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Josh Neuman Net Worth



Josh Neuman Net Worth

Josh Neuman was a Filmmaker, Adventurer and Pro Downhill Skateboarder. His ability to create engaging and entertaining content on Youtube earned him a massive fanbase. What really set him above other content creators was his unquestionable passion for skateboarding and his savviness to earn a fortune doing what he loved.

Up until his sad demise, Josh lived a fantastic life that earned him lots of accolades and financial rewards. In this article, we’ll shed more light on the great life of Josh Neuman, his net worth, personal life, career and more. Let’s Jump right in!

What Is Josh Neuman’s Net Worth

Josh Neuman is a classic example of the American dream. He worked so hard creating quality content for his 1.27 million youtube subscribers, and this hard work rewarded him with a decent net worth.

As of 2022, Josh Neuman’s net worth was placed to be between $2.5 – $3 million. His primary source of wealth came from his Youtube channel and brand endorsements.

Neuman’s income has seen a gradual rise over the years. In 2018, his net worth was reported to be around $1 million, with a yearly increase of 30% as his image, brand and collaboration deals became more and more lucrative. His annual income is reported to be around $200,000.

How Did Josh Neuman Get Rich?

Josh Neuman Net Worth

Josh Neuman on a skateboard

The bulk of Neuman’s wealth comes from content creation. His desire to create interesting, adrenaline-inducing content around skating is the reason he is so wealthy.  He earned a fair share of his NetWorth from his Youtube channel.

With a devoted audience of about 1.2 million subscribers, Josh had an avenue to monetise his talent through advertisements and sponsorships. Aside from this, Neuman also earned a lot of views on each of his 124 videos.

Endorsements were another major contributor to Neuman’s wealthy portfolio. He has collaborated with several American and international brands earning hundreds of thousands along the way. Among some of these brands are LG, Intel, Sony, GoPro, Lexus, and Prada.

Neuman also owned a Production company where he was able to earn additional income shooting quality commercials for different companies. Josh, like other successful entrepreneurs, knew how to make his money work for him.

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Josh Neuman was born on August 16, 1999, to Chris and Kristin Neuman. He was raised in North Carolina with his brother Daniel. He and his brother attended local schools growing up in Chapel Hill.

While at the University of North Carolina, Neuman’s passion for creating skating videos increased, with Josh later deciding to drop out and follow this passion. He focused full-time on creating his videos which became a major success. Like Jack Doherty, YouTube was a great starting point for Josh Neuman to kick off his career.

Full Name/Real Name Josh Neuman
Nickname/Stage Name Josh
Birthplace Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States
Birthday 16th of August 1999
Zodiac Sign Leo
Age 22 (as at time of death)
Weight 63kg (121 lbs)
Height (How Tall) 5′ 9” (173 cm)
Siblings Daniel Neuman
Marital Status N/A
Wife/Husband N/A
Girlfriend Ansley Norman
Kids/Children N/A
Education University of North Carolina
Profession Content creator, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, and Professional extreme sports athlete.
Social media Accounts

Professional Career And Awards

Josh Neuman was able to enjoy a phenomenal career at a young age. Not many people can turn their hobbies into a successful career path the way Josh did. Making skating videos was something Josh loved to do from a tender age.

Josh Neuman Net Worth

Josh Neuman celebrating his One Million YouTube subscribers

It all started when his parents sold his Xbox. In a frantic search for an alternative hobby, Josh picked up a skateboard and his dad’s camera and began recording. At 12 years old, he made several videos showcasing different skating skills and techniques. One could easily feel Josh’s passion in these videos.

In 2007, Josh’s YouTube channel was created, where he posted a number of videos titled Longboarding. In these videos, Josh skates along streets and walkways in his neighbourhood. As time went on, his skating videos became more daring and adventurous.

His views began to skyrocket as his viewers became more interested in his adrenaline-inducing videos. Josh dropped out of college to focus full-time as a filmmaker and content creator. With this new freedom, he was able to embark on more adventurous trips around the world.

Josh’s Youtube channel also grew exponentially. He had about 1.27 million subscribers with over 120 videos on the platform. His total views were above 250 million, with his highest-viewed video at 114 million.

Josh received his YouTube Gold play button Award in 2021 after reaching a million subscribers. This award marks a milestone of achievements for Josh and other Youtube stars. In the end, Josh was able to leave behind a phenomenal career that showed the world what it truly meant to live an adventurous life.

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Personal Life

Josh was born into a family of four – his dad, mom and brother(Daniel). Growing up, Josh and his dad did a lot of mountain biking. Perhaps, this was where his passion for adventures began.

Josh was never married. However, his love life was by no means boring. He was in a long-term romantic relationship with Ansley Norman for three years. Ansley, who was a student at North Carolina University, kept major details of their personal life private. Nonetheless, we saw a glimpse of their romantic life on social media.

In an Instagram post, Josh wrote:

‘can’t believe It’s already been one year with my favourite person. I can’t wait to see you in two days! Love you so much, @ansleynorman’

Josh’s unfortunate death in 2022 brought an end to the relationship.


Josh Neuman’s major asset was his YouTube channel. He has earned over a million dollars from his YouTube channel alone. He also diversified his income by starting up a media company, thereby increasing his passive income in the corporate world. Josh also owns Neuvision. Co, a longboard and clothing company.


Where did Josh Neuman go to high school?

Josh Neuman attended Marvin Ridge high school in Waxham, North Carolina. He also attended the University of North Carolina, where he later dropped out.

What happened to Josh Neuman?

Josh Neuman was involved in a ghastly plane crash on the 3rd of Feb 2022. He was on a trip within Iceland for a commercial video shoot before the incident.

What caused the plane crash in Iceland?

According to local authorities, the crash came as a result of an engine failure caused by bad weather.

Were the bodies recovered?

Four bodies, as well as the remains of the small plane Josh flew in, were found in Lake Thingvallavatn, near the capital Reykjavik.

Does Josh Neuman have a charity foundation?

Josh’s family set up “The Josh Neuman Foundation” to carry on his legacy of inspiring people to follow their dreams and passion. The foundation focuses on providing food, water and shelter to the less needy.

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