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Is Sal Vulcano Gay?



Is Sal Vulcano Gay

Sal Vulcano is an American comedian renowned for his role as a member of the comedy quartet behind the hit show “Impractical Jokers.” Together with James Murray, Brian Quinn, and Joe Gatto, they established the comedy group called The Tenderloins in 1999. The group’s popularity increased over the years and after a decade, Impractical Jokers premiered on TruTV in December 2011.

Is Sal Vulcano Gay? Sal Vulcano is not gay. This is as opposed to the views of many people who believe that the comedian is gay but hiding it.

As we go further in this article, we will discuss Sal Vulcano’s biography, more details about whether he’s gay or not, if he’s dating someone or not, and FAQs about him.

Who is Sal Vulcano and his Career?

Salvatore Edward Anthony Vulcano Jr., born on November 6, 1976, in Staten Island, New York City, New York, experienced his parents’ divorce at a young age. He has three siblings: an older sister named Kelly Ann, and two younger sisters, Dana and Jenna, the latter of whom appeared on the show Impractical Jokers.

Is Sal Vulcano Gay

Sal Vulcano has a diverse heritage, with Italian, Cuban, and Puerto Rican roots. He graduated from Monsignor Farrell High School in Staten Island and later earned a finance degree from St. John’s University in 1998. During high school, he actively participated in various sports, including soccer, basketball, and hockey.

Interestingly, despite his finance degree, comedy always held a special place in Sal’s heart. Following his education, he initially worked as a pizza delivery person and later became a co-owner of The Full Cup, a bar. However, his passion for stand-up comedy remained unwavering.

He pursued this passion by performing nationally alongside fellow comedians such as Big Jay Oakerson, Godfrey, and Chris DiStefano. In 1999, he and his high school friends formed the comedy troupe known as The Tenderloins.

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Their journey took an exciting turn when they won $100,000 as part of NBC’s It’s Your Show contest. This victory encouraged them to seek television exposure.

In 2011, they launched the hit show Impractical Jokers on TruTV. Since then, the show has gained immense popularity, airing not only in the United States but also internationally on networks like Comedy Central in Ireland, India, and the UK.

Impractical Jokers Stars

Is Sal Vulcano Gay?

Now the big question; Is Sal Vulcano gay? Well, that’s a tough one to answer, considering the circumstances surrounding his sexuality.

You see, in 2014 Sal came out as gay on national TV. It was a viral topic then as many of his fans were surprised at his confession. Although he always kept his personal life secret, people weren’t expecting him to come out as gay.

On the same show, another of the crew members of Impractical Jokers, James Murray came out as gay too. In his words:

“Seeing Sal be so courageous inspires me to confess something of my own. Fellows, I am gay too.”


However, after some time with the confession gathering a lot of criticism, Sal came on TV to say that he wasn’t gay but came out as gay to help his friend Murray, come out of the closet. He had said

“It makes me feel great that my best friend James has come out of the closet. That is the reason I brought him here today. You see, I am not gay but I knew if I said I was gay, he would admit that he was gay.”

Sal explained

James Murray later cleared the air by confessing that he, too, was just faking the whole coming out thing for entertainment purposes. Everything was just part of the skit.

However, the viewers who thought that the talk show was real started to spread the news. That’s how the rumor about Sal’s sexuality began.

Whether this was true or not didn’t matter as many viewers didn’t believe them. In fact, the rumors spread even more. Nine years later, many people still believe that there was more to the confession than mere entertainment.

So that is how people started seeing Sal Vulcano as gay. He neither dresses like one nor is he a gay couple. Rumor has it that he has been married since 2016. Murray also got married to his fiancée, Melyssa Davis, on September 25, 2020

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Is Sal Vulcano Dating Someone and Married?

Rumors regarding Sal Vulcano’s marital status began to surface on the internet in December 2019. These speculations were ignited when a Tumblr user reported spotting him wearing a wedding band on his left hand during a live performance in Boston.

Some fans swiftly jumped to the conclusion that he had potentially married his purported longtime girlfriend, Francesca Muffaletto.

Sal’s rumored wife, Francesca Muffaletto

But even before then, in 2016, Sal had made a post on his Twitter page, further confusing his fans as he mentioned having a wife. The tweet read:

 “My wife told me to take her someplace she’s never been. I told her to try the kitchen bc we finished remodeling a few minutes ago. God Bless.”

Certain fans remained skeptical about the situation, primarily because Sal Vulcano had never publicly acknowledged his relationship with Muffaletto. There was a hint, however, when the comedian referred to his “terrific” fiancée during his appearance on Robert Kelly’s podcast in June 2019, though he didn’t reveal her name.

Subsequently, it was indeed confirmed that the speculated wedding between the comedian and Francesca Muffaletto was genuine. This union reportedly occurred on September 8, 2019.

Up till now, there hasn’t been any official announcement by Sal concerning his marital status. He knows how to keep his personal life away from the internet. Many people seem to love it.


Is Sal Vulcano Bi?

No, Sal Vulcano is not bi.

Is Sal Vulcano Gay?

No, Sal Vulcano is not gay. He is straight and should be addressed as such.

Is Sal Vulcano married?

Yes, he is married to Francesca Muffaletto. As he prefers to keep information about his personal life private, no one knows if they have any kids yet.

What is Sal Vulcano’s net worth?

Sal has an estimated net worth of $7 million as of 2023. He has made this much from being a part of the impractical Jokers crew and also from being an actor who’s starred in some popular movies.

What is Sal Vulcano known for?

Sal Vulcano is best known for being a member of the comedy quartet behind the popular TV show “Impractical Jokers.” He’s also a known actor and producer.


The rumors surrounding Sal Vulcano’s sexuality began in 2014 when he and his fellow “Impractical Jokers” cast member, James Murray, pretended to come out as gay on a talk show. This confession was part of a scripted comedy skit meant to entertain their audience.

Sal Vulcano’s personal life has been kept relatively private, and he has never been seen publicly dating a man or confirmed to be in a same-sex relationship. In 2019, there were speculations about his marriage to Francesca Muffaletto when fans noticed him wearing a wedding band during a live performance.

It was later confirmed that Sal and Francesca did indeed get married in September 2019. This further emphasizes that the initial “coming out” was purely for comedic purposes, and there is no substantial evidence to suggest that Sal Vulcano is gay.

In conclusion, Sal Vulcano’s initial “coming out” was part of a comedy skit, and he is, in fact, a heterosexual individual who is married to Francesca Muffaletto. His personal life remains relatively private, but the evidence points to the fact that the rumors about his sexuality are unfounded and should be dismissed as mere entertainment.

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