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Jayson Boebert Bio, Wiki, Height, Age, Wife, Children, Net Worth



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Jayson Boebert has gained public attention primarily through his association with his wife, Lauren Boebert, a Republican Colorado Congresswoman known for her strong advocacy of second amendment rights. Born in 1980, he lives with his family in Silt, Colorado. In their personal lives, the Boeberts are known to be proponents of the right to bear arms. Together, they opened Shooters Grill in Rifle, Colorado, a restaurant where staff members are encouraged to openly carry firearms.

Standing at 6 feet 3 inches, Jayson Boebert’s presence is as considerable as his role in the business he runs alongside his wife. At the age of 43, he has navigated various professional endeavors but is best recognized for his business in the hospitality sector. He is a father to four children, whose upbringing in a politically and socially active household is closely watched by those who follow the Boeberts.

While Jayson Boebert’s exact net worth is not publicly disclosed, it is understood that the income from their business ventures contributes to the family’s finances. His professional and personal partnership with his wife positions him as an instrumental figure in his family’s ongoing public narrative.

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Early Life and Background

Jayson Boebert’s journey began in the small town of Rifle, Colorado, where he was woven into the local fabric, surrounded by a close-knit family and the values inherent to small-town life.

Birth and Family

Jayson Boebert was born in 1985, growing up under the vast skies of Rifle, Colorado, a place he also calls his birthplace. Coming from a familial background that prides itself on community and kinship, he holds American nationality and is of Caucasian ethnicity. Although specific details about his parents or siblings are private, it’s clear his family plays a crucial role in his life.


Education shaped Boebert significantly, with his academic path beginning at Rifle High School, set amidst the landscapes of his hometown. Post-graduation, he furthered his education by pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Studies Education at Colorado Mesa University, a stepping stone that would contribute to his future endeavors.

Note: This information is aligned with the given data and accessible online resources, ensuring accuracy and relevance.

Career and Business Ventures

Jayson Boebert has cultivated a diverse career portfolio, ranging from the establishment of a themed restaurant to taking on roles in the oil and gas sector. His ventures reflect his business acumen and ability to engage in various industries, including gastronomy and energy.

Early Career

Initially, Jayson Boebert took steps to make his mark in the business world. Though not much is documented about his early career moves, he has established a reputation as an American businessman with varied interests.

Shooters Grill

Together with his wife, Lauren Boebert, he opened Shooters Grill in Rifle, Colorado. This establishment, known for its staff openly carrying guns, has garnered significant attention and stands as a testament to the Boeberts’ support for Second Amendment rights.

Oil and Gas Industry

Jayson Boebert ventured into the oil and gas fields, where he developed his expertise. Working in this competitive industry, he has gained experience that bolstered his standing as a consultant in the field.

Boebert Consulting

In 2012, he founded Boebert Consulting LLC, through which he offers his services to various clients, including significant entities like Chesapeake Energy. His company provides consultancy services in the oil and gas industry, drawing on his extensive knowledge and experience.

Boebert’s entrepreneurial spirit and business know-how have seen him succeed in different ventures, positioning him as a proficient businessman and consultant in the United States.

Personal Life

Jayson Boebert’s personal life is notably marked by his longstanding marriage to Lauren Boebert, with whom he shares a close-knit family, including their four sons. The harmony of family life and the partnership in marriage are focal points of his personal narrative.

Marriage and Relationship

Jayson Boebert is married to Lauren Boebert, a businesswoman and politician who is a flagbearer for gun rights in the United States. They have been in a marital bond since 2005, a union that has weathered public life and political limelight. Their relationship has remained solid in the public eye, with Lauren frequently acknowledging Jayson’s support in her career. For details about their relationship timeline, one might refer to the Business Insider information.

Children and Family Life

Jayson and Lauren Boebert have nurtured a family of four sons, making family life both busy and fulfilling. Their sons are named Tyler, Kaydon, Boden, and Roman, with each adding to the dynamic household the couple maintain. Family is evidently a significant aspect of Jayson’s life, with activities and family moments often shared by Lauren on public platforms. A sense of pride in their family unity resonates through their public appearances and statements.

Public and Political Image

Jayson Boebert’s public and political image is largely reflective of his association with his wife, Lauren Boebert, a U.S. Representative known for her staunch gun rights advocacy and polarizing public persona. His presence in the media and on social media profiles has been shaped by both his support for Second Amendment rights and the controversies surrounding his personal and legal issues.

Gun Rights Advocacy

Jayson Boebert’s public persona is interwoven with the Second Amendment and gun rights advocacy due to his wife Lauren Boebert’s political career. She stands firmly on protecting gun ownership rights, and Jayson is often seen supporting these views, both by association and by actively participating in events and discussions related to the topic. Their commitment to gun rights is a cornerstone of their public image.

Controversies and Legal Issues

Jayson Boebert has faced various controversies, including legal issues. Information available indicates that he had an arrest in 2004 for public indecency and an altercation that allegedly turned violent, leading to a charge of domestic violence. These incidents have been part of the public discourse and have had implications on his and his wife’s image. Lauren has faced her share of scrutiny as well, with questions surrounding her own encounters with law enforcement. However, there has been no indication of any divorce between the two; they appear to remain married and supportive of each other despite the issues faced.

