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Joe Torre Net Worth, Wife



Joe Torre's Net Worth

Joe Torre is an American baseball executive and former baseball player and manager. He became the special assistant to the commissioner of baseball in 2020. But before that, he served as MLB’s chief baseball officer.

What Is Joe Torre’s Net Worth

Joe’s net worth as of 2023 is estimated at $60 million. That makes him one of the wealthiest celebrities and former baseball players. As you would guess, he earned his fortune as a baseball player.

This post focuses on Joe Torre’s career, earnings, biography, personal life, and assets. Let’s dive right in to learn more about him!

Joe Torre’s Net Worth Annually

Joe Torre has a net worth estimated to be $60 million, much more than other famous players such as Billy Horschel, Aqib Talib and Diana Taurasi. This included his income, assets, and money in the savings accounts.

He accumulated this as a successful baseball player, manager, and professional baseball executive. His current annual income is approximately $7.5 million. He earns this as an s baseball executive.

Given his age, his net worth may not increase further than what it is. He may be surpassed by Jackson Mahomes, whose net worth is already over $2 millions but he is still in his 22s.  

How Did He Get Rich?

Joe Torre’s net worth is approximately $60 million. He earned this fortune as a baseball player, manager, and businessperson. Given his success in the sport as a player and manager, he is undoubtedly one of the wealthiest athletes in the United States.  

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Joseph Paul Torre, famously known as Joe Torre, is an Italian-American baseball executive and former baseball player. He was born on July 18, 1940, in Brooklyn, New York, United States.

His father is a plainclothes officer serving in the New York City Police Department. According to the sources, his father abused his mother until Joe Torre turned 13 years of age. That was when his parents divorced, and he was left under the care of his mother, Margaret Torre.

Joe Torre was raised along with his four older siblings in their hometown. His older sister Rae Torre died on February 19, 2015, and his older brother, Frank, also passed away on September 13, 2014. His surviving siblings are Rocco and Marguerite.

Joe’s late brother, Frank, was a professional baseball player and the one who inspired him to consider the sport.

Joe Torre graduated from St. Francis Preparatory School, which is all that is known about his education. It is unclear whether or not he proceeded to college.

Full Name: Joseph Paul Torre
Nick Name: Joe Torre
Birth Place: Brooklyn, New York, United States of America
Birthday: July 18, 1940
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Age (How Old): 82
Weight: 165 pounds (96 kg)
Height (How Tall): 6 ft 2 in (1.88 m)
Marital Status: Married
Wife: Alice Wolterman (married since 1987)
Girlfriend: N/A
Parent’s Name: Father: Joe Torre

Mother: Margaret Torre

Kids/Children Name: Michael(son), Lauren, Andrea, and Cristina (daughters) 
Siblings: Frank, Rocco, Rae, and Marguerite Torre
College: Unknown
Profession: Former Baseball player, Baseball Manager, Businessperson
Social Media Accounts:

Career and Awards

Joe Torre was a successful baseball manager as he was a player. Let’s break it down for easier comprehension.

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Baseball Career As a Player

He started his career as a free-agent prodigy following his brother’s footsteps. Joe signed for the Milwaukee Braves in 1958, playing in the minor leagues, and won the 1960 Northern League.

He developed his career with the Milwaukee Braves for seven years, achieving much more than anticipated. Finally, it was time to leave the club, and he signed for the St. Louis Cardinals in 1969. He was up for a new challenge at his new club.

Joe Torre as a St. Louis Cardinal’s baseball player

Joe Torre as a St. Louis Cardinal’s baseball player

Much was expected from the still-promising player replacing one of the best catchers. Once again, he never disappointed his manager and fans. Joe Torre achieved many personal milestones as well as the collective success of the team. Once again, it was time to move on, and Joe left the St. Louis Cardinals in 1974.

Joe Torre joined the New York Mets in 1975 and played in the team for two years before hanging his boots. Like previously, he racked up more individual accolades and helped the team.

But as his age took a toll, his stats started dropping. Finally, he was named the player-manager of the New York Mets in 1977, taking over from Joe Frazier after he was fired.

