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Is Tim Curry Gay: Exposing His Sexual Orientation



Is Tim Curry gay

Timothy James Curry, known by many as Tim Curry, is a British songwriter, singer, and actor. The actor came into the limelight in the 1900s after playing an iconic role in the science fiction movie “Rocky Horror.”

His delivery in the role “Dr. Frank-N-Further” earned him not only many more roles in movies but also the hearts of many fans. The English actor has also been featured in other movies, including “Love for Love,” “The Rivals,” “Amadeus,” and “Dalliance.”

Notwithstanding being loved by many fans, some have been under the notion that Tim Curry is gay. Is there evidence that the actor is not straight, or are these speculations untrue?

Keep reading to find out about Tim Curry’s sexual orientation.

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Tim Curry’s Background

Tim Curry is one of four children born in the union between his parents, James and Patricia Curry. James Curry was a minister, so Tim was raised as a Christian.

The actor was born on April 19, 1946, and was 76 years old as of 2022. After his iconic role in the movie “Rocky Horror” in 1975, the actor has gone on to act in other roles and won some awards.

Aside from the movies he has acted in, Tim has also been featured in some animated movies as a voice actor.

Is Tim Curry Gay?

After taking on the character “Dr. Frank-N-Furter,” who was transexual in the movie “Rocky Horror,” speculations have been going on regarding his sexual orientation. Tim’s perfect delivery of the role aroused people’s interest in his sexuality, leading to rumors that he is into men.

Some years later, Tim played the gay character “Wadsworth” in “Clue.” This led to more people wondering if the characters he depicted were, in fact, a reflection of his life off the screen.

The veteran actor is not in a known relationship and has never been married.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

The fact that he does not have a girlfriend or a wife has added fuel to the rumor that he is gay. However, there is no proof that he is not straight.

The actor has not come out publicly to accept or deny the rumor that he is into men and has managed to keep his personal life away from the mainstream media.

Also, Tim has allegedly been in a relationship with some women, including his co-star Annie Potts. In one of his interviews, the actor also mentioned that he almost got married at some point.

His past relationships have helped discredit the rumor that the actor is gay. Tim Curry is straight unless he comes out to say otherwise.

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Tim Curry’s Past Relationships

Tim Curry has been in at least three relationships. The actor allegedly dated his co-star Annie Potts.

Tim and Annie became an item after playing the role of a married couple in the movie “Pass the Ammo,” which aired in 1988.

The relationship was quite serious but didn’t last long, and the pair had to go their separate ways. In 1997 however, Tim and Annie played couples in a television sitcom, “Over the Top.”

However, reigniting their relationship was out of the question as Annie was already married to an American TV producer, James Hayman.

Tim Curry and Annie Potts

Tim Curry and Annie Potts

In 2005, the actor also allegedly dated his agent Marcia Hurwitz, a relationship that lasted for 3 years. The duo broke up in 2008.

The pair were seen together in some functions while they were actively dating. The reason for their breakup was unknown, as neither of them had come out to discuss it.

However, the pair have remained friends, with Hurwitz still representing the actor to date as his talent manager

Tim Curry and Marcia Hurwitz

Tim Curry and Marcia Hurwitz

There were also speculations about an affair between the actor and a Russian model Marina Drujko in 2008. Their relationship was said to have lasted for a short while.

Drujko had, after the break up with Tim, gotten married and divorced twice.

Seeing that the actor remembers his personal life away from the public eye, it won’t be surprising that he was in other relationships that were kept away from the public.

Is Tim Curry Married?

Tim Curry has never been married; doesn’t he have children and has never regretted it. In one of his interviews, Tim mentioned that he almost got married, but the marriage never happened.

In an interview in 1978, the actor described his existence as monastic. He has gone on to say that he couldn’t maintain relationships effectively with the kind of schedule he ran, which included constant travel.

In another interview in 1976, anchored by “Thirsty Ear,” Tim Curry attributed not being married as a reaction against a pattern of existence in the suburbs.

He explained that, living in suburban London at the time, an average young male was expected to be married and have their first child at 25. But he instead decided to take a different path.

In one of his interviews, he had also been asked why he had never been married, and he had casually responded that no one had asked him for marriage.

Does Tim Curry Have a Girlfriend?

Tim Curry is tight-lipped regarding his love life. The actor has also been careful about who he is spotted with while appearing in public.

Since Tim has not been romantically linked with anyone of late, one can say he is not in a relationship currently. However, the actor is a private person, so he may be in a relationship but decided to keep away from the public.

What’s Tim Curry’s Health Status?

In 2012, a few years after breaking up with Hurwitz, the actor suffered a stroke. The stroke resulted in speech impediments, confining the actor to a wheelchair.

The news of his sickness was kept under wraps for several months before it became public. The actor, however, quickly recovered and returned to acting within a year.

Curry was not seen on the screens this time but took up voice-acting roles.

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Bottom Line

Tim Curry has never been married and does not have a girlfriend known to the public. However, this is not reason enough to conclude that the veteran actor and singer is gay.

The actor keeps his love life private and has not declared that he is not straight. His past relationships should also serve as evidence that he is, in fact, into women.

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