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Jesse Powell Net Worth, Wife, Is He Married, Songs



Jesse Powell Net Worth

Jesse Powell’s net worth and fantastic professional career start remains an interesting topic in the R&B music industry. After featuring in his breakthrough song, “All I Need”, he released subsequent hits within a short time. While he is no more, his timeless and inspirational songs remain for every Jesse Powell fan.

What Is Jesse Powell’s Net Worth

Jesse Powell’s net worth was evaluated to be approximately $1.5 million at the time of his death in 2022. Jesse Powell was a popular R&B singer and famous for his debut album single: “You”, which peaked at #10 on the Billboard Hot 100 list.

Jesse Powell also got a Grammy Award nomination for “You.” The next section evaluates Jesse Powell’s net worth, how he got rich, and his personal life and his professional career.

Jesse Powell Net Worth Annually

Jesse Powell’s net worth annually increased following his first music deal with Silas Records. We believe the deal was over $500,000 based on our findings. Jesse Powell then released his breakout song, “All I Need”, and became more popular.

But the real boost to Powell’s net worth was when he released his debut album in 1996. The album was a massive success; everyone wanted to listen to the top-rising R&B star. Jesse Powell’s “You” on the album was a best-seller, and it soon sold over 500,000 units and was certified Gold by the RIAA.

Jesse Powell also sang another album with some songs charting high on the R&B list again. His record deal merged and became MCA Records. However, Jesse Powell later switched to a bigger record deal that saw him make more net worth annually. We discuss the full details of his career later in this article.

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How Did Jesse Powell Get Rich?

Jesse Powell made most of his net worth from performing R&B music. Jesse had started singing alongside his sisters at local music shows, which was how he got his first record deal. Starting with a huge music label was the exact stepping stone Jesse Powell needed to fame.

Jesse Powell’s debut album ranked high on the Billboard and R&B charts, and it was only a matter of time before he started making big revenues from album sales and live performances. But Jesse’s success was sustained as he released subsequent album hits in 1998 (‘Bout It), 2001 (JP), and 2003 (Jesse).

Early Life

Jesse Powell was born on September 12, 1971, in Gary, Indiana. Very little is known about his parents, but Jesse grew up with three siblings; Jacob, Trina and Tamara. One thing was common among them – their joint interest in music.

Jesse Powell and his siblings grew up in Gary. They were part of the church’s choir, and Jesse attended a private high school before moving to Hampton University.

Jesse Powell and his siblings later became popular R&B artists with a debut album in 1999. It was their only album, but some of their songs were hits. An example is “What’d You Come Here For?” which reached #56 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts.

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Net Worth: $1.5 million
Full Name: Jesse Powell
Stage Name: Jesse Powell
Birth Place: Gary, Indiana in the United States
Birthday: September 12, 1971
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Age (How Old): 51 years (1971 – 2022)
Gender: Male
Nationality: American
Weight: 84kg
Height (How Tall): 5ft 9in
Marital status: Single
Wife: N/A
Girlfriend: N/A
Parent’s Name:
  • Father:
  • Mother:
Children Name: Unknown
Siblings: Jacob, Trina and Tamara
High School: Unknown
College: Hampton University, Virginia, United States
Profession: Professional R&B singer
Religion: Unknown
Social media: Unknown

Career And Awards

Jesse Powell’s net worth and incredible career stint started in his early twenties. Jesse and his siblings sang at local auditions until Carl Ronald, a music producer, scouted him. That was a big turning point that saw Jesse sign with Silas Records under Louil Silas in 1993.

Jesse Powell performing at an event

Jesse Powell performing at an event

Things moved quickly, and Jesse Powell already had his debut song with the music label just three years later. The title was “All I Need”, co-written with Laney Stewart and Sam Salter in 1996. Jesse Powell’s debut song peaked #32 on the Billboard R&B, and he quickly leveraged on the increasing fame to produce his first self-titled album that same year. It was a blockbuster and peaked #35 on the same R&B music charts.

The year 1998 saw Jesse Powell release his first single, “I Wasn’t with It”, to chart on the Billboard Hot 100. He later released some other back-to-back hits in his next album, “Bout It”, in 1999. One favorite track was “You” which peaked at #2 on Billboard R&B and got certified Gold by the RIAA.

Jesse Powell’s music label, Silas Records, later merged with MCA Records. But that only helped Jesse release more top-charting songs and another album, “JP” in 2001.  Jesse Powell left Silas Records the following year and signed with Riviera Records. He released another album, “Jesse” under the new record deal in 2003.

Personal Life

Jesse Powell did not release much information about his personal life and relationship status to the public. We believe he was single and not dating anyone.

Jesse Powell performing at an event

Younger Jesse Powell during his rise to fame

However, it was a great shock when Jesse Powell was announced dead on September 13, 2022. It was just a day after his 51st birthday and some inside reports claim it was due to a heart attack in his home at Los Angeles.

Jesse Powell remains a top R&B icon even though he might not have attained the heights of R&B greats like Glorilla, Paul Wall, and the late B. Simone.

Jesse Powell’s Wife: Was Jesse Powell Married?

Jesse Powell did not marry or declare a public relationship with anyone. Therefore, we believe he was single. There are also some speculations that Jesse Powell might be gay but there is no proof about that.

Jesse was quite private about his personal life and the little the media knew were details about his music and sisters.

What Were The Best Jesse Powell Songs?

Jesse Powell released a total of four music albums that remain beautiful. The leading tracks on his Jesse Powell self-titled album are “You”, “I Will Be Loving You”, “All I Need”, “Is It Over” and “Spend the Night”.

Jesse Powell “Bout It” album also had some hits like “I Wasn’t With It”, “She Wasn’t Last Night, and “Up and Down.” Powell next album “JP” featured interesting songs like “On Your Mind”, “Take My Breath Away”, “Invisible Man”, “Go Upstairs”, and “It’ll Take The World.”

Some other Jesse Powell favorite songs from his “Jesse” album were “Keep On Lovin”, “I Will”, “Did You Cry”, “I Can’t Help”, “I Want You” and “Come Back Home”.

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How many albums does Jesse Powell have?

Jesse Powell released four R&B music albums before his death in 2022. The titles were “Jesse Powell” in 1996, “‘Bout It” in 1998, “JP” in 2001 and “Jesse” in 2003.

What label was Jesse Powell signed to?

Jesse Powell was signed to the Silas Records (that later merged with MCA) between 1993 and 2002. He later joined Riviera Records where he produced his “Jesse” album in 2003.

When did Jesse Powell come out?

Jesse Powell was Jesse’s self-titled album that he released on March 12, 1996 under Silas Records. It peaked high on the Billboard R&B music charts.

Are Trina and Tamara Powell twins?

Lots of people have asked this question but Trina Powell and Tamara Powell are only blood sisters and not twins. They jointly make inspirational R&B music and their older brother is the late Jesse Powell.

Is Jesse Powell the CEO of Kraken Exchange?

While there is another Jesse Powell who serves as the CEO/Co-founder of Kranken, we are talking about a different person here. Jesse Powell was an R&B singer from Indiana, United States.

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