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John Wayne Gacy Net Worth



John Wayne Gacy Net Worth

John Wayne Gacy, famously known as the “Killer Clown,” was an infamous American serial killer whose heinous crimes were comparable to those of Gerald Stano. The only difference is that Stano solely targeted women whom he raped and murdered.

Between 1972 and 1978, Gacy took the lives of at least 33 young men and boys, and buried their bodies in the crawl space of his home located in suburban Chicago. Gacy’s heinous crimes shocked the nation and earned him a place in history as one of the most prolific killers in American history.

But beyond his gruesome deeds, many people are curious about his net worth. How much money did John Wayne Gacy have, and how did he acquire it? In this article, we will take a closer look at Gacy’s wealth and explore the sources of his income.

What Is John Wayne Gacy’s Net Worth

It is difficult to determine John Wayne Gacy’s exact net worth at the time of his death in 1994. At the time of his death, it was estimated that John Wayne Gacy’s net worth ranged from $1 to $5 million.

Gacy’s profession as a clown before his crimes was uncovered gave him public recognition. He portrayed himself as Pogo the Clown in his artwork and was known to have dressed up as the character to entertain children at hospitals in the 1970s, where he may have met some of his victims.

How Did John Wayne Gacy Get Rich?

It is crucial to carefully consider whether John Wayne Gacy was wealthy or not. Despite being a respected and valuable member of his community and held the position of Democratic Precinct Captain in the Cook County Democratic Organization, he did not accumulate significant wealth from these positions.

A study conducted by travel writer Tim Cahill revealed that Gacy established a construction company named PDM Contractors in 1971, which was how he accumulated the bulk of his wealth.

He had to leave his cook job and focus entirely on his construction business. In the year 1968, John Wayne Gacy relocated to Iowa, where his father-in-law provided him with the opportunity to manage three Kentucky Fried Chicken franchises.

As per the agreement, Gacy was supposed to receive an annual salary of $15,000, along with a share in the profits earned by the three restaurants. By 1978, just before Gacy’s arrest, his construction business was generating an annual income of $200,000.

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Just like Ari Emanuel, John Wayne Gacy was born in Chicago, Illinois, in 1942. His father worked as a machinist, and his mother worked as a homemaker. He had a difficult relationship with his father, who was physically and emotionally abusive towards him.

John Wayne Gacy Net Worth

A snapshot of John Gacy while on death row in Illinois.

In his teenage years, Gacy worked as a fast-food cook and was active in the local Democratic Party. Gacy was first arrested in 1968 for sexually assaulting two teenage boys. He served 18 months in prison and was released in 1970.

Over the next several years, he continued to sexually assault young men and boys, often luring them to his home under the pretext of job offers or other false pretences. In 1972, Gacy began his killing spree, targeting young men and boys who he picked up at bus stops, on the street, or through his construction business.

He would strangle his victims and bury their bodies in a crawl space beneath his home. Gacy was finally arrested in 1978 after the police discovered the bodies of several of his victims buried in his crawl space. He was convicted of multiple counts of murder and sentenced to death. Gacy was executed by lethal injection on May 10, 1994.

Full Name/Real Name John Wayne Gacy Jr.
Nick Name The Killer Clown
Birth Place Chicago, Illinois
Birth Date March 17, 1942
Died May 10, 1994
Age 52
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Height 5’10” (1.78m)
Marital Status Married (twice)
Wife(s) Marlynn Myers (m. 1964–1969), Carole Hoff (m. 1972–1994)
Children Two (Michael and Christine)
Parents John Wayne Gacy Sr. (father), Marion Elaine Robinson (mother)
Siblings Two sisters (Joanne and Karen)

John Wayne Gacy’s Personal Life

As a child, Gacy was overweight and like Toni Braxton and had a heart condition that prevented him from participating in sports. Despite this, he was an active member of his community and was involved in various organisations.

In 1964, Gacy married his first wife, Marlynn Myers, and the couple had two children. The couple had two children together and remained married until 1976, although their relationship was strained by Gacy’s infidelity and his tendency towards violence. After their divorce, Myers moved away from the area and has never spoken publicly about her ex-husband or his crimes.

After his divorce, Gacy became involved in local politics and was known as a successful businessman and community leader. However, behind the scenes, he was engaging in criminal behaviour, including the sexual assault and murder of young men and boys.

John Wayne Gacy’s second marriage was to Carole Hoff, whom he met in 1972 while still married to his first wife, Marlynn Myers. Hoff was a divorcee with two young daughters, and Gacy was initially drawn to her because of her resemblance to his first wife. Hoff later described their relationship as abusive and controlling, with Gacy subjecting her to physical and emotional abuse.

Despite the abuse, Hoff remained married to Gacy until his arrest in 1978. During their marriage, Hoff was unaware of Gacy’s criminal activities, and he managed to keep his violent tendencies hidden from her and those around him.

After Gacy’s arrest, Hoff filed for divorce, stating that she could not continue to be married to a man who had committed such heinous crimes. She later changed her name and moved away from the area, trying to distance herself from the media attention and stigma associated with being the wife of a notorious serial killer.

Assets And Investments

John Wayne Gacy’s assets were subject to forfeiture after his arrest and conviction for multiple murders. The government seized Gacy’s assets, and the proceeds were used to compensate the families of his victims.

Some of the assets that were seized included his house, cars, and other personal belongings. In addition to his assets, Gacy’s artwork has also become a source of controversy and fascination. Gacy was a prolific artist, and many of his paintings and drawings depicted clowns, which he used as a mask for his violent tendencies.

Shortly after he was convicted, some of Gacy’s artwork was sold at auction, with the proceeds going to benefit victims’ families. Today, Gacy’s legacy is that of a notorious serial killer and a symbol of evil.

His story has been the subject of numerous books, films, and documentaries. Despite the passing of time, the public fascination with his crimes and his twisted mind remain as strong as ever.


Was John Wayne Gacy mentally ill?

Gacy was diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder and borderline personality disorder. He also claimed to have dissociative identity disorder (previously known as multiple personality disorder), but this claim was never substantiated.

Did John Wayne Gacy have any accomplices?

Gacy did not have any known accomplices, although there are some speculations that he may have had help burying some of the bodies.

Was John Wayne Gacy’s wife aware of his crimes?

Gacy’s second wife, Carole Hoff, was not aware of his criminal activities and was shocked when she got to know about them after his arrest. His first wife, Marlynn Myers, has never publicly spoken about the case.

Did John Wayne Gacy ever express remorse for his crimes?

Gacy never expressed genuine remorse for his crimes, although he did try to blame his actions on mental illness and claimed that he was not fully aware of what he was doing.

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