JGM International
Year of Inception: 1987
Net Worth: $7.5 million
Age (How Old): 36 years
Headquarters: Davenport, Iowa
Nationality: American
Religion: Christian
Social media: Website, Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, Rumble and Locals


Julie Green Family, Husband & Relationships

Julie Green is not the type to talk much about her immediate family on social media. However, there are a few available facts about: Who is Julie Green’s father? Is Julie Green married? And who is Julie Green’s husband?

Julie Green Ministries International Org On Rumble, Latest Video, Net Worth, And Bio

Pastor Julie Green and husband, Chris Green

Julie Green’s father is Pastor Jerry Reynolds of the Faith Fellowship in Iowa, United States. He is a senior pastor there and shares the same faith with his daughter, Julie.

Talking about marriage, Julie Green tied the knot with Chris Green on October 28, 1999 and it has been a blissful union ever since. The couple have both grown spiritually and are blessed with three children.

Julie Green’s children are Cayden, Collins and Carter Micheal Green. Her husband, Chris, works as a General Manager at the Green Family Hyundai automotive dealership. The company is located across Moline in Illinois.

Father Name: Pastor Jerry Reynolds
Mother Name: Unknown
Brother Name: Unknown
Sister Name: Unknown
Boyfriend: N/A
Marital Status: Married
Husband Name: Chris Green
Children: Cayden, Collins and Carter Micheal Green

Julie Green Ministries International Latest Videos On Rumble

Do you love the JGM International and would love to stay updated on its latest video content? You could check out the ministry’s social media handles, especially Rumble.

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Click on this link to see new prayer videos and prophecies and upcoming events of JGM International.

Mission: Julie Green Ministries International

Before establishing Julie Green Ministries International, Prophet Julie Green was already a pastor at Faith Family Fellowship. Her father, Pastor Jerry Ronalds, is a senior pastor at the church that believes in teachings of faith and healing.

Julie Green followed in his steps and that of her other religious guardians. She was an active part of the ministry since age 5 and was blessed with the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Julie Green strongly practices a faith-based lifestyle and would lay hands and started preaching in 2010. The congregation gradually got used to her teachings and Julie was appointed an assistant pastor in 2013.

Julie Green is still a part of the Faith Family Fellowship but also oversees the Julie Green Ministries International. According to its statement, the ministry is for the sole reason of propagating God’s love via the word.

Julie Green Ministries exists to transform lives through God’s unconditional love, His Word, and the hope that comes from a personal relationship with Him.

Julie Green Ministries International also stands as a support house for those passing through adversity. The slogan as seen on the official website is Hope, Encouragement and Love. It summarizes everything that JGM International represents.

Julie Green Ministries International Org On Rumble, Latest Video, Net Worth, And Bio

An online poster for one of JGM International programs

Julie Green Ministry International Social Profiles

Julie Green Ministry International continues to expand and so does its presence on the social media space. The ministry has an active handle for Facebook, Twitter, Rumble, Telegram, TikTok, Truth Social and Locals.

Event photo of Julie Green Ministry International

The ministry is not presently on Instagram and has also issued a disclaimer against Instagram handles associated with its name. JGM International updates their social media accounts regularly with quotes, event photos and videos.

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Julie Green Ministries International does not shy away from opportunities to help others and spread love and affection. Some of the publicly known ministry charitable acts include the rebuilding of the Kashmir community in India after a serious earthquake that destroyed lives and properties.

There are other many circumstances of how JGM International provided assistance to project completions and rehabilitation after disastrous occurrences. An example is 2013’s rebuilding of Kenya schools after a heavy flood.

Julie Green Ministries has tremendously grown in recent years and they now have more sponsors willing to fund their proposed projects.

Julie Green Ministries International Net Worth Summary

This section estimates Julie Green Ministries International net worth but clarifies that the foundation is primarily a religious one. The aim of its establishment is to spread God’s word, his grace and love to everyone.

A part of that is explained through the ministry’s charitable deeds and support for small local communities. We already mentioned instances where they helped in rebuilding damaged infrastructures and places plagued by natural disasters.

However, Julie Green Ministries International has an estimated net worth of $7.5 million from its activities and growth over the years. The ministry has lots of members that have been blessed from the sermons, teachings and prophecies.

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