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Jackson Mahomes Net Worth: How Old, Height, Instagram



Jackson Mahomes Net Worth

Check out Jackson Mahomes’ net worth and how he was able to make his money. We also talk about his relationship with the famous Patrick Mahomes II that plays quarterback for Kansas City Chiefs in the NFL. Is Jackson Mahomes single? What has been the latest news about Jackson Mahomes. This article contains everything!

What  Is Jackson Mahomes’ Net Worth

As of 2023, Jackson Mahomes net worth is estimated to be $1 million. Jackson is an aspiring professional basketball player and a famous TikToker and social media personality. He earns from media ad deals, endorsements, and has a comfortable family too.

The next section explains Jackson Mahomes net worth annually, his career, personal life and achievements and other facts you might not know about Jackson.

Jackson Mahomes’ Net Worth Annually

Since his rise to stardom, Jackson Mahomes net worth has steadily increased over the recent years. That same period has seen his social media pages, especially TikTok grow in engagements.

We believe Jackson Mahomes makes about $300,000 per annum from TikTok. But that could be considered meager when you see some videos of how he enjoys his money. There is another speculation that Jackson Mahomes partly lives off his brother, Patrick Mahomes that earns an average salary of $45 million per annum with the Kansas City Chiefs.

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How Did Jackson Mahomes Get Rich?

We know some fans might believe Jackson Mahomes is rich because of his famous brother, Patrick Mahomes II. But that is not entirely true. Jackson Mahomes worked his way and made most of his net worth from his social media engagements.

He is popular for his TikTok videos and manages the account with over 1.1 million followers. That makes him eligible to earn per sponsored post.

Jackson Mahomes net worth also includes money from his other media accounts. He started a YouTube channel, “Jackson Mahomes” in 2020 and it has over 24.9K subscribers. But he has not been very active on YouTube which implies he does not make much from the channel.

But we know how the likes of Brad Lea, A For Adley and Jack Doherty made their net worths off social media. We believe Jackson Mahomes is on the right path and he only has to figure out how to deliver valuable content that his fans would love.

Who Is Jackson Mahomes

Jackson Mahomes Net Worth

Childhood photograph of Jackson Mahomes and his NFL brother, Patrick Mahomes II

Jackson Mahomes was born on May 15, 2000 in Texas, United States. He has two siblings; an older brother and a younger sister. His sister’s name is Mia Bliss Mahomes, while his brother is the popular Patrick Lavon Mahomes II that plays for Kansas City Chiefs football team.

Jackson Mahomes is quite tall and also plays basketball. But their interest in sports is not far-fetched since Jackson Mahomes’ father, Pat Mahomes, was a baseball pitcher. Jackson’s mother is Randi Mahomes. However, both parents divorced in 2006.

Net Worth: $1 million
Full Name: Jackson Mahomes
Nick Name: Jackson Mahomes
Birth Place: Texas, United States
Birthday: May 15, 2000
Zodiac Sign:  Taurus
Age: 22 years
Gender: Male
Nationality: American
Weight: 80 kg
Height (How Tall): 6’ 4’’
Marital status: Single
Wife: N/A
Girlfriend: Unknown
Parent’s Name: Father: Pat Mahomes

Mother: Randi Mahomes

Children Name: N/A
Siblings: Mia Bliss Mahomes and Patrick Lavon Mahomes II
High School: Whitehouse High school, Texas
College: University of Missouri, Kansas
Course studied: Marketing
Profession: Social media personality
Religion: Christian
Social media: YouTube, Twitter, TikTok and Instagram

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Career And Awards

Jackson Mahomes’ net worth and rise to fame started as a social media personality. While he is a pretty good basketball player for his school; Whitehouse High, majority know Jackson for his viral TikTok videos.

He first became popular when he uploaded a video of his brother’s team during their Kansas City’s Super Bowl game. Jackson’s brother, Patrick Mahomes is quite popular and that video generated lots of engagement.

Jackson Mahomes also runs a YouTube channel where he shares personal stories about himself. The channel is not very active yet since Jackson prefers to post more on TikTok. But Jackson Mahomes recently shared his intention to become more frequent on Youtube.

His controversial way of talking and lifestyle coupled with being brother of one of the biggest NFL quarterbacks has made Jackson Mahomes famous. He is still active on TikTok and has been sighted with some top celebrities like Charli D’Amelio.

Personal Life

Jackson Mahomes Net Worth

Jackson Mahomes with his rumored high school girlfriend, Amanda Johansen

Jackson Mahomes is currently single and is not the type to publicly declare a relationship yet. But some inside rumors claim he once dated his high school friend, Amanda Johansen. However, it is nothing much to make a safe assumption from. But we know Jackson Mahomes has a female best friend called Nessa Barrett.

We all know how it can be living as the brother of one of the biggest faces in the NFL. But that is not a problem for Jackson Mahomes as he has been able to use the fame to his advantage on social media. But he quite receives some online hate which he had addressed many times on his social media pages.

Jackson Mahomes Legal Troubles

Jackson Mahomes has always tried his best to avoid making news that could tarnish his family’s image. However, he has been involved in quite a few negative rumors. The latest is a recent accusation by a restaurant owner and worker for assault.

According to a report by USA TODAY, the 40-year old owner, Vaughn, claimed that Jackson Mahomes forcefully grabbed her neck and kissed her twice without consent. “He forcibly kissed me out of nowhere”, Vaughn explained. She narrated how she tried pushing Jackson away but he returned and repeated the act two more times.

However, Jackson’s attorney, Brandan Davies, was quick to refute the claims. He first posted “Jackson has done nothing wrong” on social media. But in a recent report to USA TODAY, Brandan stated that “ releasing a short clip of any video does not provide proper context.”

He assured that relevant personnel are evaluating the incident to ensure a swift resolution. It now remains to be seen what happens with the viral news.


Jackson Mahomes owns an apartment in Kansas and a recent one in Arizona. He uploaded a video on his YouTube channel taking a walk through the apartment. It is quite small just as Jackson prefers.

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What does Jackson Mahomes do now?

While there are speculations that Jackson Mahomes does nothing in particular. We know he is presently focused on growing his YouTube channel. Jackson is still young and possibly also focused on his education.

How is Jackson related to Patrick Mahomes?

The famous NFL player, Patrick Mahomes and Jackson are blood brothers. They live separately in Kansas City.

How much does Patrick Mahomes make?

Patrick Mahomes recently signed a huge 10-year contract worth an average salary of $45 million playing as a Quarterback with the Kansas City Chiefs. The net signing is almost half a billion dollars.

How tall is Jackson Mahomes?

Jackson Mahomes is 6’ 4’’ tall and played basketball for his high school team.

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