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Is Lewis Hamilton Gay? What Did He Say About His Sexuality?



Is Lewis Hamilton gay

When it comes to the best drivers in motorsports, the list will definitely be incomplete without Lewis Hamilton on it. Hamilton is a British racing driver globally known for his participation and wins in the renowned F1 races.

His wins over the years have garnered him a lot of fans worldwide. And naturally fame comes with a price – scrutiny.

An open supporter of the LGBTQ+ community, the British racing driver has made many wonder, “is Lewis Hamilton gay?” There have been rumors that lean towards, “yes.”

But are those rumors true? Is Lewis Hamilton really into men?

And as the saying goes: there’s no smoke without fire. That means there has to be a reason people assume he is gay.

What’s that reason?

We’ll answer all these questions and more in this article.


Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton, popularly known as Lewis Hamilton, was born on January 7, 1985, in Stevenage, United Kingdom. His mom, Carmel, and dad, Anthony, divorced when he was just two.

Growing up, he lived with his mother until he was 10 years old before moving in with his father. And it was during his stay with his mother that his love for car racing began.

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At 8, Hamilton had developed a keen interest in the sport. And at just 10, the talented British racing driver bagged two trophies at a motorsport event in London.

It was at this event that Hamilton introduced himself to Ron Dennis, the founder of the McLaren Group, declaring his desire to race for the team. He said, “Hi. I’m Lewis Hamilton. I won the British championship and one day I want to be racing your cars.”

This boldness earned him a spot in the McLaren and Mercedes-Benz Young Driver Support Programme 3 years after the incident. And as a beneficiary of the programme, he received the assistance and support he needed to train and hone his racing skills.

A young Lewis Hamilton with Ron Dennis

A young Lewis Hamilton with Ron Dennis

So far, Hamilton has won a total of seven championship titles (in 2008, 2014, 2015, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020) throughout his F1 career. He won the first title under McLaren and all the others for Mercedes.

Why do People Think Lewis Hamilton is Gay?

Lewis Hamilton is one of the celebrities who is a strong advocate for human rights. The Seven-time world champion is known to openly defend and advocate for the LGBTQ community.

For instance, in 2021, Hamilton condemned Saudi Arabia’s anti-LGBTQ+ laws, calling them terrifying. Being the first time F1 has staged a race in the country, the F1 champion expressed how uncomfortable he felt racing in Saudi Arabia due to their anti-LGBTQ laws.

“Do I feel comfortable here? I wouldn’t say I do,” Hamilton told CNN.

“But this was not my choice. Our sport has chosen to be here, and whether it’s fair or not, I think that, while we’re here, it’s still important to do some work on raising awareness.” He added.

To further show his support for the LGBTQ community, he shared a picture of himself via his Twitter handle, putting on a rainbow helmet on November 19, 2021.

Lewis Hamiton wearing a rainbow Helmet  in support of the LGBTQ community

Lewis Hamiton wearing a rainbow Helmet  in support of the LGBTQ community

Publicly showing his support for the LGBTQ community, he captioned the photos with the words, “we stand together.”

This outspoken and unwavering support has led the public to wonder if the Brit race driver is a part of the community. However, Hamilton doesn’t just speak out for LGBTQ rights.

He’s also a proud advocate of human rights, diversity, as well as environmental and animal rights.

Another reason why the public thinks the seven-time F1 World Champion might be gay is the fact that he isn’t married yet.

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So is Lewis Hamilton Really Into Men?

So far, Hamilton has not publicly accepted or denied this rumor. However, there doesn’t seem to be any evidence that supports the speculation.

In fact, the evidence points to the contrary as he’s been known to date several female celebrities. Let’s take a look at some of the women he is said to have dated.

Danielle Lloyd

One of the rumored celebrities Hamiton dated was the former Miss England and Miss Great Britain, Danielle Lloyd. The two dated when Hamilton was still a teenage driver in 2002.

The two love birds met at celebrity haunt 10 Rooms. However, their relationship lasted for just six months due to the long distance between them.

Danielle Lloyd

Danielle Lloyd

Jodia Ma

After his breakup with Danielle Lloyd, Lewis Hamilton moved on to Jodia Ma. Jodia Ma is the daughter of the famous Hong Kong businessman Ma Bo-kee sentenced to 12 years imprisonment for $60 Million fraud.

The two met during college, started dating in 2003, and called it quits in 2007 after four years.

Jodie Ma (on the left) and Lewis Hamilton

Jodie Ma (on the left) and Lewis Hamilton

Nicole Scherzinger

Hamilton also dated the famous Pussycat Doll, Nicole Scherzinger. His relationship with Scherzinger was the most public and longest relationship we know of.

The two had an on-and-off relationship for eight years before finally calling it quits in 2015. They ended the relationship due to their busy schedules.

Lewis Hamilton with Nicole Scherzinger

Lewis Hamilton with Nicole Scherzinger


Months after his breakup with Scherzinger, Hamilton and the prominent singer Rihanna were rumored to be dating after being spotted in Barbados and New York.

The two parties never confirmed they were an item, but didn’t debunk the rumors either. They reportedly split up because the “Man Down” singer didn’t want to be tied down.

Lewis Hamilton and Rihanna at a carnival in Barbados

Lewis Hamilton and Rihanna at a carnival in Barbados

Nicki Minaj

There were rumors that Hamilton was romantically involved with rap queen Nicki Minaj. They were first spotted together at an Alexander Wang fashion show in 2016.

In 2018, both of them also stepped out together, holding hands, and this time was at the TommyXLewis Launch Party in New York. Days after this event, they were also seen together in the same hotel in Dubai and even shared a quad bike ride afterward.

Lewis Hamilton and Nicki Minaj sharing a quad bike ride

Lewis Hamilton and Nicki Minaj sharing a quad bike ride

Other celebrities Hamilton was rumored to have romantic relationships with include Lionel Richie’s daughter, Sofia Richie, British singer-songwriter Rita Ora, and Glamour model Veronica Valle.

Many reports also claimed that Hamilton dated Kendall Jenner and Barbara Palvin.

His Current Relationship Status

As of January 2023, Lewis Hamiton is not yet married. According to many reports, he’s also not dating anyone at the moment.

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Though a proud supporter of the LGBTQ community, there’s no indication that Lewis Hamilton is a part of the community.

Also, his not coming out to debunk these gay rumors doesn’t mean he is, in fact, gay. So until he publicly addresses the rumors surrounding his sexuality, there’s no reason to believe that Lewis Hamilton is gay.

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