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Is Levar Burton Gay? Unpacking The Debate



Levar Burton

LeVar Burton is an American actor, TV host, movie director, and author. Burton came into the limelight with his debut movie role as Kunta Kinte on the 1997 popular ABC drama series “Roots.” Burton is well known for his time on the PBS program “Reading Rainbow.” He hosted and executive produced the show starting in 1983. He also started as Geordi La Forge in the “Stark Trek: The Next Generation” television series.

Is Levar Burton Gay?

No, LeVar Burton is not gay. He only supports the LGBTQ+ community and that’s all. His support for the gay community does not translate to him being gay himself. We will discuss further why people think he’s gay and the truth of the matter as we go on in this article.

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Levar Burton’s Early Life and Career

LeVar Burton

LeVar Burton

LeVar Burton was born in 1957 in Landstuhl, West Germany. His father was a photographer for the US Army Signal Corps, and his mother was a social worker and educator. He was raised in Sacramento, California, in a Roman Catholic household, alongside two sisters.

As a teenager, Burton initially attended St. Pius X Minor Seminary in Galt to become a priest. However, he changed his career goals to acting at the age of 17 and later enrolled at the University of Southern California.

In 1976, Burton made his feature film acting debut in “Almos’ a Man.” His breakthrough came with the ABC miniseries “Roots” in 1977, where he portrayed the young Kunta Kinte and received an Emmy Award nomination.

The same year, he appeared in “Looking for Mr. Goodbar” and had leading roles in made-for-television biographical films, including “One in a Million: The Ron LeFlore Story” in 1978 and “Dummy” in 1979.

In the early ’80s, he starred in the television miniseries “Guyana Tragedy: The Story of Jim Jones” and made appearances in shows like “Trapper John, M.D.” and “Fantasy Island.”

In 1983, Burton’s career took a significant turn when he became the host and executive producer of the PBS children’s series “Reading Rainbow.” The show ran for 23 seasons, earning him numerous accolades, including Daytime Emmy Awards and a Peabody Award.

In 1986, he secured another major role when he was cast as Geordi La Forge in “Star Trek: The Next Generation.” Burton remained with the series for its entire run, directing some episodes. He also reprised his role in “Star Trek” films and directed episodes for other “Star Trek” series.

Burton’s career has been marked by versatility and success, from his early acting roles to his iconic tenure as the host of “Reading Rainbow” and his enduring presence in the “Star Trek” franchise.

Levar Burton’s Gay Rumors

LeVar Burton

LeVar Burton

LeVar Burton’s association with discussions related to his sexual orientation can be traced back to an interview where he expressed his support for the LGBTQ+ community.

During this interview, he also commented on the representation of a same-sex couple, Bert and Ernie, on a children’s show.

In response to a question about Bert and Ernie being portrayed as a gay couple, LeVar Burton stated,

“We’ve all known that for years. It’s official now. It’s very powerful. And for those who take exception to the fact that a gay couple is being represented in a forward-facing children’s show, you need to check this out.”

He went on to emphasize the importance of embracing diversity and acknowledging that families come in various forms, beyond the traditional nuclear family structure. He noted,

“This is a very diverse world, and the world is made up of more families than just the traditional nuclear family, mom, dad, kids, alright? This is the world as it is. We all need to see ourselves represented in popular culture to develop a healthy self-image.”

This public expression of support for LGBTQ+ representation in the media was unexpected to some of his fans and led to speculation and controversies regarding his sexual orientation.

Is Levar Burton Gay?

LeVar Burton

LeVar Burton

LeVar Burton is not gay, but he supports LGBTQ. Concluding that Burton is gay because he supports the LGBTQ+ community is ridiculous. Everyone has the right to show support to any group they like, regardless of their sexuality.

To support claims that LeVar is not gay, we will be looking at his personal life. You will find out that the legendary actor has been married to one woman all his life and there’s never been any news of cheating.

This shows that he is committed to his marriage and not even rumors about his sexuality can distract him.

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Levar Burton’s Dating History

In 1992, LeVar Burton entered into a joyful union with a well-known makeup artist named Stephanie Cozart. Their wedding took place on October 3rd, and over the years, they have built a content and fulfilling life together, raising a daughter named Mica Burton and a son named Eian Burton.

LeVar Burton with his wife Stephanie Cozart

LeVar Burton with his wife Stephanie Cozart

LeVar Burton with his wife Stephanie Cozart

LeVar Burton with his wife Stephanie Cozart

Their love story began in 1988 when they crossed paths on the set of “Roots.” After meeting, their connection deepened, and they enjoyed a lengthy courtship. Four years into their relationship, they decided to take the next step and tie the knot in 1992.

What’s heartwarming is that the couple often appears together at various events and shows, demonstrating their strong bond.

LeVar Burton has consistently remained faithful to his marital commitment, and there is no record of him engaging in extramarital affairs. This, coupled with his public family life, attests to his straight sexual orientation. LeVar Burton’s sexuality is and has always been heterosexual.


Is LeVar Burton Bi?

No, he is not. He has been a faithful husband and father all his life.

Is LeVar Burton Married?

Yes, Burton is married to his heartthrob Stephanie Cozart. They have been married since 1992 till date.

What is LeVar Burton’s Net Worth?

LeVar Burton’s net worth sits at $6 million as of 2023.

How Old is LeVar Burton?

LeVar Burton was born on February 16, 1957. So he is 66 years old as of 2023

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LeVar Burton is not gay, but he is a strong supporter of the LGBTQ+ community. However, it’s important to note that supporting a cause does not necessarily reflect one’s sexual orientation.

LeVar Burton has been married to makeup artist Stephanie Cozart since 1992, and they have a daughter named Mica Burton and a son named Eian Burton. His commitment to his marriage and the absence of any reported extramarital affairs affirm his straight sexual orientation.

Therefore, LeVar Burton’s sexuality is and always has been heterosexual. Any opposing views are merely rumors and should be disregarded.

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