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Is Reginald Veljohnson Gay? Addressing His Sexuality



Reginald Veljohnson

Reginald Veljohnson is an American actor known for starring as Carl Winslow on the ABC sitcom Family Matters from 1989 to 1998. He also played Sgt. Al Powell in the action films Die Hard and Die Hard 2. From 2011 to 2015 he portrayed Dash DeWitt in the CW series Hart of Dixie.

Is Reginald Veljohnson Gay?

No. The veteran actor may be secretive about his personal life but that doesn’t mean that he is gay as he has never discussed his sexuality with the public. Find out more about the actor’s personal life as we move on in this article.

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Reginald Veljohnson’s Early Life And Career

Is Reginald Veljohnson Gay

Reginald VelJohnson, born in Queens on August 16, 1952, to Eva and Dan, faced the absence of his father at the age of 13. He also has a brother named Barry, and his mother later married John Reilly.

Before earning his Bachelor of Fine Arts from New York University, he attended Benjamin N. Cardozo High School. While in college, he had the opportunity to work with Joseph Papp’s Black/Hispanic Shakespeare Company and eventually changed the spelling of his name to be more memorable.

Reginald is best known for his portrayal of police officers in various films and television shows. His career began with a role in Ghostbusters (1984), and a couple of years later, he played a limo driver in Crocodile Dundee.

However, his breakthrough came in 1988 when he portrayed Sgt. Al Powell in Die Hard, a role he secured when Gene Hackman was unavailable. He reprised this character in the 1990 sequel.

Reginald also made guest appearances in the popular show Perfect Strangers and became a significant part of its spinoff series, Family Matters. He continued to feature in various short films and series during this period.

Later, Reginald starred in the Disney sitcom “I’m In The Band,” which brought him more exposure. He subsequently appeared in several comedy films like “The Formula” and returned to Disney as David Sutton in “Turner & Hooch.”

However, there have been speculations about his sexuality, particularly due to his role in Family Matters. If you’re wondering whether Reginald VelJohnson is gay, we’ll explore that further.

Reginald Veljohnson’s Gay Rumors

Is Reginald Veljohnson Gay

Reginald Veljohnson

After Reginald VelJohnson was included in a list of the top three closeted black actors, rumors about his sexual orientation began to circulate. Many people started asking questions like, “Is Reginald VelJohnson gay?” Despite never marrying or having children, VelJohnson never explicitly confirmed or denied these rumors.

During this period, he chose to remain quiet on the subject. However, as the situation escalated, VelJohnson eventually spoke out, emphasizing that he saw himself as an artist whose primary goal was to entertain and perform for his audience. He argued that discussing his sexuality was irrelevant to his craft and wouldn’t contribute to the entertainment he provided.

When VelJohnson’s TV son, Darius McCrary, discussed the show with Comedy Hype, he was asked about VelJohnson’s sexuality during their time working on “Family Matters.” McCrary responded without hesitation, expressing his belief that people’s personal choices and sexual orientation should not be a cause for concern or scrutiny.

Furthermore, McCrary voiced his disapproval of the media’s role in shaping public perceptions and controlling the way individuals are portrayed in the eyes of the audience.

To make matters worse, rumors circulated about a secret relationship between two prominent actors, namely Reginald VelJohnson, known for his role as Carl Winslow on “Family Matters,” and James Avery, who portrayed Uncle Phil on “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.”

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During this time, they were not only at the height of their careers but were also mentioned as two of the most private black actors. The inclusion of their names on this list was primarily due to ongoing rumors about their relationship.

Is Reginald Veljohnson Gay

Reginald Veljohnson and James Avery

In a surprising turn of events, in 2014, when James Avery made an appearance on the set of “Family Matters” to surprise Reginald VelJohnson, it further fueled the speculations.

However, when Avery got married, the gossip gradually subsided. Some believed it was an open secret, while others debated the nature of their relationship. Both actors, though, chose to remain silent about these rumors. Tragically, James Avery passed away in 2014 due to complications from open-heart surgery.

Is Reginald Veljohnson Gay?

Is Reginald Veljohnson Gay

Reginald Veljohnson

No. Reginald VelJohnson has not publicly confirmed his sexual orientation. When rumors and questions about his sexuality emerged, VelJohnson chose not to address them directly for some time.

Instead, he emphasized his identity as an artist and the primary purpose of his work, which was to entertain and perform for his audience. According to VelJohnson, discussing his sexual orientation was not pertinent to his career, and we couldn’t agree less.

In addition, the rumors about Veljohnson having an affair with Avery James hold no ground. No evidence shows that the two actors were together and as such it should be ignored as a rumour, especially since Avery is dead.

Reginald Veljohnson Dating History

Is Reginald Veljohnson Gay

Reginald Veljohnson

Reginald Veljohnson can be said to be one of the most secretive actors known. This is exhibited in the ignorance of the public about his love life owing to his muteness in matters concerning his personal life.

So as it stands, no one knows who he has dated before or currently dating. However, there were rumors of him linking with his co-star in Family Matters, James Avery. The rumors were unconfirmed and remained rumors since then.


Is Reginald Veljohnson Bi?

No, he may be secretive of his sexual life but that doesn’t mean he is bi.

Is Reginald Veljohnson married?

No, Veljohnson is neither married nor in a relationship at the moment.

What is Reginald Veljohnson’s net worth?

Veljohnson has an estimated net worth of $4 million as of 2023.

How old is Reginald Veljohnson?

Born on August 16, 1952, Reginald Veljohnson is 71 years old as of 2023.

Is Reginald Veljohnson still alive?

Yes, the veteran actor is still alive. He was rumored to be dead in 2017 but it was all just a hoax.

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Reginald VelJohnson has maintained a strong sense of privacy when it comes to his personal life, particularly his sexual orientation. Despite rumors and questions about his sexuality, he did not confirm or deny these speculations.

As for the rumors suggesting a relationship between Reginald VelJohnson and his co-star James Avery, who played Uncle Phil on “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” it’s essential to note that no concrete evidence supported these claims. When James Avery got married, these speculations gradually subsided as there was no evidence.

In summary, Reginald VelJohnson has not publicly confirmed his sexual orientation, and he chose not to engage with the rumors regarding it. The rumors about a relationship with James Avery lack substantial evidence and should be regarded as unconfirmed speculations.

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