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Is Patty Mayo A Real Or Fake Bounty Hunter?



Is Patty Mayo A Real Bounty Hunter

You might have heard about bounty hunters online, in the news, or even in movies and TV shows. But is Patty Mayo a real bounty hunter?

Patrick Thomas Tarmey, better known online as Patty Mayo, is an American entrepreneur and YouTuber who resides in Southern California. Patty Mayo is a YouTube personality who gained fame for his videos featuring him and his (fake) bail bond company bounty-hunting fugitives.

In his videos, he often wears a cowboy hat and pretends to be a tough guy, but many people have questioned whether or not he is actually a real bounty hunter.

Is Patty Mayo A Legit Bounty Hunter?

So, is Patty Mayo a real bounty hunter? The answer is no. Patty Mayo is not a real bounty hunter and his videos are all staged.

Though Patty never intended to make himself a bounty hunter, he does work with law enforcement when possible.

Mayo’s videos are a masterclass in production and he has an expert crew and every actor seems to be giving their all for the sake of art.

If you’re looking for real bounty-hunting videos, you should check out some of the other channels on YouTube. There are many channels that feature real bounty hunters and their stories.

What REAL Cops Think About Patty Mayo

Is Patty Mayo A Real-Life Police?

Most people might wonder if Mayo is a sheriff– or was even a sheriff– but the truth is he has no experience in law enforcement. He’s just a really good actor and knows how to produce quality videos.

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Famous Patty Mayo Videos

Patty Mayo is mostly seen on YouTube. He has a self-titled YouTube channel with over 2.8 million subscribers. On this channel, he uploads videos of him and his (fake) bail bond company bounty-hunting fugitives.

Mayo’s most popular video is “BLACK BELT PUTS ME IN AN ARM BAR WHILE IN CUFFS!” In this video, Mayo and his team are seen trying to apprehend a fugitive.

The fugitive gets away, but Mayo and his team eventually catch up to him. This video has over 33 million views.

Another popular video is “HE SLAMMED ME TO THE GROUND WHEN I TOWED HIS CAR!” In this video, Mayo is seen trying to tow a car that belongs to a fugitive.

The fugitive doesn’t want his car to be towed, so he gets aggressive with Mayo. This video has over 21 million views.

A lot of Mayo’s fans love his videos because it gives them a sense of adventure. His videos are also very entertaining and well-produced.

Are Patty Mayo’s Videos Illegal?

As mentioned earlier, Mayo does not perform any video without the knowledge or consent of the people involved. He also doesn’t break any laws while filming his videos.

Mayo’s videos are legal because he gets the needed permits to film in public places. He also gets the consent of the people who appear in his videos.

However, despite his disclaimers, there are some people who think that Mayo’s videos are illegal because he uses law enforcement tactics without being a law enforcement officer.

Mayo clarifies that all of his videos are harmless and the actors and production crew do not endanger anyone on the set.

Bounty Hunter School – How to Become a Professional Bounty Hunter | Free Documentary Shorts


In conclusion, Patty Mayo is not a real bounty hunter but he is an excellent actor and producer. His videos provide audiences with thrilling content that is entertaining to watch.

If you’re looking for real bounty-hunting videos, there are many other channels on YouTube that feature them.

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