Baseball Career As a Manager

As mentioned, Joe Torre became the New York Mets’ player-manager in 1977. He was expected to improve the team’s performance but failed for two consecutive seasons. His efforts only bore fruit in his third season in 1980, but he was fired the following year after recording five losses.

However, his sacking from the New York Mets did not kill his dreams as a baseball manager. He geared up and became one of the best in the country. Joe went ahead to manage other big teams, which included the following:

  • Atlanta Braves (1982–1984)
  • Broadcast booth (1985–1990)
  • St. Louis Cardinals (1990–1995)
  • New York Yankees (1996–2007)
  • Los Angeles Dodgers (2008–2010)
  • Joe’s Post-Baseball Career

Joe had the energy to stay active even after an incredible baseball career as a manager and player. He became the new Executive Vice President for Baseball Operations on February 26, 2011, assisting Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig.

He also became the manager of the USA team, leading his side in the 2013 World Baseball Classic.

Joe Torre as the manager of the USA baseball team

Joe Torre as the manager of the USA baseball team

Joe serves as a special assistant to the commissioner but no longer determines the fines and suspensions for on-field incidents.

Joes Awards And Achievements

Joe Torre has received honorary awards and milestones to mark his incredible career. He will go down in history as one of the best baseball players in the United States, and that is backed up by the following achievements:

  • Sporting News Major League Baseball Player of the Year Award
  • Sporting News Major League Baseball Manager of the Decade Award
  • Sporting News Major League Baseball Manager of the Year Award
  • Slocum Award
  • Rawlings Gold Glove Award at catcher
  • National League Player of the Week Award
  • 2-Times National League Player of the Month Award
  • National League Most Valuable Player Award
  • Willie, Mickey, and the Duke Award
  • 5th an All-Time in MLB history in managerial wins
  • 4-Times Sporting News National League All-Star Team
  • Sports Illustrated Major League Baseball All-Decade Team manager

 Joe Torre’s interview with Frank Buckley 

Personal Life

Joe Torre is married to Alice Wolterman, his third wife. The two tied the knot in 1987 at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City. Their Union has been blessed, as the couple has one daughter named Andera Rae. But Joe has three other siblings from his previous marriages.

Joe Torre with his current wife, Alice Wolterman.

Joe Torre with his current wife, Alice Wolterman.

His first marriage ended in a divorce. Joe married his ex-wife, Jackie Torre, in 1963. Their marriage blossomed at first, which led to the birth of his first son, Michael Torre. However, things took an unexpected turn, and they separated in 1972 due to what they said were irreconcilable differences.

A year after the divorce, Joe married Dani. Like his first marriage, this second one seemed a match made in heaven, and they had two daughters: Lauren and Cristina. Once again, they separated, and no further information about their divorce existed. He met his current wife, Alice, after the second divorce.

Joe and Alice run the Safe Home Foundation for victims of domestic violence. The organization was named after his mother, who also suffered abuse from his father. It currently operates 12 resource centers in New York and its environs.   

He is also a staunch supporter of other domestic violence programs. That is evident in his 2008 recorded public service announcement and personal voice message.

 Joe Torre Talks About RESPECT!


Joe owns a house in Mahopac, Putnam County, New York. He currently lives there with his wife, Alice. However, much about his other assets is unknown to the public.

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What Does Joe Torre Do Now?

Joe Torre is currently a special assistant to the commissioner of baseball, where he has been serving since 2020. He became a baseball executive after he retired from being Los Angeles Dodgers manager in 2010.

How Much Does Joe Torre Make?

Joe Torre makes an estimated $7.5 million annually, which translates to a net worth of about $60 million. He is one of the wealthiest former baseball players and managers.

Who Is Joe Torre’s Wife?

Joe’s current wife is Alice Wolterman. The two tied the knot it 1985 and have one daughter, but Joe has three other kids from his previous two marriages.

Where Did Joe Torre Grow Up?

Joe Torre grew up in his hometown in Brooklyn, New York, with his other four siblings. His elder brother was a baseball player, and he followed in his footsteps to become one of the greatest baseball players in the United States.

Is Joe Torre a Hall Of Famer As a Player?

Yes. Joe Torre was elected to the Hall of Fame in 2014, which is one of his many achievements as a player.

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