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Jaymes Foster (Clay Aiken‘s Wife), Age, Height, Wiki, Bio



Jaymes Foster

Probably best known as the celebrity sister of music mogul David Foster, Jaymes Foster is a music producer behind many hit songs.

She made headlines in 2008 when it was revealed that she was carrying the child of former American Idol star Clay Aiken.

Foster, however, has been in the business far longer than that, with about $1 million to her name.

She has co-produced multiple albums of her brother, David, and those of Aiken as an executive producer. David’s sister, however, loved working in the background, without the spotlight.


Jaymes Foster native country is the United States. Leo is her zodiac sign. She is a citizen of the United States.

Foster finished her elementary education in a nearby American high school. Following that, she enrolled in a nearby American university, where she eventually earned her degree.

Full Name/Real Name Jaymes Foster
Nickname/Stage Name  Jaymes Foster
Birthday  30 November 1957
Birth Place  Victoria, British Columbia
Zodiac Sign  Sagittarius
Net Worth $1 million
Age (How Old)  56
Weight  56 kg
Height 5’6”
Currently, Live In
Nationality English
Religion Christian
Ethnicity Mixed
Profession Music Producer and TV personality
Social Media Accounts Instagram:


Family And Relationships

Born on November 30, 1957, the 66-year-old music producer traces her roots in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

Her parents, Eleanor and Morry, raised her alongside siblings, Marylou, Jeanie, Ruth, Maureen, Nicholas and David, in a multicultural household, providing them with their needs on top of solid education.

At her early age, Jaymes demonstrated excellence in academics and sheer dedication to learn and pursue the things that she’s passionate about.

Jaymes Foster with brother, David, and Nicole Richi in an event

Jaymes Foster with brother, David, and Nicole Richi in an event

Jaymes worked behind the camera for a long time without the spotlight. However, her once private life ultimately changed when she decided to carry the child of Clay Aiken.

It shocked the world since the two were not dating. Add to it the fact that her baby daddy eventually came out as gay.

Their story is like no other. But their decision to have a child was not at all strange since they have been friends for too long.

Jaymes was 50 years old when she gave birth to their son, Parker, via vitro fertilization.

Jaymes Foster with her baby daddy, Clay Aiken, and their child, Parker

Jaymes Foster with her baby daddy, Clay Aiken, and their child, Parker

Aiken and Jaymes’ seemingly-perfect friendship, however, ended in a long-standing court battle due to custody disputes.

Jaymes later won custody due to Aiken’s busy schedule. Following the legal battle, Jaymes returned to her usual low profile life.

Father Name Morry Foster
Mother Name Eleanor Foster
Brother Name David, Nicholas
Sister Name Marylou, Jeanie, Ruth, Maureen
Marital Status Single
Husband/Wife’s Name None
Children Parker

Physical Appearance

Jaymes has brown eyes and blonde hair. Approximately 5’6’’ tall, she weighs 56 kilograms.

The stunner could pass as a model with a body ratio of 36-27-42 inches.

Although she kept her life private most of the time, one cannot argue that she has the looks to match her many talents.

Jaymes Foster and Clay Aiken

Jaymes Foster and Clay Aiken

Jaymes Foster’s Career

Jaymes’ career is not as famous as her brother’s, but is just as noteworthy. The talent surely runs in Foster blood as she started her career as a songwriter.

She instantly gained attention for her work and began collaborating with various artists, producing hits after hits.

Jaymes Foster with famous balladeer, Michael Buble

Jaymes Foster with famous balladeer, Michael Buble

She was the executive producer of David’s Christmas album, and she also worked on several albums primarily as executive producer for Aiken’s albums.

The timid TV personality also appeared as a judge on singing competitions called Popstars and Popstars 2.

In 2013, she shocked many as she released a celebrity recipe book called “Bless This Table”, adding another badge to her many talents.

The cookbook, which took inspiration from the success of Teri Diamond’s best-selling recipe book titled “Teri’s Kitchen: Super Foods Simply Made, celebrates the lasting memories and traditions of family dining.

Jaymes’ Net Worth Summary

Although Jaymes normally shies away from the spotlight, that did not stop her from raking in a huge amount of earnings.

She is currently worth $1 million. A significant chunk of this came from her work as executive producer and some from the success of her recipe book.

Jaymes and Clay in a function

Jaymes and Clay in a function

However, despite having a solid music career, Jaymes mostly made a fortune from the child support that she is receiving from Aiken.

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