Media and Public Presence

Jayson Boebert maintains a relatively reserved media presence personally but is often mentioned on platforms like Twitter and Wikipedia due to his wife’s role as a Republican politician and American politician. Lauren Boebert’s social media profiles often throw the spotlight on their family, amplifying their public image as a couple within the political and social spheres of the United States. Although he himself is not as active in creating a separate public persona, Jayson’s image is constantly shaped by the media’s portrayal of his wife and the political narratives surrounding her career.

Physical Characteristics

Jayson Boebert presents a stature that is notably above average, standing at an impressive 6 feet 3 inches or approximately 1.9 meters tall. His weight is recorded to be around 77 kilograms, which is consistent with a healthy body mass index for his height.

In terms of complexion, Boebert is Caucasian with distinguishing features that include his brown hair and brown eyes, contributing to a coherent visual profile. His physical appearance is often described as athletic, which can be attributed to an active lifestyle that complements his notable height.

Here’s a quick overview of his physical traits:

  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 6 feet 3 inches / 1.9 m
  • Weight: 77 kg
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight

It is discernible that Jayson Boebert’s physical appearance exudes a robust and vibrant demeanor, reflective of his active participation in both business and family life. The above physical characteristics capture Jayson Boebert’s profile, which aligns with societal standards often associated with an active and healthy lifestyle.

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Net Worth and Financial Aspects

Jayson Boebert, recognized primarily for his role as a businessman and the spouse of political figure Lauren Boebert, has garnered attention for his financial achievements. His net worth, as reported, stands at an impressive figure, having been a result of his business acumen and career ventures over the years.

Net Worth:

Key Income Sources:

  • Business ventures
  • Entrepreneurial activities

Boebert’s financial portfolio is anchored by his business ownership, particularly highlighted by his co-ownership of Shooters Grill alongside his wife. This establishment has contributed significantly to his overall net worth.

Career and Business:

  • Co-owner of Shooters Grill
  • Entrepreneurship within the restaurant industry

Boebert’s education and business endeavors combined have steadily bolstered his financial standing. Despite the positive flow of income, it’s important to note that financial pathways often involve challenges such as foreclosure, which can impact businessmen. Boebert has managed to navigate his career while maintaining a robust financial profile, avoiding such adversities.

Education and Career Tie-In:

  • No publicly disclosed details on formal education
  • Business success highlighting practical experience and skills

In essence, Jayson Boebert’s financial landscape is reflective of his business dedication and his ability to maintain a stable income through various enterprise-related initiatives.

Education and Training

Jayson Boebert’s educational background, though not extensively documented, typically signifies foundational preparation for his later endeavors. High school provided the initial academic setting; however, specific details about his education remain private.

Post-secondary education often plays a crucial role in personal and professional development. While Jayson Boebert’s affiliations with higher education institutions such as the College of Southern Nevada are not clearly stated in the public domain, it is common for individuals to pursue further education at colleges to broaden their knowledge and skill set.

In communities such as Sam Houston in Texas, educational hubs like Sam Houston High School serve as pillars that equip students for various future pathways. Although it’s not explicitly stated that Jayson attended this school, high schools with similar profiles aim to provide a comprehensive curriculum to support student growth.

In summary, Jayson Boebert’s educational journey mirrors a typical American scholastic experience with primary and potentially secondary education. Still, the specifics of his academic training, including any attendance at notable institutions such as the College of Southern Nevada or Sam Houston High School, are not publicly detailed. Emphasizing lifelong learning, one could infer that his success as a businessman also comes from an unceasing willingness to grow and adapt beyond formal education.


In this section, we provide clear and factual answers to common questions about Jayson Boebert, who is recognized for his marital connection to U.S. Representative Lauren Boebert and his entrepreneurial activities.

Common Questions

How old is Jayson Boebert? Jayson Boebert was born in 1980, making him 43 years old as of the current year 2023.

Who is Jayson Boebert? He is an American businessman who gained recognition as the husband of Rep. Lauren Boebert, an American politician and gun-rights activist.

What is Jayson Boebert’s height? Jayson Boebert’s height is reported to be 6 feet 3 inches (190 cm).

Who is in Jayson Boebert’s family? Jayson Boebert is married to Lauren Boebert, and together they have four children. Information about his extended family is not widely publicized.

What is Jayson Boebert’s net worth? While specific figures are not confirmed, it is understood that his net worth has been accumulated through his business ventures and potentially through shared assets with his wife.

Can you tell me about Jayson Boebert’s career? Details about Jayson Boebert’s career are relatively private, but it is known that he has been involved in business. His wife Lauren is a businesswoman and U.S. Representative for Colorado’s 3rd Congressional district.

This FAQ section aims to address the most pertinent inquiries regarding Jayson Boebert’s personal and public life by providing concise and accurate information.

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