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Is Teri Polo Gay: Amazing Facts About Lesbian Partner



Is Teri Polo Gay or Bi-sexual

Teri Polo is a popular American movie star for her role in the Meet The Parents trilogy. Born in Delaware, Teri Polo grew up in a family of performers that influenced her career choice.

Her mother was a singer and homemaker, while her father was a stereo systems designer, and they were the backbone of her career. Her career, which started sometime in the 90s, has since blossomed leaving her as a household name in Hollywood.

Teri Polo’s sexuality has been a hot topic for many years, thanks to a moment in her acting career. In 2013, she acted as the lesbian partner of Sherri Saum in the ABC Family drama The Fosters, which sparked the rumor of Teri Polo being gay or bi-sexual.

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However, Teri Polo identifies as straight and has been in relationships with men throughout her life. In fact, in 1997, she married actor and photographer Anthony Moore, but they eventually divorced in 2005. Her marriage with Anthony Moore produced a son Griffin Moore in 2002.

From 2006 till sometime in 2012, she was in a relationship with the celebrity drummer Jamie Wollam. She has a daughter Bayley with Jamie Wollam, born in 2007.

Despite the rumors about her sexuality, Teri Polo has maintained that she is straight and supports the LGBTQ+ community.

Teri Polo Background

Teri Polo was born on June 1, 1969, in Dover, Delaware, to Jane (nee Gentry) and Vincent Polo. Her birth name was Theresa Elizabeth Polo.

Her father worked as a stereo systems designer, while her mother was a music lover and a homemaker. Teri Polo has two brothers, Steve, and Mike Polo.

From a young age, Teri Polo has been fascinated with dancing and acting. It was her dream to either be an actress or a ballerina.

She began learning ballet at the age of 13 years. At age 13, Teri Polo was a New York School of American Ballet member. She also participated in the Delaware Regional Ballet when she was fifteen.

Besides being a ballerina, Teri Polo acted in a few plays back at Dover High School. When she was 17, Teri Polo opted to pursue her acting dream in New York City.

Before venturing into the acting and entertainment industry, Teri Polo tried her hands on modeling. At 16, she won the local modeling contest for Seventeen Magazine.

For a while, Teri Polo was a signed model under the Elite Petite division. Thanks to her stunning looks, she was able to garner quite the attention as a model.

Teri Polo currently has over one hundred thousand followers on Instagram and YouTube combined.

Is The Rumor True?

Ever since Teri Polo played the role of a lesbian partner to Sherri Saum in the TV series, The Fosters, there have been rumors about her being an actual lesbian or bi-sexual. Moreover, her supportive stance toward the LGBTQ+ community over the years seems to have given credence to the rumors.

Although Teri Polo hasn’t openly declared that she’s not gay or bi-sexual, it’s possible to figure out her sexuality. Taking a cue from her history, Teri Polo has been involved in at least two committed relationships with men.

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First, she married Anthony Moore in 1997, and had a son for him in 2002. The couple went through a divorce in 2005 after eight years of marriage.

After her divorce from Anthony Moore, Teri Polo dated Jamie Wollam from 2006 till 2012. While it’s unclear if they ever tied the knot, the coupled welcomed a daughter Bayley in 2007.

Going by her relationship history, it shows that Teri Polo has shown no signs of having any female love interest. However, the rumors of her being a lesbian or bi-sexual have persisted over the years.

In an interview on Queen Latifah’s Show, Teri Polo finally addressed the rumors linking it to her performance in The Fosters. In her interview, Teri Polo mentioned that her lesbian partner role with Sherri Saum was the most comfortable one she’d ever played in her long career.

But as she later explained, her chemistry with Sherri Saum was simply a parody. Since it’s her job to act, she simply went with it and got paid.

To her, the kissing scenes with Sherri Saum were no more awkward than kissing a male co-star on set. While she shares a wonderful friendship with Sherri Saum, they share no real-world romance.

Although Teri Polo hasn’t come out yet to deny the rumors, it can be said that she’s actually straight. Her major relationships have strictly been with men.

Even the cause of the rumors – her lesbian role in The Fosters has been denounced as been simply a work she was paid to do. Nevertheless, even though Teri Polo is neither gay nor bi-sexual, she actually supports the LGBTQ+ community.

Is Teri Polo Dating Anyone Now?

So far, there has only been news about Teri Polo’s two major relationships. While her relationship with Anthony Moore made it to the altar in 1997, they divorced eight years later.

Her subsequent relationship with Jamie Wollam thrived for six years but never reached the altar. Ever since then, it appears that Teri Polo has maintained her single-life.

At the moment, there’s no news about Teri Polo dating anyone. Even on her Instagram which she’s most active on, she mostly posts about her pets – there’s no hint yet about a significant other.

Overall, Teri Polo lives a private life and is careful with the information she shares with the public. Perhaps there’s someone in her life; no one can say anything until she makes it public.

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Although the rumors may continue that Teri Polo is either gay or bi-sexual, the evidence so far shows that she is neither. She has been married once, and her past relationships have been with men. And she boasts of two lovely kids.

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