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Is NBA Youngboy Gay? Is He Alive or Dead? How Tall



Is NBA Youngboy Gay

When listing American musicians who began making money at a very young age, NBA Youngboy would definitely make the cut. At 23, the American rapper already has an estimated net worth of $6 Million.

With Instagram followers of over a million, there is no doubt Youngboy has a lot of fans who love him and his music. While he has been in the news for his work as a musician, Youngboy is one of those celebrities who has had many controversies.

Over the years, the young American rapper has been in the news for many legal cases and for having so many children out of wedlock. Recently he has been making headlines over gay rumors.

But is NBA Youngboy really into men? Why do many believe he is gay? These questions and many other frequently asked questions about the American rapper are what we have covered in this article. So read on.

Early Life

Kentrell DeSean Gaulden, professionally known as YoungBoy Never Broke Again and popularly called NBA Youngboy by his fans, was born on October 20, 1999. The 23-year-old rapper was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States.

Youngboy had a hard childhood. The American rapper even quit school in 9th grade.

At 4, he broke his neck in a wrestling accident, leaving him with three permanent deep scars on his forehead from wearing a head brace.

Unlike some artists who grew up in happy homes, Youngboy’s case was different. He did not experience that parent-child love and care.

He was raised in north Baton Rouge by Alice Gaulden, his maternal grandmother, as his father spends most of his life behind bars.

While in high school, his father was already in prison, serving a 55 years prison term. Coming from such a family, Youngboy started having legal issues at a young age.

Even before he became a teenager, he spent six months at a juvenile detention center in Tallulah, Louisiana, for robbery. Sadly, his grandmother died in 2010  from a heart attack after his release from the juvenile detention center.

Consequently, Youngboy had to stay in a group home. Unfortunately, the place became a living hell for Youngboy as he was constantly bullied, receiving several beatings from other boys staying there.

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Musical Career

Youngboy’s love for music started at an early age. While in the juvenile detention center, he wrote lyrics for his debut projects. However, he officially kicked off his musical career at 16 after releasing his first mixtape (Life Before Fame) in 2015.

Youngboy rose to fame after releasing his mixtape 38 Baby in October 2016. It featured fellow rappers Torrence Ivy Hatch Jr, popularly known as Boosie Badazz, and Kevin Jerome Gilyard, well-known as Kevin Gates Stroke.

The Tha Don and NBA 3Three were also part of his 38 Baby mixtape. Youngboy also gained more popularity for his diss songs about his fellow rapper, Scotty Cain. Their feud became a topic of discussion on social media, making Youngboy more popular.

He has had quite a successful musical career all these years. Over the years, Youngboy has released more than 26 studio albums, EPs, and mixtapes since he embarked on his musical journey in 2015.

He has also collaborated with prominent rappers like Meek Mill and Young Thug and intends to have more collaborations with other artists.

Gay Rumours About NBA Youngboy

It is quite surprising that many still have speculations about NBA Youngboy’s sexuality despite him having ten children from eight different women.

However, people do not just come up with these speculations. As the saying goes – there’s no smoke without a fire.

There’s usually an underlying reason behind every rumor about a celebrity, and Youngboy is no exception.

One of the reasons people started doubting his sexuality was when a picture of Youngboy kissing fellow rapper BBG Baby Joe on the neck went viral. Even though he did not kiss the fellow rapper on his lips, many found it awkward.

As such, they assumed that he was comfortable doing this because he is gay.

Is NBA Youngboy Gay

Picture of NBA Youngboy Kissing fellow rapper BBG Baby Joe in a club

Also, there are other pictures of the rapper in an uncomfortable position with fellow guys. These pictures surfacing online also contributed to fueling the gay rumors.

Is NBA Youngboy Gay

Random pictures of NBA Youngboy with his friends

Another thing that fueled the gay rumors was rising Chicago-based rapper, Sada Baby, accusing him on Instagram of being a closeted homosexual. With Youngboy already dealing with baby mama drama and allegedly battling a sexually transmitted infection and a drug addiction, Sada Baby added more salt to injury.Random pictures of NBA Youngboy with his friends

In 2020, a video of OG Three Never Broke Again pouring lean into Youngboy’s mouth went viral. As the video went viral, it appeared on Sada Baby’s page, who found the act questionable.

The Chicago-based rapper’s comment on the video suggested that Youngboy was gay. Commenting on the video he deleted later, Sada Baby wrote, “I swear that n***a gay. Mfs be worried bout my pants doe. Wish I would let a n***a pour some s**t in my mouth.”

NBA Youngboy, on the other hand, never responded to Sada Baby’s comment. This did not help the rumor, as many believe his silence to be affirmation.

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But Is NBA YoungBoy Really Into Men?

Even though some of these questionable pictures about Youngboy could make one doubt his sexuality, they still do not confirm that he is gay. As long as the rapper has not publicly admitted to being gay, the rumors remain just that – rumors not fact.

Also, seeing as he has many baby mamas and children, it should serve as proof that he is, at least, into women.

What’s more, the American rapper tied the knot with one of his baby mamas and the mother of his two kids, Jazlyn Mychelle Hayes on January 7, 2023. This may be further proof that Youngboy is in fact not gay.

How Tall is NBA Youngboy?

NBA Youngboy’s height is 173 centimeters. That translates to 5 feet 8 inches or 1.73 meters.

Is NBA Youngboy Alive or Dead?

As of 2023, NBA Youngboy is alive and well.


NBA Youngboy has been in the news headlines for his excellent work as a musician. He has also been in the news for controversies like his numerous legal cases and having many baby mamas.

While most rumors about him are accurate, the gay allegations remain false.

Although there are pictures of him that raise questions about his sexuality, we cannot conclude that he is gay. As long as he has not come out publicly to say he is gay, then he can’t be labeled as one.

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